New Releases: Magic Shop - Animated Interior Pack, Japanese School Girls Vol.4


Feb 23, 2012
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It's the season to be spooky, so this release day we have the scariest thing of all: A high school girl and a magic shop! Wait, that isn't scary... Oh well, enjoy the latest packs!

Is your game’s magic shop lacking a convincing mystical appearance? Is your fortune teller stuck staring into an empty crystal ball? Do you just want to add a sleeping black cat to your hero’s home? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you need to check out the MAGIC SHOP Animated Interior Pack! Cattle Call Inc. has crafted a pack full of animated objects and sprites to help take your wizard’s house from simple to spellbinding!

This pack’s 8 sprite sheets include a few mystical looking people along with all sorts of animated objects, from magical circles to a crumbling statue to portals to other worlds, that can help bring life to your magical shops and mystical locations. Give your potion maker’s store a cauldron full of bubbling green liquid as well as glass alchemy equipment and sparkling potions, or fill their cauldron overflowing thick purple goo and leave empty potions bottles everywhere to let your player know the owner is in need of help. Give your fortune teller more options to look into the future than just looking into a crystal ball by using tarot cards or a dowsing pendulum at the table instead. And keep your magic shops clean with a magic broom that can sweep all by itself!

This pack also includes a few floor and wall autotiles to help make your magic shops look just right. Give your fortune teller’s shop a carpet decorated with an edge of stars and plush blue curtains covering the walls, or use clean white walls with golden stars on its crown molding to let a magician show off their fancy office.

These tiles are sized for MV and MZ, ready to be added to your games and used right away! So if you’ve been wanting some more magical decorative sprites, pick up the MAGIC SHOP Animated Interior Pack!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Giving your characters more depth can be quite difficult, especially if you can't hire voice actors to record everything you need. Luckily, the Japanese School Girls Vol.4 Pack is ready to equip you with 244 individual voice Sound Effects, which you can use to show the emotions of one of your heroines.

Covering all kinds of different categories such as greetings, breathing snippets, shock and many others, there is a wide range of emotions and phrases your character can express with the sounds in this pack. And if you don't know Japanese, there is a huge PDF inside, giving you not only the written version of the phrases, but also their English translations so you can easily learn what they are saying.

This makes it easy to pick the perfect lines for every possible situation, from confessing love to saying goodbye. The additional non-verbal sounds are even more versatile and allow you to add flavor to situations even when there is no perfect phrase ready to use.

The high quality recording and professional voice acting make this pack a must have if you want to add some voice snippets to your project!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!


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Jan 1, 2017
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I do love having more magic doohickies to clutter up a wizard tower. ^_^

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