RMMV OcRam Time System Plugin - Increment time per step.


May 16, 2021
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Can someone give me an idea of how to increment the time per step with this plugin?
So for example, each step progresses time by 3 hours, which makes 8 steps a full day.
I don't want the time to progress in real life time, just when traveling on the map.

I've already got a system in place that tracks if the player moves, (Storing the steps, and comparing them to a variable). I think I have that set up right. I mean it could be wrong and it "just works".
I've attached an image of how I have it set up (as an aside, if I'm doing that wrong, please let me know).
I added an increase of the hours variable on it as well, but it doesn't actually work.

Ignore the "TravelSpeed" variable. I'm going to have the day progress at different rates based on it, which should give the illusion of traveling "faster" since the day would progress slower at a higher travel speed.

Thanks in advance!


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