New Releases: KR Urban Decay Tileset, Doomsday Music Pack Vol 2


Feb 23, 2012
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The world isn't ending today... but it may have in your game! And this week we have two new packs that are perfect for building up your post apocalyptic setting!

Explore destroyed cities and abandoned towns with the KR Urban Decay Tileset! Kokoro Reflections is back with another modern tileset, but instead of shining glass and gleaming metals this pack focuses on the grime and destruction of a long abandoned city. With desaturated and ruined A1, A2, A3, A4, some A5 stairs, and 4 B sheets you can create city exteriors for your zombie-infested or post-apocalyptic stories. Have your hero wake up in a construction site where the machinery is damaged and partly buried in deep piles of dirt and trash with no memory of how they got there, or start the game by following faded road markings and rusted guard rails into a town that is known to be haunted. Explore playgrounds where the equipment is broken and wildflowers spring from the dirt, skyscrapers that have decayed and lost chunks of walls, and even neighborhoods with smashed windows and graffiti and cracks cover the walls with this pack!

This pack also includes 12 sets of doors, with bright and dark options so you can have sunlight and the sound of people streaming out rooms when you open rusted metal doors or give your players a sense of unease when a wooden basement door reveals only darkness and an ominous growl behind it. If your modern game takes place after a natural disaster or years after the zombie plague consumes the world, you need to pick up KR Urban Decay Tileset!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

Joel Steudler is back with a sequel to his original Doomsday Music Pack, and the apocalypse has never sounded so good! First up we have 20 new musical tracks split evenly between Battle, Dungeon, Theme, and Town tracks to help you quickly find the right song to match your scene. Whether you want the relaxing sound of spanish guitar in the town track Enduring Settlements, or the oppressive beat of the drums in the battle track Weapons Free, you'll find the perfect track to drive the emotion of your post apocalyptic game.

But that's not all you get! There are also 5 variations of some of the theme tracks, including two instrumental versions, and 3 clean versions, to match up with the different vibes you might want. And we haven't even gotten around to talking about the 5 droning sound effects to fill out locations even when the music goes silent, or the 5 post apocalyptic radio ads! If you are making a game set after the fall, you owe it to yourself to check out this pack!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

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