New Releases: Winlu Fantasy Tileset - Interior, Last Boss Pack Vol.5, Dark Drama Music Pack


Feb 23, 2012
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Majestic castles, dynamic space battles, dramatic scenes: All can be enhanced with this weeks releases, let's take a look at what we have!

Create gorgeous pixel art cabins, castles, and cathedrals with Winlu Fantasy Tileset - Interior! Winlu has crafted this pack to give MV/MZ games incredibly detailed medieval and fantasy rooms. With full A2, A3, A4, and A5 autotiles along with 6 B sheets, you can create all sorts of locations, from scruffy hunting cabins and weapon-filled smithies to an alchemist’s library and even a throne room decorated for a feast! Decorate your hero’s childhood home with wooden furniture like bookshelves, benches, and a straw-stuffed bed, with a simple toilet tucked behind a carved wooden screen. Build an adventurer’s guild with stone walls and bearskin rugs spread on the floor, and keep your hero well-equipped thanks to a nearby shop filled with weapon racks and potions. Make sure your hero doesn’t break the kingdom’s laws though, otherwise they may find themselves locked in the castle dungeon, where chains hang from the walls and spiderwebs form in every corner!

This pack also includes animated flames so you can add some movement to your maps. Make sure the fire in the tavern’s kitchen is roaring while the cook makes soup, and light up a mage’s study with mystical blue flames. A variety of wooden doors, from creaky hut doors to reinforced dungeon ones, make it easy to control where your players can go, and 8 animated treasure chests are perfect for rewarding exploration. So if you’ve been searching for some little details to make your maps pop, or just want to add to your Winlu tileset collection, pick up the Winlu Fantasy Tileset - Interior pack!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

Fill your interstellar epic with star-speckled space backdrops and huge battleships ready for combat with the Last Boss Pack Vol.5! Gee Kun Soft’s latest pack continues to be inspired by sci-fi, this time upping the battler sizes to contain entire armies! 10 space battleships are ready to be used in your galaxy-wide games! Give your starship troopers marine-inspired exploration and spacecraft carrier ships while your heroes travel to the far reaches of the galaxy in a red-detailed aerodynamic rocket. Green ships with 4 powerful dishes that can blast messages into the distance, long purple serpent-shaped ships, and heavy-duty shield crafts can be friends or foes, depending on who your heroes decide to team up with!

Each ship also comes with a matching sprite, so you can have your heroes travel in style when they’re racing for the next planet. And 12 backgrounds (in 2 sizes, 816x624 and 1000x740) are the perfect backdrop for space battles and setting the scene when your heroes reach a new area, whether they’re floating above a calm planet, dodging trash in a shattered space station, or pausing before joining into a laser-filler battle.

This pack also includes 64 bonus images to add even more excitement to your cutscenes! Each spaceship is in its own section of space and comes in multiple variations of combat readiness. Show the serpent ship shooting anything that gets close with 6 turrets along in back right before your heroes have to dive into battle with it, or set the mood with a destroyed medic ship shedding chunks of burnt metal when your heroes arrive too late to help! The calmer bonus images can also make for a great background while traveling through space to a new star system. Give your sci-fi story some incredible spaceship and battle art with the Last Boss Pack Vol.5!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

Give your game’s emotional scenes some subtle music with the Dark Drama Music Pack! Joel Steudler is back with 10 incredible BGMs that are perfect for those moments between deadly battles and cheerful camaraderie, when your players start to realize that not everything is as it seems and the ‘happily ever after’ ending may be harder to achieve than they thought. Slow tempos and somber pianos fill this pack with bittersweet feelings to take a dramatic scene to the next level, without relying on bombastic instruments to surprise your players.

Have Hidden Truths’ pianos and synths swell when your heroes enter a room, drawing their attention to the fact that there’s something off about the floorboards. Or use the heartbeat-inspired beat of Take My Pulse to create an uneasy mood when your players realize that the monster they’d been hunting was much closer than they knew. Make an abandoned station feel even more lonely with Access Denied’s echoing clinks and clanks of metal, and bring tears to your players’ eyes when the bittersweet pianos of I Remember play at a pivotal point in the story. Whether your spacefaring hero finds himself floating alone in an unknown star system or your heroes’ discover one of the party was separated while running from a monster, the Dark Drama Music Pack is ready to help set the mood!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!


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Jul 2, 2014
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Those spaceships are cool.

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