New Releases: Double Sized Release Day 4 New Packs!


Feb 23, 2012
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It's an exciting double sized release day, with too many releases to even write in the title of our post! Two new tilesets, a food themed tileset/iconset combo pack, and a pack of generator content for MZ!

Transport your players to a modern Japanese city with DorapixelMapChips - Modern JP. Pika’s Game brings us a gorgeous set of pixel art tiles to create incredible maps inspired by present-day Japanese streets. Build towering apartments, busy shopping districts, and even train stations with this tileset!

With A2, A3 walls, and 2 A5 sheets creating various streets and roads is a breeze. And its 5 B-E sheets offer plenty of prebuilt buildings and small details to take those streets from abandoned to the center of city life! Create a shopping center with bright signs and vending machines, and an apartment building that can be reached by walking on an overpass above busy train tracks. Let your players recover from the bustling city streets by exploring calmer residential areas full of tile roofs and lush vines climbing up walls, or rest on a bench in a grassy park with plenty of trees.

Alongside the tiles, this pack also includes sprite sheets to help bring your maps to life. Give your apartment buildings suitable doors and let your players walk through sliding glass doors when they need to visit the local shop. Keep your city’s streets safe with working traffic lights and pedestrian signals, and keep people off train tracks when the train sprite is passing by with flashing warning lights. More decorative items like a spinning barber pole and fans in air conditioners can make your maps feel even more alive.

This pack comes with sample projects for both MV and MZ so you can see the tiles in action and the recommended passabilities for each tile. Let your players explore beautiful pixel cities with DorapixelMapChips - Modern JP!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

If your love of modern city pixel tiles still isn’t sated, DorapixelMapChips - Modern JP Custom is here to help! Pika’s Game has made 2 B tilesets full of even more pixel tiles to work with the DorapixelMapChips - Modern JP pack, giving you more ways to improve your outdoor city maps!

Give your highschool heroes a place to grab a snack with storefronts for both a convenience store and family restaurant, or let a book loving character visit a shop so full of books that there are shelves out front! If your game has a romance element, then adding this pack’s flower shop to the map offers the perfect place to pick up a gift before a special date... Or grab a sweet treat from the sleek patisserie’s storefront. For your more residential maps, a new angle for tile roofs can give your homes an updated look and healthy potted plants can bring pops of color to yards and balconies.

And for busy commercial districts, the addition of diagonal walls and windows means you can make more unique and interesting buildings for your players to see while they walk around your cities! If you want to add more distinct buildings to your pixel art cities, then pick up DorapixelMapChips - Modern JP Custom!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Take your cooking games to new culinary heights with the Food and Kitchenware Hard Pack! MOKEMO has crafted an enormous collection of fresh ingredients and useful cooking utensils to fill any kitchen. Add all sorts of meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables to your game’s kitchens to let your characters cook what they want.

The pack’s fruit icons include much loved fruits like apples and oranges along with uncommon ones like dragon fruits and pomegranates, so showing off all sorts of fruit salads and sweet dishes is easy. For more savory dishes, vegetables like carrots, onions, and cauliflower offer options to be paired with different cuts of meat. If baking is a focus of your game, then the numerous sugar, bags of flour, and egg icons will make crafting cakes and cookies a breeze to show in-game. Fresh food isn’t the only thing in this pack, don’t forget the cooking utensils! With pots, pans, spoons, and even an apron, you can give your players all the equipment they need to make delicious meals.

Cooking games aren’t the only ones that could make use of this pack though! With 50 unique fish icons, games that include fishing minigames can offer more options like catching a clownfish, red snapper, or even an octopus instead of a generic fish. And even if your game doesn’t include cooking or fishing minigames, the tools such as knives and handheld blowtorch can make for some interesting weapons in battle!

Each ingredient and tool icon comes with a matching tile so your players can find them on the map. The iconsets and tilesets are ready to use in any MV/MZ project, so start thinking about all the cooking scenes your game could use! If your game focuses on cooking, has a fishing minigame, or even just needs a few new tools to update a kitchen, then check out the Food and Kitchenware Hard Pack today!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

The beautiful heroines are back - and this time for MZ! Having the heroines in your game look just as you want them to look can be a tough task, but with this Pack it is so much easier! With 38 unique parts ready to choose from, there are not many wishes left unfulfilled!

From cute and innocent, stunningly beautiful, or slightly mischievous, the ten different sets of eyes make sure each of your characters has the face and expression you imagined them to have! There are also two short cuts and two long hairstyles available which you can mix and match either with the default front hairs or one of the four new front hairs that are included in the pack as well. A wavy side ponytail or a box, what you pick is up to you!

The twenty different Outfits are so well designed and just cool that you might want to consider having your heroines wear several of them in game so you can use them all.

The themes are widespread - there are modern clothes, ready to be worn as regular streetwear or to a school that wants their pupils to come dressed in uniform, but also plenty of pieces for a more fantastical wardrobe. From a brave fighter in shining armor to a mysterious and powerful spellcaster, with these your heroines will be well equipped for their job!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!


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Jul 2, 2014
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DorapixelMapChips - Modern JP looks super cool but $40 plus another $10 for the two expansion sheets seems a little high. Might have to wait for a huge sale on that one to pick it up.
Agreed. Looking at stuff from FSM, Ancient Dungeons, and Kokoro Reflections selling for $15-$25 for far more material, that just doesn't seem to be an appropriate price.

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