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Feb 23, 2012
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It's Thursday, which means release day, and today be ready for a Shopping Spree... as we release the perfect tileset for your retail shops, plus a new Light element based animations collection!

Is your modern game’s malls looking sparse? Have you been wanting to add an arcade for your players to play some minigames, but haven’t been able to find some good arcade cabinets to fill the map? Then drop what you’re doing and pick up Shopping Spree now!

This pack has everything you need to build store maps from the ground up, with A2, A4, and A5 tilesets that let you make the right rooms for your stores. Pick one of the plush rugs and decorative wallpapers to create a fancy clothing store, or give your electronics store a sleek look with clean tiles and floor-to-ceiling windows. Stock your stores with shelves of books, piles of clothing, boxed goods, and even an adorable dinosaur plushie!

Normal stores aren’t the only focus of this pack, so get ready to fill your game’s grocery store with fresh fruit and shelves of cereal. Create a restaurant’s kitchen with clean metal equipment, or turn a boring restaurant into a party place with balloons, cake, and even tiles to make a ball pit!

Tiles aren’t the only thing you get though! Shopping Spree includes 8 full spritesheets of various details that can take your maps to the next level. Curtains that you can open and close makes it easy to create a dressing room where the player can change outfits, and a sheet of modern doors that includes elevator-style ones and glass sliding doors makes it simple to make a multi-floor store. A sheet of glowing monitors can bring your arcade or office to life, and paintings and signs in sprite format makes it easy to add even more decorations to your maps.

This pack is formatted and sized for both Ace and MV/MZ, so you don’t need to worry about having to edit anything if you want to use these awesome tiles in Ace! Pick up Shopping Spree today and give your game’s stores a brand new look!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Looking for some Light themed Animations for your game! Look no further.

Animation Select - Light comes with two casting animations, six skill animations and two full screen animations, there is not much left to ask for - light animation wise.

The healing spells of a cleric, the smites of a paladin, the dazzling skills of your wizard, or even the light powers of your superhero, this pack has something for you. No matter if you want to heal your fellow party members, charge a skill, give them a boost or just have some undead enemies perish under your light spell - you get what you need here.

This pack has everything you need for MZ, MV, or VX Ace, with animation sheets in 60 and 30 FPS versions, plus MZ formatted particle animation fies for MZ!

There is also MV and MZ demos with prebuilt versions of all animations, so you can copy and paste them into your project.

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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