New Releases: KR Candy Shop Tileset, RE-D Music Pack 4


Feb 23, 2012
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Another release day is here, and this time we've got something sweet! A new candy shop tileset and some awesome new orchestral tracks!

I hope your heroes have a sweet tooth, because KR Candy Shop Tileset is here with tons of tasty treats! Kokoro Reflections has donned candy cane-striped caps and listened to their inner child for this pack, offering us all sorts of goodies and fitting cases to display them! Create bright and cheery interiors with gold, white, pink, and purple floors and walls, and bring that brightness to the exteriors with colorful roofs, awnings, and large signs ready for you to add the shop’s name to it! Make a wall of candy bins thanks to some autotiles, or keep those sweets in large glass jars. Large curved displays are ready to be topped with cotton candy, lollipops, bonbons, macarons, and more, or leave the displays empty until your players complete the ‘sweet treats’ sidequest. This pack isn’t just sugar and spice and everything nice though, since this is meant to be a shop! Make sure customers pay for their sweets at the cash register and tuck an ATM in the corner to make sure they’ll be able to afford all the candy they want.

This pack also includes 9 sheets of doors (for a whopping 216 choices!) to give your players access to all the shop’s rooms. Enter the shop through doors decorated with shiny pink glass, and hide employee-only areas behind white wooden doors. Don’t forget to include a bathroom, with plain doors decorated only with a sign! Let your players take a date to the candy store, work behind the counter, or just stop in for a sweet healing item with the KR Candy Shop Tileset!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

Gather your brave adventurers for the final push to defeat the demon lord with RE-D MUSIC PACK 4! Gee-kun-soft’s latest music pack features 10 beautiful orchestral tunes to ground your cutscenes and prepare your players for what’s to come. With tracks for battles, exploration, and emotional cutscenes, you’re sure to find a track to fall in love with in this pack!

Give the final fights different battle tracks, with 3 different tracks intended for challenging fights. Pick one that gives your players a boost of confidence thanks to powerful trumpets to help them defeat the demon lord’s guards, and give the demon lord his own track with steady drums and a cacophony of strings and brass. Search ancient ruins or a destroyed city while a lonely guitar plays in the background, eventually joined by other soft instruments when your heroes discover just what happened there. If your heroes are giving an impassioned speech to scared soldiers, grab a track with soaring melodies to help raise the mood and morale of not just the NPCs but also your players!

When it’s finally time to rest, let a music box play a soft melody as your heroes return home to their loved ones. Or use it to rouse them from a magic-inflicted slumber, reminding them that they still have important things to do, like saving the world! Each track comes in multiple file formats, so you can add them right away to your favorite engine! So if you’ve been looking for more orchestral tracks to fill your game’s soundtrack, check out RE-D MUSIC PACK 4!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

KR Pack Updates​

We are also updating 5 of the older KR packs today on both Komodo Plaza and Steam for minor bug fixes. These packs are:
  • KR Concert Hall Tileset
  • KR Cyberpunk Tileset
  • KR JACKPOT - Casino Tileset
  • KR Tuscan Seaside Tiles
  • KR Urban Modern Tileset
If you have purchased these through Steam, the versions in your DLC folder will be automatically updated, if you purchased through the Komodo Plaza, please redownload from your purchase email. In both cases, you will need to update any versions you are using in your current projects!

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