New Releases: Eberouge Event Picture Pack 1, Mystery Music Library Vol.2


Feb 23, 2012
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We’ve got two interesting packs this week, an image pack that harkens back to the early days of dating sim games and a music pack that’s easy to listen to for hours on end, so let’s not waste any more time and get to them!

Give your game some 90s anime-style flair with Eberouge Event Picture Pack 1! If you’re a fan of the game Eberouge, Five Happiness is here with a pack of 37 images to help you make your cutscenes look even better with character close-ups.

Use all 16 of this pack’s full stills to breath some extra old-school style into your game’s cutscenes! Introduce your favorite Eberouge characters with fullscreen scenes, or show your players just how close some of the characters are with scenes at a school fountain or hanging out with some wild pets. And if you want to make your festivals feel a bit more special, then use some of the party stills to bring that festive mood to life! Show off cherry trees flowering above a crowded street or make your hero’s stomach growl when they spot the huge pot of food at a fall festival.

If you love the character images but feel like you already have a background that better fits your game, don’t worry! This pack includes cut-out character busts so you can situate them perfectly in your cutscenes.

This pack’s stills works perfectly with Five Happiness’ other pack, Eberouge Character Pack 1, giving you more ways to show your characters interactions with each other! If your game has been crying out for 90s-style cutscene stills, then pick up Eberouge Event Picture Pack 1 today!

Read more on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Find the perfect background music for your modern game in Mystery Music Library Vol. 2! TK Projects is back with 35 BGM songs to create the perfect ambience for your game’s world. Split into three different sections, they’ll all work wonderfully to keep your player’s focus on the game.

The Ambient section is made up of 10 songs, each bringing a mix of synthwave vibes and modern beats to the table. Pick a song with a perky synth beat to play in your sci-fi city’s shops, or choose one of the songs with gruffer tones to fit the dingy alleys of your cyberpunk city.

Ambient Rhythm ups the beat with 10 toe-tapping tunes. Give your underground club a swaying rhythm with snaps and electric beats, and add some extra mystery to certain scenes with hypnotic synth melodies. Grab one of the higher energy songs to use as a battle theme to keep the player in the moment as they fight thugs in alleyways.

Last but not least, the Judge section loses most of the lightheartedness of the other two sections, bringing 15 songs that can fit into more serious situations. Use these thrumming electric tunes to give that secret laboratory your hero stumbled upon a sinister sci-fi feeling, or increase the suspense as the players find themselves ambushed by the bad guys.

All 35 songs come in both m4a and ogg formats, so they’re ready to use in your favorite engine! Give your game the right background mood with Mystery Music Library Vol. 2!

Read more on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

New Update! Essential Set Z!
We also have additional news for today! The Essential Set Z has had a new update to the finalized version of the Dungeon Tiles! For Steam users, the files in your DLC folder should update automatically. For those who purchased from the Degica Shop, redownload from your purchase email to get the latest version of the DLC.


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