New Releases: Useful Decorative Plant Tiles, KR Urban Modern Tileset, RPG Character Pack 4


Feb 23, 2012
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The first release day of a new month and we have 3 fantastic packs for you to choose from... or just get them all!

Are your game’s houses lacking some floral touches? Does the flower shop need some fresh stock? Then check out the Useful Decorative Plant Tiles pack! Hato is back with another set of tiles to help take your towns and buildings to the next level with all sorts of potted plants. With a full B sheet of tiles, there are plenty of plants to pick from!

Give your forest town buildings some thriving vines climbing their walls and have villages known for their flower fields show off with sacks and pots of lush flowers in every available spot. More agricultural spots could make use of the crates of oranges and wine bottles made from the local grapes, or have some NPCs tend to small buckets of flowering plants as a hobby. This pack also contains wall-mounted flower arrangements, shelves, and dressers to take interior maps from lifeless to teeming with vibrant greens!

Make a restaurant feel classier by adding a vase to every table, or have a home kitchen feel even more lived in with drying plants hanging on the walls. A shelf with supplies and a rake leaning against it could find a home farmer’s rustic house, while fancy white cupboards holding ornate vases could make a castle or temple feel even more extravagant. Sleek black shelves topped with potted snake plants along with easy to care for plants in simple pots can easily find a home in modern games. Even a sci-fi game could find a use for this pack, with glass terrariums making for great reminders of the worlds space travellers have left behind!

As a bonus, the pack also contains some marble floor tiles and blue patterned rugs to help tie your rooms together. If you’ve been wanting to show off your characters’ green thumbs or just like adding some flowers to every home, make sure to check out Useful Decorative Plant Tiles!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Not every adventure takes place in a fantasy world or in a far distant future. An amazing journey might just lay right around the corner, and maybe it does for your characters as well?

The KokoroReflections Urban Modern Tileset pack has all you need to design a cozy city to explore and more! With all the sheets from A1 to E and matching door sprite sheets included, you have a lot of things for your heroes to see!

That starts of course with the basics, beautiful modern houses with a lot of variations that allow you to design a town that looks consistent yet still rich in variety. But of course, people do more than just living in a town! With beautiful nature tiles, the tools for a nice park area are right at your hands and with the amazing selection of slides, benches, statues and other items you can make it an outstanding and exciting location. But maybe there is more to come to see in that town? Nearly a whole sheet of construction vehicles and tiles allow you to let the player know something is about to come, add a realistic touch, or just block off certain areas if you need to!

Those vehicles did not fly to their deployment site, and there are a lot of infrastructure tiles including road signs and traffic lights to control the traffic flow in your town. If you ever thought of making a game in a modern setting, this set is a must have!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

The most beautiful world can be boring if there is no one to live in it. And to make your choice who to place in your fantasy adventure easier, the RPG characters 4 pack is ready to deliver you 16 unique characters!

If you are looking for a diverse cast, here you can find some very nice additions! Alongside the attractive human and elvish heroines and one hero, you can also find a dwarf, a dark elf, vampires and four monster representatives in here.

Which part they play is up to you, they all come not only with their sprites (both walking and side view battlers), and faces, but also a variety of enemy battlers, emotion sets, busts, and full art images!

So find a new place in your story for a new hero, villain, or ally with RPG Character Pack 4.

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!


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Jul 13, 2012
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I HAAAATEEE how good these all are and I HAAATTEEE how I have to wait another 4 days until payday to get all 3 them!! :p


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