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Discussion in 'Game Ideas and Prototypes' started by Aspetra, Oct 31, 2018.

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    Greetings everyone,
    I have just finished putting the final touches on my tech demo for a potential game.

    This game is solely focused on delivering an game that has the look and feel that is reminiscent of the late 80's and early 90's of the console RPG, with current generation systems in place. (Ex; mini-games, collections, etc)

    I am basically looking to receive any feedback about current systems in place, art, music, and ideas.
    Once I feel satisfied of collecting all the useful feedback that I can, I will get to work on implementing what I can into the game, and then move on to the next step of story and database work.
    This is also in some ways, a recruitment demo.

    In this demo, there is just one town, and one dungeon with a boss at the end that will end the demo after being defeated.
    This demo is very story light, however the foundation work for the plot and main characters is in the demo. The NPCs in the town will lay down some of the premise of the potential story.

    Thank you to everyone that partakes in this demo test. Your time is very much appreciated.
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    Looks nice! I will check it out some time this week and let you know what I think. So far I like the visuals and this is from someone who didn't really play those old school RPGs.
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    Hello! I finally got around the trying this out.

    I write on notepad as things happen, so here it is in it's glorious rawness.

    Great menu!! Like the music so far!

    I just start out in the middle of nowhere with a full party? I know it's a tech demo,
    but some direction would have been good!

    Found the town. I like it so far!

    Not a fan of having to click to open a door

    I feel like the second floor to the inn should have stairs leading down, and that it
    is positioned odd. If your replicating an old rpg with this, then ok, but I think
    it would be better if it made more sense.

    NPCs in town block paths, like to doors. There are ways to make sure they don't wander in certain
    areas. Yanfly has something for this.

    The town looks great overall

    Made it to the dungeon. You can't sprint? And they are overworld enemies.
    This makes it the player's choice to pick a fight, so I don't understand the
    limitation. They don't even chase you.

    Izabella readies with a cane, but then uses a bow

    First fight seemed a little long vs 4 enemies

    Dungeon is really cool looking, a little dark for my tastes

    Second fight is vs a single bat, maybe my first fight vs 4 guys was an odd one lol

    So Daystar is clearly stronger than Jay. Jay has no magic. Daystar does. Seems a little
    unbalanced there. What is Jay bringing to the table? Jay literally does as much damage
    as Tika with a basic attack, and Tika is a mage I think.

    Ok maybe not, I don't understand the dmg calculations lol. I still feel Jay should be
    bring something more to the table. Lets look at the stat distribution...

    Daystar Jay Tika Izabella
    Atk 31 31 31 31
    Def 51 41 41 41
    Mattk 21 31 31 31
    Ddefense 21 21 21 21
    Agility 42 42 42 42
    Luck 42 42 42 42

    I decided to look at the stats. They are even across the board! Is this intentional?
    The only outlier was Daystar, but that's because he has a shield giving him an extra
    10 defense. I think our boy Jay needs some love with some skills or something!

    Spark > Fire... I think as a single target spell that costs the same, Fire should be doing almost double.
    Or spark should cost more! There is no benefit to casting fire unless I am exploiting a weakness,
    which I haven't found yet. Maybe the bats?

    Daystar does not need a cure spell, and I would argue he doesn't need Spark either. But that's up to you! I was just spamming spark with Daystar.

    The enemies don't really do anything interesting, they just attack. Give them some skills that make
    them unique! Plus, their attacks are fairly weak and don't pose much of a challenge.
    Currently they are just little HP walls that you have to kill, this will make the game
    boring quickly.

    On the upper right area of the map near the chest, I went behind a bat enemy and clicked
    him and he dissapeared. Is that intentional? Actually, the bat may be a she, idk! No other enemies I went behind and clicked vanished.

    Does Jay use an axe? Why does he prepare to attack with a sword, then swings with an axe?

    Leveling is slooooow

    Tika occasionally does awesome criticals...

    Not really going to comment story as this is a tech demo

    Boss was not a challenge (a first boss shouldn't be I guess) - he didn't do much.
    I think more HP might be better, as well as a higher attack. He doesn't need the additional bat enemies.

    I really liked it, the style, mapping, and music. Gameplay needs work. I think you spent a lot of time on the art, music, mapping, and style, but there is evidence here that the gameplay is lacking here, and I am willing to argue it is one of the more important features of your game, as it is literally the meat of it.

    If you want more advice or feedback, let me know! Also, if you update, let me know!

    I look forward to what you create!
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