Jun 13, 2014
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Nexus of Broken Souls

There are many worlds, many tales with many faces. Or are there? What separates the overzealous paladin from the prejudiced beat cop, or the assassin murdering cyborgs? Isn’t a drug lord just another evil duke, his gangbangers his blackguards?
What if one day, not the hero awakened to the truth, but the villain?

What if there was some kind of underlying tale that always sets the hero on his path? What if that could be studied, learned from, and codified. What if the perfect plan was possible? How do you beat the perfect plan?

With imperfection. With deeply flawed heroes who band together nonetheless, rising above. Learning from each other, motivating and guiding. Always choosing the less obvious path. Not letting your role define you

Gameplay-wise, this is reflected in a large cast of diverse characters while still allowing a large amount of customization.
Gameplay will mostly be restricted to dungeons, with a single large intricate hub-area. At first, the game is linear to allow the player to get a hang and feel for the game but soon opens up, allowing a certain amount of non-linearity, within reason.
During this second phase, about three dungeons will be available at all times, with each dungeon partially unlocking another through both a key item and a skill needed to access it, both hidden in different dungeons of course. So for example, unlocking the supersoldier lab requires getting both the key card from the scientist now working in an invaded wizards tower to fuse magic into laser weapons and the cyborg found in the robotics lab to resist the poison gas flooding certain rooms.
In the final phase, once the entire team has been recruited, the focus becomes on destabilizing the villain and gaining more power, with the final dungeon being a Multi-Team assault on an insanely difficult dungeon.

The focus will not be on a linear improvement, but diversification of abilities, as mashing attack or spamming ‘Ultima’ will certainly not be the optimal strategy. All characters start with a narrow set of abilities

While there will certainly be a tendency to examine and deconstruct certain tropes, this will not be a comedy or parody game (Think more Scream, less Scary Movie).

  • Dungeon Based JRPG with a heavy emphasis on team composition and tactical play.
  • Partially non-linear, a moving bubble of sorts, where, as you finish things, new things always become available. For example, you have Dungeon A, B, and C. Completing A and B will unlock D, Completing B and C unlocks E, and doing D and E unlock G.
  • Each character a different class, but cross-class skills are learnable. with Job Points. Some skills are passives, such as armor and weapon proficiencies.
  • All stats are useful in different situations. For all Characters. For example, Fire magic uses Strength and Intelligence, Ice magic uses Intelligence and Wisdom, and so on. So the mage might want some
  • New Gear is not a strict upgrade but a sidegrade. The fire sword isn't better than the longsword, it just changes your attack to 'Flame slash', and allows you to cast fireball instead of Bleeding slash. The Dragon armor boosts Endurance but lowers Wisdom.
  • A party switch system, allowing infiltration of a Dungeon on multiple fronts, requiring the player to build multiple optimized teams
  • 20 recruitable party members, each with a unique class, about twenty skills per class, with some overlap. For example, both the generic 'Mage' and the fire-based sorceress learn 'Fire', but only the Sorceress learns 'Inferno' naturally.
  • Skills are equipable. (Basically Yanfly's Equipable skill plugin)
  • Modular design allows for easy release of extra content after a minimal first beta release.
  • Each character possesses a unique 'Map' skill, like Stealth, Hack, Or (Shove Boulder). These are also learnable after a while, but every character can never Equip more than one of these skills.
  • Characters gain access to new learnable skills after completing a relevant
  • Every element and weapon has a different Damage formula and Side effects. Using fire might buff Intelligence, Using Axes deals more damage if the target is Debuffed, Swords increase TP regeneration, Guns Pierce defense, ...
  • While many classes serve a similar function, each does his job in a dissimilar way. One healer might absorb damage for his teammates and focus on Regeneration, while another uses potions in special ways, but both can heal just as well, if differently. One might be better against spike damage, while another deals with consistent damage more efficiently.
  • The game goes across three different settings, clashing more and more as the game advances. (Fantasy, Modern, and Futuristic)

Early Testing Screenshots
These are early playtesting Images and thus quite basic.

Our Starting Heroes four (Modern World)

Combat snapshot, with the skill damage information Displayed.
Your Fantasy Mentor's hut.

Character Summary
  • Mc ( Name given By Player): Generic class, Flat base stats, and fully customizable.
  • Brend: The Main Character's side-kick. Uses a large variety of Elemental spells to hit enemies Weaknesses.
  • Tania: Team Medic. Uses and Upgrades Potions in interesting ways. She can scavenge potions from enemies, has emergency potions ticked away, and can throw them as an instant instead of using her turn.
  • Cap: The Army Veteran. Uses a Bow and Arrow. Different skills allow him to imbue his Arrows with special properties.
  • Bors: Experienced Veteran of the adventuring business and your mentor. Is a tactician/Non-magical Time Mage kind of thing. Uses Commands to give other characters extra turns.
  • Silvana: Budding Mage. Specializes in Fate (Luck) Based Magic, setting up Predictions, and getting bonuses if she meets those, penalties if she fails.
  • Volin. A blood mage, but where his colleagues have embraced vileness and decadence, he treats it like the commodity it is. Has a rather sophisticated air above a teasing personality that is more southern gentleman than count Vlad. Uses Blood Magic to drain his enemies, and sacrifices his own HP to heal his comrades.

Storyline for Act1

  • As listed in the Summary, the game is about three words on the verge of colliding after three villains figure out a way to breach the barrier between worlds simultaneously. The imperfection in their initial attempts however creates a chimera of the three, the personality switching every time they change worlds. Soon they combine their knowledge to start work on their 'Grand Unifying Hero Theory'. Or GUHT for short.

    But this is all unbeknown to our hero, who starts the game fighting beside his comrades, routing guerilla fighters from a tropical jungle in the Modern world, using Machine guns and Grenades. The rise in strange and magical creatures gives our starting team pause, however. Eventually, they locate the origin of these strange beasts who call themselves Goblins and find a rift. Just before they can enter it, the hero is separated from his companions, and succumbs, only to awaken in the bed of a cottage, a Mage wielding a staff teasing him for oversleeping on his final day of training.

    Things continue to escalate, the water pixie warrens soon overrun by cyborgs, for finally the third shift, introducing the futuristic world, where a resistance group is fighting against a technocrat dictator, using technology to enslave the people. A short assault on a robotics factory later, they encounter Goblin Guards, now Armed with rifles and Grenades.

    The MC is captured, however, and he finds himself in a Jail, with his friends from all three worlds. It is from there he must craft a daring escape. This is the end of Act 1. I plan to make this and release that as a Beta version. It has everything the full game would have but is actually achievable as a Solo team within four months.

World Concept
  • Three distinct Worlds merging into one.

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