OcRam - Star Tile Fix plugin [v1.00 updated 2019/09/30]

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    All who have used larger than 1 tile sprites, have propably strugled with star (*) tiles. Star (*) tiles are ALWAYS drawn above characters even if character stands in FRONT of it.

    This plugin will fix star tiles Z index based on Y coordinates!

    For example large trees are usually marked with many star (*) tiles: If your big character is in front of tree then tree is BEHIND your big char!

    No configurations needed - This is plug'n'play plugin!

    For SUPER complex star (*) tiles and very BIG characters OcRam_Passages is recommended (like buildings which have irregular shapes and non-star tiles mixed with star (*) tiles).

    NOTE: Import this plugin below OcRam_Passages if it is used!

    Terms of Use
    Non-commercial: Free to use with credits to 'OcRam' for using this plugin.
    Commercial use: See details below
    License must be obtained BEFORE you start to DISTRIBUTE your game. Even if you obtain commercial license; copyrights still remain as they are. NOTE: If you gain money with your game by any means (crypto-mining, ads, purchase incomes, micro-transactions etc...) it is considered commercial use of this plugin!

    License types (licenses are per project):
    • Standard: 4.99 EUR - Paid in full (credits to ”OcRam” is required for using this plugin)
    • No credits: 39.99 EUR - Paid in full (credits not required)
    To obtain license:
    Mention which plugin license you want to purchase and your project name.
    PayPal link: https://paypal.me/MarkoPaakkunainen

    To obtain several licenses with discount: Each license purchased will reduce next plugin price by 2€ until minimum price of 2€ per license. Discounts can be used on any OcRam -plugin.

    After payment: I will send you verification e-mail that you may use this plugin commercially in project: [Your_project_name_here] with [license_type].

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