Non-party member skills available in battle?


Jan 9, 2018
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Hi all,

So I was brainstorming a concept and I don't think their is anyway to accomplish it without a script of some kind. I would also be interested in other possible options but felt this was the best most likely place to post my question.

I have an actor who is not in the party but is the main character. They travel with the party, and are the face of the party for all story related things. They give the party commands in battle that aid the party members via buff like effects.

I am using SRD_PKM_TrainerSprite to allow the main character to walk around maps but this also prevents the main character from being part of the party which is fine because they hide behind their goons and never get attacked. A game over happens if all their allies die.

Is their a way to call an actors skills who is not in the party or perhaps hide an actor during combat and prevent them from being attacked?

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