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Nov 26, 2016
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Here is a quick tutorial on how to stop NPC(s) that run around without going outside the area you want them confined to. This can be a square, rectangle, or any shaped area. There are external scripts that can do this, but here is one way to do it without one.

Although this is created using VX Ace, it should work in any RPG Maker with regions.

Once you create your map you need to set up the regions that restricts the NPC(s).

Here is an example:

In the example, I want to keep all NPCs within the region 20 area and the boundries are 16-19.

Here is what I did and there may also be other ways to do it:

Items I use here:
1 variable
1 Parallel Process
1 Common Event
1 Script Command


Let me explain the steps in the above image:
First I get the ID of the NPC (3 in the example), then I set the Student Region to be the value of the region the NPC is standing on. I then create a condition that checks if the NPC is on the proper region (20 as mentioned above). When the NPC is on the proper region I will then have the NPC make a random move. If the NPC is off the proper region area, it then moves back on to the proper region.

Let me explain further about that. In the Region image above you saw that region 20 was surrounded by regions 16-19. Well, depending which region the NPC is on depends on how it is to move. That is the conditions listed undet 'else' in the example.

16 is above the area so to get back into the area it needs to move down. Yes, in some areas it could move left/right, but that doesn't matter because down will ALWAYS get the NPC back in the area. 17 is to the right of the area so the NPC reverses course and goes left to get back in. 18 NPC moves back up, and 19 it moves right.

If you have any questions, want further information, or noticed I missed something, let me know and I will respond. Also, I will upload a demo if someone would like to see this in action.

I hope this is useful to everyone.

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