New Releases: KR Mermaid City Tileset, RPG Character Pack 8


Feb 23, 2012
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Add a new underwater city with the latest pack from Kokoro Reflections! Add more princesses to your game with the latest RPG Character Pack!

It’s better down where it’s wetter, so make sure your heroes can enjoy visiting an underwater city with the KR Mermaid City Tileset! Kokoro Reflections is back and splashing around in the water to find more inspiration for this new pack. Visit statue-filled town squares, gardens overflowing with kelp, enjoy the freshest fish at the local inn! A1, A2, A4, A5, and 6 B sheets are ready to help you create underwater exteriors and interiors with a mix of natural and merman-made objects. Place colorful coral next to tile paths and signs topped with blue gems, and surround statues of Triton with healthy patches of seagrass. Decorate house interiors with hanging nets and couches with carved shell backs, and make a nursery with kelp nests filled with eggs. And don’t forget to give your heroes a comfy bed and stone dressers when they book a room at the city’s inn!

The plant and rock sheets come in two variations, a bright version and a more muted blue version, so that you can choose the best option for your city. Perhaps a city near the beach has a sister city deep in an underwater trench, or the areas around the town change color depending on the time of day. Be careful once the sun goes down, strong monsters may be hiding behind blue-tinted rocks! If you want to give your players a unique underwater town to visit, or you already picked up the KR Deep Ocean and KR Legendary Palaces - Mermaids tilesets and want even more ocean options, pick up KR Mermaid City Tileset today!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

Add more princesses to your game with the RPG Character Pack 8! Gee-kun-soft’s latest pack offers up more characters in their recognizable style, this time focusing on gown-wearing daughters of royalty. 16 unique characters are ready to reward your heroes for slaying monsters, rule while their fathers are ill, and even join the party to defeat the demon lord!

Each princess comes with a MZ-style character sprite, 3 downed poses, a faceset with 8 different emotions, waist-up bust pictures, enemy images, and a SV battler so they can appear all around your game. Have your players battle a lilac-haired princess who is a master of magic to learn new spells, or give your players the option to have a twin-tailed princess in a blue ball gown join the party while exploring dungeons! Learn secrets of the kingdom from the serious crown princess and take on a side quest to protect her short-haired younger sister while she travels the countryside assisting those in need. Or help a princess in a red dress collect ancient spell books only to find out that she’s working with the demon lord, turning what your players thought was an easy way to get quest rewards into a dangerous boss battle!

As a bonus this pack also includes high-res versions of each princess, so you can resize them to perfectly fit your game’s resolution or include an illustrated codex with information about everyone your players meet. Pick up the RPG Character Pack 8 today and fill your game with new plots based around princesses!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

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