New Releases: KR Skyscraper, PSYCHO DIVER, RPG BGM COLLECTION 8bit!


Feb 23, 2012
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With this week's releases we're heading to the top of world, or at the least to the top of some very tall buildings, with a new tileset for Skyscrapers, plus cyberpunk or retro style music to listen to while you're up there!

Let your modern cities touch the skies with the KR Skyscraper Tileset! Kokoro Reflections is back with another modern masterpiece, this time focusing on the necessities to build multi-level office and apartment buildings. Get ready to delve into pipe-filled basements, soulless open-plan offices, and even an opulent penthouse perched on the top of a 50-story skyscraper with this pack!

Tiles for both exteriors and interiors offer up just what you need to help you make modern maps for your game. Create an oasis of nature with a colorful mass of flowers and some trees next to an asphalt parking lot, or add to the city’s grimy backstreets with piles of trash and overflowing dumpsters. Take a step into the buildings to find offices with desks topped with laptops and paperwork, printers watched by security cameras to make sure no one is stealing the ink, and filing cabinets next to the room’s large glass window. Or fill the skyscraper with apartments, with tiny touches like paintings, an ironing board, and different shelf decorations to help your players know who lives there. If your players search hard enough, maybe they’ll come across the maintenance area of the building, with utility switches for the power and access to every floor thanks to metal diagonal stairs.

This pack also includes sprites to help bring even more animation to your maps! Blinking lights and small water spouts can add some extra pizzazz to rooms and fountains, while a parking ticket machine with a raisable arm is ready to keep your players from wandering away into areas they’re not supposed to have access to yet. And if that wasn’t enough, this pack also comes with a left and right-facing helicopter! Park it on top of the building for a quick escape route or have it fly across the screen to warn your players that their boss is coming back to the office. Have your game reach new heights with the KR Skyscraper Tileset!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

Fill your modern or cyberpunk game with electronic jams with PSYCHO DIVER! ayato sound create is here with a pack of 25 tracks perfect for any game that needs great bops with synth instruments while your players explore streets lit with neon or travel between galaxies. Find music for sorrowful scenes, exciting getaways, battles against robot drones, and more in this music pack!

Give your busy cities high-energy tracks with solid beats to emulate the bustling streets, or choose a slower track that highlights a piano to echo the loneliness of your hero while they travel through empty space. Let your players relax with guitars twanging in the background, or send them to a rave where the music’s beat is strong enough to feel like their heart is beating to the same rhythm. Or throw your players off balance with tracks that feature cascading beeps and boops, making the whole scene feel ‘wrong’ without giving them a specific thing to put their finger on. Maybe that guy who gave them the security overwrite code isn’t as good as he seems to be…

This pack comes in multiple file formats, so you can easily add it to your favorite engine! Let your players tap their toes along to some great synth tunes with the PSYCHO DIVER music pack!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

Did you love melodies from the RPG BGM Collection - Orchestral Edition music tracks but were disappointed that those orchestral tunes didn’t fit your retro game? Then you’re in luck, because this week we have the RPG BGM Collection - 8bit Edition pack! MMMM loved these songs so much that they made them twice, taking the time and effort to turn each one into a proper chiptune BGM. Give your 8bit heroes some appropriate music for traveling, battling, and resting with this pack’s 29 songs to choose from!

Explore an eerie dungeon while pulsing boops play in the background, warning you of an unknown danger hidden in the dark caverns, or wander around a lush forest with long beeps giving the impression of ghosts watching over you, curious if you’ll end up lost and alone in these woods like they did. When it’s time to fight, grab one of the fast-paced tunes to keep the energy up as your heroes take on goblins, dragons, and even the demon lord in an epic final fight!

Fill villages with happy melodies when your heroes stop in for a rest or more supplies, and don’t forget to give the circus its own cheery theme when your heroes run into it on the road! Multiple file formats make it simple to add these tunes to your RPG Maker project. You could even mix and match from this pack and the Orchestral Edition to create the perfect soundtrack to your game! Pick up RPG BGM Collection - 8bit Edition and give your pixelated adventure some fitting music!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

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