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Multi-Language System Plugin v1.0.0
by Open Digital World


This plugin allows you to reference and translate all the texts of the game according to your needs. The texts are simply written in JSON files grouped in specific folders by language. The choice of the active language in the game is done only through the game options.

Important: This plugin is a full rewritten and extended version of the "Ignis - Text Database" plugin by @Raizen. Also inspired by some features present in the "DKTools Localization" plugin by @DK.

  • Add an option to choose the language of the game.
  • Is able to translate almost all texts in the system, including hardcoded texts in the RPG Maker MZ code (see comments here).
During a game play, go to the options to change the language by simply press or click on the languages option. The texts will be translated instantly.

1. Configure your plugin (consult the help of the plugin).

2. Create a folder in your game project and name it as set in the parameter <Languages Folder>. The name is case sensitive.

3. In this folder, create a folder for each of your language and name it as set in the parameter <Languages -> Language Folder>. The name is case sensitive.

4. In each language folders, create as many language files as you need, and declare them in the parameter <Languages -> Language Files>. The name is case sensitive, and the content has to respect the JSON structure.

5. Develop your game and for each text to translate, use the following form:
  • In the text field of the RMMZ editor: ${<text code>}
  • In the language file: "<text code>": "<text to display in the language>"
Don't forget to double escape your code like this:
  • \C[0] -> \\C[0] or \V[1] -> \\V[1]
You can also nest texts together like this:
  • "Text1": "My text"
  • "Text2": "My text 1 is ${Text1}" -> My text 1 is My text
6. You can also use the following functions as Script Call in your game:
  • ODW.MLS.getCurrentIndex()
  • ODW.MLS.getCurrentCode()
  • ODW.MLS.getCurrentLabel()


Terms of Use
This plugin is published under License MIT.

Special Thanks
Thanks to @Raizen for allowing me to extend his plugin and to publish a completely reworked version.

Download Link
ODW_MultiLanguageSystem.js (itch.io)

Update Log
v1.0.0 - 21.10.2021
- Initial release.

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