New Releases: RPG Character Pack 5, Time Fantasy Add on Animals 2


Feb 23, 2012
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We're kicking off December with two new graphics packs! All new characters to star in your latest game, plus additional animals for the Time Fantasy series.

If you want to tell an engaging story, you need unique and creative characters to fill it with life and depth. The RPG Character Pack 5 brings you a great opportunity to expand your roster of interesting personalities in your game. With each of these unique heroes coming with a charset and additional down pose, a battler, a SV battler, Portrait, faceset with eight different emotions, and a large beautifully drawn artwork the be used wherever you like, there is no role those cannot fill!

Let the bunny king lead your party to victory or maybe rather make him an NPC with a fascinating background story. The fox girl is as beautiful as she is deadly, she would make a great heroine or as an assassin that is after your party! And maybe that party includes the lady that dances on her bladed shoes, ready to deliver some deadly kicks? Or the sage apprentice, who is young and energetic, looking for an adventure and new experiences to learn from! Human or humanoid, male or female, caster or physical fighter, this pack might just have the exact new character you need!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Fans of Time Fantasy, have you been waiting to take your players on a safari or to the zoo? Your wait is over with Time Fantasy Add on Animals 2! With more that 60 animal sprites, this pack is full of critters to add to your game’s exotic locations.

Explore American-inspired plains with herds of large bison grazing, or check out a dark swamp where frogs hop around and owls fly silently overhead. If your game includes a long period on a tropical beach, why not add some sea turtles and crabs? You could even include a shark fin out in the water to let your players know that swimming there isn’t recommended. Camels can help your heroes travel across deserts, leading them to savanna teeming with life. Create a pride of lions with cubs running around and huge elephants being followed by happy babies that move around your savanna maps. Add some pops of color to your jungles with brilliant red parrots and bright-billed toucans, or give an area a humorous feeling with some monkeys eating bananas and hopping up and done. Smaller sprites like bugs and fish can add some extra movement to your maps without blocking your players’ path, which is great for any small, crowded maps.

This pack comes with sizes ready-to-use in Ace and MV/MZ, so you can drop these sprites right into your favorite engine and start adding them to your maps! Pick up Time Fantasy Add on Animals 2 today and liven up your maps with some exotic wildlife!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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Sep 14, 2012
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Really like the new character pack. Glad this pack also advertises downed sprites. Recently picked up the previous one and was happy that it really did contain downed sprites. Hope they continue to include them in all future packs. :)

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