New Releases: KR Urban Modern Tileset - Interiors, Retro Game Console Sound BGM Set


Feb 23, 2012
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It's another beautiful release day... but who wants to go outside? This week, we have some awesome indoor modern tiles, and a cool retro console music perfect to score a old school style pixel art game!

The coolest modern city is nothing without some neat Interiors to explore, and today, Kokoro Reflections brings you a pack to make them real.

If you think about the types of maps you might want to have for your modern town, what comes to your mind? Maybe you think of cozy and clean homes with contemporary furniture, fully equipped bathrooms, and then over to the kitchen and living room, to the bedrooms. With this pack you got all of that: everything to fully set up the homes of your characters. And whether you use the office tiles to give them a home office or create their workplace elsewhere is up to you.

But of course life does not only take place in the office or at home, and with this amazing set there are a lot of locations to visit. Maybe your heroes need some groceries or to pick up something else. There are plenty of shelves with a huge range of different wares they can place in their shopping carts. After that, they might want to check out the fitness studio or treat themselves with a visit to the local beauty salon or hairdresser.

But they should watch out for sure, as there is also a small police station in town including bars they could end up behind. Better check out the arcade instead, and go out for a beer or dinner at a restaurant afterwards. There are so many things possible with this set, and your players will be as happy to explore them as you are!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Retro Games have a lot of charms, and when we hear those soundtracks they can hit us with nostalgic gaming memories. If you want to instill your game with that nostalgic feeling, you are going to need the right music, and the Retro Game Console Sound BGM Set delivers. Starting each of these tracks will take you right back to the time when pixel graphics were standard and having a handheld console that could display colors was a revolution.

With 18 looping tracks you are now ready to make your own old school game. Whether you are making a Pixelated RPG, an old fashioned jump’n’run, or just making some minigames for your characters play in an arcade, the tracks in this pack would fit right in. With 8 General Stage themes, you'll have the variety to make a full game leading up to the final epic showdown.

And then to make that showdown even more memorable, there are a 2 extra tense Final Stage themes, building up to another 2 bombastic Final Boss Themes. The remaining 6 tracks flesh things out with Openings, Endings, and Menu Select music. And if you want something special to play after clearing a stage, getting a game over, or selecting a level, you have an additional 5 MEs to choose from to give them a distinctive sound. If you are going retro, these tunes are a must have!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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