New Releases - User Interface Material 6, FATIMA 2


Feb 23, 2012
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Release day is here, and it is time for more UI goodies and futuristic music!

Do you want to add that extra bit of style to your game, that additional polish of an overall clean and matching look to your interface? To connect all your textboxes, cutscene overlays, windows and titlescreen with a consistent layout and style?

Say no more, we got you covered!

With a total of 10 different styles and 4 beautiful color variations for each style, User Interface Material 6 provides 40 windowskins, plus frames that can be used for title screens or as overlays for cutscenes and additional UI graphics for you to incorporate into your own custom systems.

The set also comes with 8 chibi mascots that can be used for a lot of different purposes. Perhaps as guides for your tutorials?

There is a blue-haired little nurse that we can totally see a player guide through a tutorial about healing, or a cookie girl that could accompany a baking mini game.

And don’t limit yourself! No one said that you can only use the title frames for titles! They could be used to indicate cutscenes (as long as there is this overlay, it’s a cutscene), be the base for a more stylized menu system, and more.

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

If you want to set your game in a modern or post-apocalyptic setting, FATIMA 2 music pack by Ayato Sound Create might be exactly what you want. Coming with 20 tracks with from calm to action packed it covers a broad range of scenarios that can benefit from it.

No matter whether your heroes are walking through a destroyed futuristic world to meet their opponent or they are facing that opponent in an emotional battle, Fatima 2 has the fitting tune. If your game includes flashbacks, time travel, or your party entering strange dimensions, you'll find the music to set the. You can have your party wander on the strange ground of an alien planet with a deadly atmosphere or through the ruins of modern civilization, this pack covers it all with electric tunes and vocal cues weaving into each other to create a tense atmosphere.

So board your spaceship and explore the unknown with FATIMA 2!

Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

And for our Deal of the Week, the Degica Dream Pack MV Modern is 20% off until next Thursday!



Mar 2, 2012
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Can you reveal how many different packs of UI materials there are in total, and will it be possible to buy all of them (as a single pack, or individuals) for a discounted price?

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