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Discussion in 'Javascript/Plugin Support' started by VitaliaDi, May 5, 2019.

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    I'm trying to customize my in-game menu and I've finally gotten a good plugin that matches what I need: the OCS Menu plugin by Alanderson Zelindro da Rosa.

    I'm wondering what the file tab menu connects to. The item menu obviously updates when your inventory has an item added to it. I want to add files/images/items to the other section but I'm unsure how to do that.

    Has anyone else used this plugin and knows what files this "file" tab connects to? (File tab renamed to Recipes in the screenshots)

    Plus if you can tell me how to remove the HP bar, or at least the numbers. Though I assume that you need to edit the actual script for that and I'm not comfortable doing that.

    Image for reference:


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