New Releases: Cursed Kingdoms - Twisted Forest Music Pack, Winding Road and Grassland Tileset


Feb 23, 2012
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The Spooky Month has begun, and it is time for to take a path through a creepy wood... but what music should we use? And what about the paths, what do we use there? Well this release week has you covered for both!

Get ready to delve deep into the darkness with the Cursed Kingdoms Twisted Forest Music Pack! Joel Steudler’s newest pack is perfect for dark fantasy and dangerous dungeon exploring. Metal-inspired instruments combine with unsettling beats to create a spooky soundtrack.

20 BGMs are ready to turn your scenes into dangerous situations. Metal guitars turn simple battles into pulse-pounding fights for your heroes’ lives, and heavy drums can turn every encounter into cause for concern. Outside of battles, eerie strings and unsettling beats make forests and caves feel even more oppressive. Give your players a slight break from fear to catch their breath with simple flutes and guitars playing a slower, sad tune. Or dash their hope for help with melancholy instruments when they reach a long-abandoned campsite.

A few songs forgo metal guitars to focus more on medieval-sounding strings and flutes, for scenes in ancient towns or when wandering overworld maps. So even if your game doesn’t call for dramatic metal tunes there’s still a chance the perfect song is in here waiting for you!

The pack’s 15 MEs also help bring the feelings of dread to your game’s forefront. Spooky flutes and screeching string stings can turn a plain empty home into a haunted house for your players. Or play one of the eerie MEs when your players approach certain doors to make them think twice before opening it. Battle MEs aren’t safe either, with heavy metal guitars taking over the victory and defeat tunes.

So if your game has been needing a suitably dark soundtrack, check out the Cursed Kingdoms Twisted Forest Music Pack!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Your heroes walk through the town, a forest, or just through some nice gardens. But something is missing. What path will they take? While the default tiles can make it easy to make straight paths with sharp right angles, if there is one thing to learn from our many adventures, is that the straight path is rarely available to us!

Enter the Winding Road and Grassland Tileset! Three different path types, sand, dirt, and rock, can all curve through your maps to create maps that feel more alive and less blocky, and all three have variations for dry, normal, or wet weather.

That covers the Winding Road part, but that isn't all. What about that "and Grassland" part. This set comes with a whole new set of ground tiles. New Grass, new base sand, dirt, and rock styles to match your paths! Plus a new tall grass style with 8 variations! A light and dark version of 4 looks are available: regular tall grass, two versions with flowers (red and blue), and a feather reed style grass.

But that still isn't all: This pack also includes an entirely new water and waterfall style to round the whole thing out. And all of these pieces are designed to be compatible with the MZ default graphics, so you can plug them right in to your existing game!

The path is before your players, make sure it looks good: pick up the Winding Road and Grassland Tileset today!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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