New Releases: Krachware User Interface Material FANTASY, PASTEL


Feb 23, 2012
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It's the first release day of December, and we have even more windowskins and music coming your way! Let's take a look!

Polishing your game to have an customized can be very time consuming. Good UI elements that match your tone and are easy to set up are especially hard to find. But say no more, Krachware delivers an amazing new pack with plenty of fantastic fantasy Frames to shine in your project!

The metal-like frames come in different different options - shiny and golden or elegant cold silver or even rusty iron? That is all up to you, as there are several versions for each design included. There are in total 72 frames to be used in here, and there is so much you can do with them - a cutscene, a picture menu, a title screen or a custom system. They will all look amazing with a frame from this pack.

Not sure which style you want your textboxes to be or even want to give your player some options to choose from? With all the recolors, this pack contains 160 - this is no typo, 160 is right - windowskins.

With matching loading and Game Over graphics, you can round up the look of your game and make sure all UI elements match each other.

And even if there is a part of your game where you need some extra custom Interface material, like for a special menu or a location window, there is a giant folder, humbly labelled as “bonus”, that hands you all the buttons and arrows and ornament to puzzle together the exact thing you need.

Buy on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Are you up for some fun? Pastel comes with 23 unique and joyful tracks for a modern and exciting game. Some underlined with vocals, some just pure electronic music, they all are a perfect fit for a contemporary setting. The light-hearted tone makes them perfect for a slice of life game, with some of the faster paced parts being suitable for different gameplay elements like a racing minigame.

The tracks cover a lot of situations, from a workplace scene to a dream section, from internal thoughts to characters. With StrongZero we even have a track that would work well for battles, if you were about to have some in your game. And if not, you will probably find another intense situation to match its tunes. Spreading a good mood with your game is easy if its soundtrack contains these uplifting tracks. Listen in and explore the possibilities it gives you!

Buy on the Degica Shop or on Steam!


Man Behind the Mask
Aug 7, 2012
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$20+ for some windowskins? 0o

Well, I mean, it's 160 windowskins. $20 for that is pretty decent, imo, but to each their own.

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