New Releases: Legends of Russia - Battler Pack, Legends of Russia - Winter Village Tiles


Feb 23, 2012
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We all love to travel to new worlds, and wouldn't it be nice to travel to one that isn't based on Western Europe or Ancient Japan? What if we could go to a fantasy world based on the Mythology of Russia! Well here is your chance with two new packs!

Imagine your heroes wandering through the deep and dark forests of Russia or a Russian inspired world. It might be quiet, but there could be a monster around every corner…

And there it is, Baba Yaga’s house is standing in front of them, towering over them on its chicken legs - and attacking it was maybe not the best option, as Baba Yaga herself joins the fight.

The Russian folklore is rich with interesting characters that would make great enemies in your game and this pack brings twenty of them right to you. The high-quality artstyle fits the slightly spooky theme of the designs very well and each of the battlers has its own unique look.

Even if you have not heard much about Russian mythology, these enemies are worth a look. From the beautiful Rusalka, a female nature spirit, to the two Upirs, the Russian version of vampires, there is a huge range of content here. Watch out for the Zmei Gorynych, a giant three-headed dragon and be aware of the wolves as well!

As if that was not already amazing enough, all battlers come in several resolutions depending on where and how you plan to use them. That means you can use them not only for battlers, but also for titles, game over screens and more. To round everything out there is a small selection of bonus content that contains for example a beautiful Russian inspired track and a sprite for Baba Yaga.

So when your heroes are now about to enter that dark cold forest… they might want to be extra cautious!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

The snow crunches below your feet and your breath turns into fog. You have arrived in a Russian town, and winter has come already.

This set has everything to let you create such a scenario for your game. In Gutty Kreums unique style that is compatible with his other sets you get an amazing selection of tiles that includes all the exterior parts as house tiles, different environmental parts and decorating items.

The details on the architecture are very authentic and include several different options of decorative wood carvings on the buildings. Besides the tiles there are a bunch of different animated doors for the houses. The ground tiles allow you to add some variation to the snow covered environment.

For more convenience, this set comes both with separated tiles as you would for example use for Doodads and set up sheets for MV/MZ. It also includes a small mapping tutorial so you have some reference on how to use these unique tiles for a beautiful result.

Are you ready to have your heroes explore a setting that has not been overused yet or do you love pretty pixel art? If your answer to one or both questions is yes, this set is something you might want to have!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!


Sep 26, 2012
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Awesome. Would love to see more stuff from other cultures and time periods, so hopefully this sells well.

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