New Releases: Japanese Shrine and Temple Game Assets, The Otani Pixel Fantasy Enemy Pack No 1


Feb 23, 2012
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Today's release day is Pixelrific! Two awesome pixel art packs, one featuring tiles, the other featuring battlers, ready to make your game's art sing!


As you wander through the beautiful rural Japan, you see it - a breathtakingly beautiful temple. With its iconic roof shapes and torii, you clearly know that is what it must be. On your way through, you walk past sakura trees blooming in soft pink and gold and stone statues. Life is delightful, and so is this place.

If the picture you now have in your head is something you want to see in your game, the Japanese Shrine and Temple Game Assets pack is just what you need. Gutty Kreum did a fantastic job turning this theme into charming pixel art ready for you to use!

The tiles enable you to map a shrine or temple complex of your liking and bring enough variation to them that you can have several locations in the style that won’t look the same.

You can pick between different roof colors and several different cobbles for the ground as well. Along with the static tiles there are also animated options for the canals and doors, to bring some extra life to your maps!

And to make it extra accessible, Gutty Kreum included sample projects to help you envision and implement your maps, plus a small tutorial on how to map with the tiles.

So what are you waiting for? There is a temple ready to explore!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Picture this: You picked a beautiful pixelated style for your game, set up your maps, your story and then… you realize your heroes need something to fight. But where to get high quality pixel art enemies? The answer is: right here!

The Otani Pixel Fantasy Enemy Pack No 1 brings ten different monsters, each with three different versions, making it a total of 30 amazing creatures to face in battle. From skeleton to succubus and from goblin to golem, the set focuses on the basic enemies every fantasy game can make a use of.

By adding those three variations which are far more than recolors it opens a lot of interesting ways you can use them. Take the dragon for example: While they all share the incredible detailed scales and intimidating pose, one comes as a vanilla green dragon, one as a red one that breathes blue flames and the last is a black one which is covered in lightning bolts.

This allows you to use them for different regions, difficulty levels or as unique bosses, however you can imagine! No matter what you are going with, with this pack your heroes will have an interesting and exciting journey ahead of them… full of things to fight!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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