New Releases: MT Tiny Tales Heroes - A New Beginning, NPC Voice Series Male Citizens Vol.1


Feb 23, 2012
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New releases are here, this week focused on bringing new characters to life! Whether you are looking for a fantastic set of heroes for your pixel art game, or a set of voice SFX for your male NPCs, you've come to the right place.

Give your retro game the perfect team of heroes with MT Tiny Tales Heroes - A New Beginning! Mega Tiles' latest pack brings a crack team of 8 heroes to life in the Tiny Tales pixel art style, ready to battle against the dastardly demon king! With a sprite, face, SV battler, bust, and even an enemy battler for each character, you’ll be ready for anything with this pack!

Start your game dev journey by choosing one of the 8 heroes to be the main character. Will you choose the maroon-haired swordswoman or the brunette male fighter to lead the team, or go with the elven blonde archer with her long hair and cloak billowing out behind her? Maybe the childhood friend who joins the team is a hunky spikey-haired thief or an adorable blue-haired mage. Let the lightly-armored dancer or the female samurai be the enemy-turned-companion your heroes need to defeat before they join the party, or just have them offer their services for a price. The last, but certainly not least, hero is the dragon knight, decked out in heavy red armor and ready to lend a hand in a crucial fight! The dragon knight has two versions, one wearing a helmet and one without it, so you have have a special reveal of who is really is after he has helped

This pack also includes a weapon sheet with 12 unique weapons to help you equip your heroes! Give your samurai a swinging katana and your dragon knight a mighty spear, or have some fun by letting your mage wield a whip instead of a staff and giving your main character a heavy hammer instead of the expected sword. This pack also has a pixelated windowskin, so your messages and menus can match the party. Find a brand new team to inspire your next RPG with MT Tiny Tales Heroes - A New Beginning!

Purchase now on the KomodoPlaza or on Steam!

Bring some chatter to your cities with NPC Male Citizens Vol.1! TK.Projects is back with another pack to help you give your NPCs a voice! With 12 different Japanese voices to choose from, get ready to bring your young shopkeepers, middle-aged merchants, and burly blacksmiths to life!

Each voice comes with 10 SEs for all sorts of situations, from friendly hellos and laughs to angry shouts and screams of terror. Let your heroes visit shops where the owner’s young sons call out cheerful greetings while they help stock or manage the register, or show that the young shopkeeper is new with some confused “eh?”s or murmurs to himself while he tries to remember how much the healing potion costs. Give the city’s big blacksmith a mighty laugh when your heroes tell him they want to buy the biggest sword he has, and then have the blacksmith shout in surprise when the healer lifts it one-handed! Have older shopkeepers grumble angrily or sigh when your heroes decide to leave without buying anything. Or have a handsome and mysterious fortune teller beckon then into his shop with a pleasant greeting, and then laugh when he realizes his crystal ball says he needs to join their adventure! With multiple file formats for each SE, it’s simple to add them to your favorite engine. If you’ve been wanting to add some talkative NPC men to your game, then check out NPC Male Citizens Vol.1!

Purchase now on the KomodoPlaza or on Steam!

Asian Empires Mini Bundle EULA Update​

The EULA of the Asian Empires Mini Bundle has been updated to allow the use in non Maker engines.

EULA Updates:
  • "This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series ONLY" has been updated to "This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice."
  • "OK to be used in Commercial projects made in RPG Maker" has been updated to "OK to be used in Commercial projects"

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