New Releases: KR Legendary Palaces - Griffin Tileset, MT Trees


Feb 23, 2012
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Thursday is here again, and we have two more Resource Packs ready for you to use for your game. Another new Palace Set from Kokoro Reflections and a whole lot of tree tiles from Mega Tiles!

Let your players soar through the air to discover a castle in the sky with the KR Legendary Palaces - Griffin Tileset! Kokoro Reflections is here with another pack, this time creating gleaming tiles inspired by the regal griffin! Create incredible rooms of marble and gold, decorated with fitting statues and windows that any fan of griffins will love.

Build high walls of golden bricks atop animated clouds and let waterlily-filled waterways of bright blue or deep purple run next to marble paths. Create pits of spikes to keep your heroes from wandering too far from the action or use the spikes to create a puzzle where they need to climb ladders to find a new route. Large statues of gold griffins, wall hangings of pure white silk, and embossed wings can turn any castle room into a gorgeous location for your heroes to take a break from exploring. When they’re ready to move on once more, golden archways can help tell your heroes which paths are most important, with the arch decorated with pouncing griffins leading into the throneroom where the ruler sits on a dais covered in gold and emerald jewels.

Make sure your players can see the full glory of each room with golden flames illuminating the white marble walls, and reward them with gold-lidded treasure chests for exploring forgotten rooms in the palace. If you’ve been wanting to create a gilded castle in the sky or a surprising palace buried deep in the mountains, make sure to check out the KR Legendary Palaces - Griffin Tileset!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Do you be-leaf your maps could use more trees? Is the root of your map’s problems the lack of stumps and bushes? Then it’s time to find some fitting foliage with MT Trees! Mega Tiles new pack offers up a great selection of trees to help grow your forests and gardens.

The basic trees come in 3 different sizes so you can create areas with newer, smaller trees while the ancient dead locations contain thick-trunked leafless trees and old fallen logs. Give your forests healthy undergrowth with bushes, roots, and saplings that can also serve to keep your players from wandering off the intended path. If you want to make sure your players know your game takes place in spring, then grab the sakura trees with their soft pink foliage and dot your maps with them. Each tree comes in 5 different colors, so you can create an autumn feel with orange leaves or a magical forest full of blue-leafed trees without needing to edit anything.

Beyond the trees, this pack also includes extra plants such as cacti, snow-covered evergreens, and flowers to help bring other biomes to life! Let your heroes hop onto giant water lily pads to cross rivers, or create a dangerous garden of carnivorous plants that can’t wait to eat them. If you’ve been thinking that your outdoor maps have been looking a bit drab and lifeless, up your gardening game with MT Trees!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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