New Releases: Tyler Warren RPG Battlers 9th 50 - 50 More Shades, 16 Bit Fantasy Action Music Pack


Feb 23, 2012
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This week our releases are perfect for supporting two of the iconic RPG Maker styles: Creepy Horror with evil silhoutte monsters from Tyler Warren, and Old School Classic with some retro tunes from Joel Steudler! Let's take a look.

When darkness has consumed your world and shadow creatures haunt your character’s dreams or reality, Tyler Warrens 50 more shades is just what you need. The name pretty much says it all, while on the other hand there are not enough words to describe the amount of creativity and detail that went into these: With this pack, you get 50 unique and expressive silhouette battlers. They all fit the theme of creatures that dwell where no light can be found, such as demonic or deep sea beings. Tyler made sure that nearly all of them can be used for both front- and side view and added all different sizes you might need - so even if you need a full resolution image of a monster for a title, you're covered. So watch out… the ground might open up and a shadow skeleton might jump at you. Or a dark jellyfish might emerge to wrap you in its dark tentacles. And even if you defeat it… the next haunting monster is ready to attack!

To round everything up, the pack also includes a face graphic for each of the monsters. So maybe, just maybe… you can talk to them instead of fighting. Or maybe it’s just their scary voices talking to you from the void.

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Doo dee doo, doo dee dooo... We all miss the beeps, boops, and honestly some of the more amazing sounds that old school composers managed to ring out of 16 bit systems. And for those of you making retro games, you need those sounds to match up with your pixel graphics.

Look no further than Joel Steudler's 16-Bit Fantasy Action Music Pack! 20 tracks designed to bring the old school to your games, ranging from battles, to exploring castles, haunted mansions, dungeons, to sailing the seven seas, to title and menu music!

Every track in this pack is perfectly composed and mixed to make your game sound like it had just jumped out of an old game cartridge!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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