New Releases: KR Legendary Palaces - Golem Tileset, Heroine Character Generator 8 for MZ


Feb 23, 2012
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Release day! Two more packs are here to make sure your games look just the way you want them to! First up, we have a new Palace tileset ready to rock, and then we have more MZ generator parts for your heroines!

Your heroes might just have wandered into something that looked like a cave from the outside, but what they found on the inside will leave them in awe. Here, underground, someone - or something? - has built a beautiful structure that looks like it could have been here since ancient times. The walls and floor seem to be mostly created out of the surrounding ground, shaped to form a place where someone or something reigned centuries ago.

Did a golem or a golem maker sit on this throne? And are those statues or golems that froze in place and waiting to be resurrected again? Stalactites have formed on some of the decorative elements since they were made, hanging down from gems and archways. What might lie hidden in the treasure chests your heroes can spot in the mysterious blue light that the torches emit? And is that murky water or floating sand that they see in giant basins and falls?

This palace surely does look like it was left a long time ago, but maybe something is still lurking around, ready to protect it… from adventurers like your party.

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Being ready to battle is one thing, but looking dashing while fighting is another! With the Heroine Character Pack 8 for MZ you get plenty more outfits and design choices for your female party members, NPCs and antagonists!

From witchy parts for your magic driven characters to modern and eastern inspired parts, there are many new options you might want to try. Wrap your heroine in a super long sleeved dress to make her a mythical spellcaster or choose a nice jumpsuit with gloves for a fierce spy lady.

Or maybe you rather want her to be a cute girl with a fashionable dress with ruffles? You could round her design out with many different headpieces, and if you are in the mood you can place a little chick on her head. For more animal companions that are constantly with your heroine you also have a parrot which can be added on the shoulder!

And of course this pack doesn't just come with a whole load of new wardrobe items: with the fancy new hairdos and unique eyes you can add more character to your… well, characters! Innocent or feisty, the faces of a character should reflect their personalities, and with those five new pairs of eyes you have a whole new range unlocked!

Do you prefer open long flowing hair or pigtails? Well, you can have both and a combination now, plus two braided looks that are gorgeous! With the added five bangs ready to mix and match, there is no doubt you can create a beautiful heroine you will love!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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