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    Hello !  :D :D

    I am "noodels4life". I am currently requesting a plugin that puts a kind of Quest Log Overlay in the map, when the player walks around in the world. I'm currently using the "Game_Stailer94 Quest System" for my quests and its working out fantastically! But then I heard of the Vlue Quest System, which had a Quest Log Overlay. I've tried it but there has been some crashing problems and the plugin is outdated. So if anyone could help me, or make a Quest Log Overlay plugin, I would really appreciate that.

    Plugin Links:

    Game_Stailer94's Quest System : 

    Vlue's Quest System:


    Screenshot of Vlue's Quest System:



    Screenshot from Game_Stailer94 Quest System:


    Please notify or contact me if you plan on helping. I'm currently making a game that's going pretty well so far. But this Quest Log Overlay is a big thing I need in it. Thanks!
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