Nun Mack Sprite by Deathspark

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    *Browses the forums* Really, wow...

    No nun mack sprites except if it's on RPG Maker VX only...? OH COME ON!

    (If there is, I must have been ignorant, but hey! I'm just posting my style of a nun, right? Whatever...)



    Here, to those who are using RPG MAKER VX ACE ONLY!

    (I've used some RPG Maker VX Ace stuff, so sorry whoever's using other than Ace...)

    Be sure to credit these if you do wish to use this sprite:

    Deathspark / Hahn (For my project + Any of you who needs it)
    Loose Leaf (For the base and clothing)

    Things I can edit upon request:

    1. Color of the robe (If you think black is bad)

    2. Hair (A little hard to notice, but if you want it to be noticeable, I can make it possible)

    3. A slight change in design? (Depending on my limitations, my art skillz are awful!)

    4. (UNECESSARY) As you can see, the design here has that, uh, white part on the nun? (I don't know, okay...)

    Mine doesn't have that white part, so if you want it, I can edit it in such a way, no problem!


    I hope some of you may find this useful, well, maybe...

    SIDE REQUEST: I have a .psd file of this, so just in case you really wanna edit it to your style, feel free to PM me, I'll pass it to you. :)
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