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Aug 18, 2020
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Nexus: a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

Shortly after waking up in a mysterious forest with no idea how they got there Caelim and his dog Concrete are encountered by Rei a mysterious woman who takes care of them and teaches them how to defend themselves.

After some time she decides it's time for them to go on their journey to get them back home... If only it was that simple..

Nexus is an isekai RPG that tells the story of our main protagonist “Caelim” and his dog “Concrete” as they try to find their way home while enduring the many battles and hardships he’s going to face on this journey. The game has the following features:
  • Choice system: as you go through the game there will be times when you must make choices, these choices will either positive or negative effects, give you certain items or even change the outcome of certain batttles so be sure to think carefully when given a choice.
  • Order turn battle system: the game has an order turn battle system kind of Final Fantasy 10, Trails of cold steel, Octopath traveller etc, this means that the ally or enemy's agility will determine who goes first and you will use an action the moment a skill is used.
  • Switch Party system: the game has a limit of 6 party members you can use in a battle even though you can gain
  • On map encounters: the game does not have random encounters. You can see the enemies on the map and they will chase you if get too close and the battle will start if the catch you.
  • Map travel system: you travel to different towns and dungeons by learning about their locations and then going to them on an actual world map.
  • Quest system: you gain quest from different characters that give you items, gold or experience.
  • Party skill system: different party members have different skills that will either help you in battle or traverse the world better.
  • Bonding system: you can bond with people in the game, doing so will give you access to traits, skills, items, more choices and even alternate cutscene outcomes.
  • Skill tree system: you learn skills by spending ability point (AP) obtained from battles in complex branching skill trees.
  • Encyclopedia system: you have an encyclopedia which contains knowledge you have acquired from the world such knowledge includes enemies, locations, characters, and history.


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Game contians graphic violence, major character death, suicide attemps, body horror and flashing lights
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