Mar 30, 2017
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For some reason the victory music stopped playing after battles, i have tried to disable all plugins and checked if the volume on the victory music is turned up but nothing works

The plugins i am using are:
Yanfly BatlleEngineCore
Yanfly ActionSequencePack 1, 2 and 3
Yanfly Taunt
Yanfly Savecore
Yanfly BattleStatusWindow
Yanfly BuffstatesCore
Yanfly TargetCore

I was working on my game for few hours when i suddenly realised that there is complete silence after every battle.

The things i remember doing are importing a few music files, updating the project to the latest version of RPGmaker and generally messing around in the database.

Update: Found out that no sounds from the ME folder will play in game but they work fine in the sound tester

Update update: Im an idiot, i had the ME sound effects turned down in options....

Please help!
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