New Releases: Last Boss Pack Vol.2, Popular Fantasy Character Pack, R.P.G DUB


Feb 23, 2012
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Release day has arrived again, and this week we have another triple header! New Enemy Battlers, New Heroes, and a New Soundtrack!
Have your heroes take on deadly new foes with Last Boss Pack Vol2! This pack includes all you need to add new boss battles to your games, with battlers and big sprites for each enemy along with a suitable battleback for each. This pack’s 10 battlers focus on enemies who are familiar to fantasy tales, with a twist. Get ready to take on an armored dullahan mounted on its headless horse in a dark and twisted forest, or send your heroes on a mission to defeat a lich in the ruins of a once-thriving town. Since each enemy comes with a matching sprite, deserts could be patrolled by towering stone golems and each maze can contain an axe-wielding minotaur! With a high-res version of each battler, you can resize and make sure that each battler perfectly fits your game’s resolution. If you’re making a sci-fi game, you’re going to want to check out this pack too! Each battler comes with a sci-fi version, taking them from flesh and blood to terrifying robotic foes. Battle against sleek mechanical demons and fallen angels while you search for the secrets of the universe, or take on a cyborg vampire in his own castle! And a robotic will-o’-the-wisp makes for a great security bot at any space station. This pack also includes bonus images of the fantasy battlers, perfect for cutscenes before the big fight. Give your heroes a scare with a twisting ghost summoning grasping hands from a graveyard or a tentacled gazer summoning them to an unknown realm. So if you need some new battlers, battlebacks, or boss sprites, pick up the Last Boss Pack Vol2 today! Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!
Is your fantasy game lacking some beautiful character art? Have you been looking for sprites and sv battlers for armored warriors and fleet-footed thieves? Then you need to check out the Popular Fantasy Character Pack! Yutaro Tsuyuki has created a pack that gives you a selection of characters to build a party that’s ready to defeat a demon lord! This pack covers male and female versions of 9 different fantasy classes, meaning you can choose from 18 unique characters to make the game you want. Each character comes with MV-style sprites, sv battlers, facesets, and a bust to cover just about all your graphic needs! Choose the red-headed female hero with a bright smile as your game’s main character, or go with someone a bit different like the aristocratic male scholar or a robe-wearing healer. Other class options include mages, mercenaries, strikers, and thieves, making it simple to create a party full of unique battle styles. But what if you want your players to battle someone before they’ll join the party? No need to worry, since this pack also includes enemy graphics for each character! Have your players face off against an axe-wielding warrior to prove their strength, or fight off a ranged hunter when they accidentally stumble into the hunter’s camp while exploring. And if all that wasn’t enough, this pack also includes a PSD file for each character so that you can make sure their expressions and size are perfect for your games! If you’ve been needing some gorgeous heroes for your fantasy game, then make sure to pick up the Popular Fantasy Character Pack today! Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!
You are up for a classy RPG, but you want something fresh and new to bring out the ambience With 27 brand new tracks ready to bring some rhythm and excitement to the soundtrack of your game, the R.P.G Dub music pack is just what you need. The electronic tunes are assembled in a way that fits your average RPG Maker setting perfectly but with a slight twist in its unique sound and vibe. From the fast paced battle tracks that bring out your fighting spirit to slow and atmospheric church themes, from exciting dungeons to unique towns, this pack has a track for lots of different situations. Stroll through an old castle, over an open field or through a cave filled with hostile goblins, or somewhere even more exotic.\ The variety might even inspire you to add even more areas to fit with all the unique tracks! With 27 tracks, you have enough to create a full RPG game with just this pack as a score. Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!


Feb 28, 2013
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Popular fantasy character pack is amazing!
9 classes, male/female versions of each.
16 expressions for every character.
Picture waist-ups of every character in every expression. Standard and holding weapon variants.
The weapon variant redraws the hand holding it so it looks more natural than other packs which simply remove the weapon and the hand looks like its holding air. Blank face versions and expression images included.
PSD files included with separate expression layers for different parts like eyebrow, eyes, mouth, etc.
Thoughtfully put together pack.
If only they included each character's weapon sheet, that would top it off.
Highly recommended!

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