New Releases: NEONPIXEL Mega Landscape A & B set, Willful Wind Music Pack, RPG Locations Music Pack


Feb 23, 2012
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Enjoy two new tilesets and two new music packs out today!

Explore snowy forests, quaint villages, forgotten island hideaways, and more with the NEONPIXEL Mega Landscape A set! Neonpixel’s unique style stands out in this tileset collection ready to use in MV and MZ, with tiles to build full Scottish-themed towns, abandoned island cabins, and frostbitten lands with warm buildings. Let your heroes take a break from sailing around the world to catch their breath on small islands scattered around the oceans. Enjoy bright green tropical trees growing out of sandy ground and take a nap in small log cabins that are covered in creeping vines, or duck into a snowy cabin to warm up after days of sailing around the north pole! Once they’re recovered, send your heroes back out into a world filled with frost and snow, where icicles decorate every building’s eaves. Once they’ve had their fill of snow, have them travel to a town where it often rains, with raindrop animations on the ground and cozy interiors full of wooden furniture and crackling flames in fireplaces.

This pack also includes character sheets to add some extra details to your maps. Let your heroes gather around a bubbling pot over the campfire, meet under a glowing street lamp, walk under trees with waving leaves, and more with the different sprites! Or use the included parallax images to add some clouds and snow to your world to change the moods in certain locations. If you’ve been wanting a different look for your winter village maps or need to send your heroes on adventures to small island chains, check out the NEONPIXEL Mega Landscape A set!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

Delve into lost tombs, dusty archaeological digs, and spooky swamps with the NEONPIXEL Mega Landscape B set! Neonpixel’s second MV/MZ-sized tileset collection in their unique style brings you options for pyramids, graveyards, and open markets between thatch roof huts. Create deserts with rocky outcroppings and scrubgrass scattered around and a stone path that leads to an oasis market. Pick up supplies from NPCs sitting under cloth tents or choose specific ingredients from pots sitting on decorative rugs. Once their bags are full, send your heroes off on their adventure to the paleontology dig where dinosaur skeletons have been uncovered and need protecting. Or visit the pyramids, where a dungeon full of mummies and blood-red waters lead deeper and deeper into a terrifying throne room.

After all that sand, let your heroes travel to damper locations with murky waters surrounded by cold stone buildings and thick-trunked trees. Wander past shuttered windows to reach the city graveyard, and offer up gifts to looming statues in return for stat boosts. Just don’t expect to leave easily, as all the boats have mysteriously sunk…

Also included are character sheets for campfires, animated foliage, and creepy altars to make any map more interesting. Have trees wave in the breeze when first approaching a dungeon, and set them aflame if your heroes are unlucky enough to trigger a trap! Warn heroes away from certain paths with skulls with eye sockets filled with flames or use them to mark challenges that have greater rewards but deadly consequences for failure. Pick up the NEONPIXEL Mega Landscape B set and give your heroes some exciting locations to explore!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

Add some fun horns and woodwind tunes to your game with the Willful Wind Music Pack! Sweet Slush Games has made 8 BGMs that highlight an often overlooked group of instruments in RPGs: the wind instruments! Explore early areas to the curious toots of ‘Weeping Woods’ and the cheerful beat of ‘Apple Trees’s flute, or warn your players of possible dangers ahead with the darker tones of ‘Goblin Cave’. Give your players a reason to smile when visiting the game's doctor with the silly tunes of ‘Quirky Doctor’ and add even more personality to the town pub with the upbeat ‘Honey And Tea’ or bouncy horns of ‘Pixie House’. Or keep even serious scenes from getting too dark with the busy horns of ‘Duressful Stress’ and ‘Flummoxing Labyrinth’s high-pitched woodwind.

Every track comes in M4a and Ogg file formats so you can add them to your MV or MZ project right away, or use them in your favorite RPG Maker engine. Pick up the Willful Wind Music Pack and find the perfect tittering tune for your lively cutscenes!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

Get ready to explore your game’s world with solid BGM thanks to the RPG Locations Music Pack by Eric Francis! Eric Francis is here with an incredible 50 BGMs to find homes in your games. From cave to the open sea, forests to graveyards, just about every location your grand adventure explores will find a fitting tune in this pack!

Start your adventure with a trip to a small village while relaxing strings play in the background before stepping out into the wide open plains of the world map where horns and violins cheer you on. Have harps strumming while you search lush forests for clues, or turn what could have been a normal forest into a terrifying location with creepy atmospheric wails or the uncomfortable ripping of something and the high-pitch screech of strings. Match the chaos and madness of a battle with an indescribable horror with a clamorous boss battle theme, or use somber drums to keep your heroes focused on the fact that if they lose this battle the world as they know it is done for. And when the world is finally safe, enjoy the soothing piano melody that you last heard on the title screen.

Each track comes in M4a and Ogg file formats, making it easy to add to your current MV or MZ project, or use it in your favorite RPG Maker engine. So if you’ve been hunting down music for those pesky places that need specific tunes and want to give some of your battles their own unique tracks, give RPG Locations Music Pack by Eric Francis a listen!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

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