[Of Destiny and Fate] Recruiting members for work on ongoing project.


May 25, 2014
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I am currently looking for

  • Artists for concept art and replace RTP Sprites and Enemies (I'm looking to more closely match the descriptions from my story)
  • Composers for the game (includes themes, and ambience)
  • Level Designer to better construct towns and dungeons. (I'm looking to add more variance to already constructed levels and come up with ideas for puzzles)
  • Quest Writer to write scenarios for various side quests

The story takes place on Gaia, where magic is viewed by many as a taint. Many years before the Great War, a prophecy was told "The fabric of time, its guiding forces, and the world they govern will fall into disarray. The Chaos Complex, born to a daughter Sram and a son of Gaia, will be the edge to tear the fabric. Its hope, fear, and courage will find their place in this world."

This is story driven, turn-based RPG. I have written the story and designed the game by myself and look forward to adding many features that will enhance the world of Gaia and its history.

Now on to the features:

Quest System
Allows you to undertake side quests and tasks for items and gold.
As you complete quests, you gain Reputation that gradually allows you to take on more challenging quests.

Gives you the ability to harvest various materials (plants, minerals, etc) from nodes found around the world of Gaia.
Gathering from nodes awards you Gathering Experience which increases your proficiency in Gathering, allowing you to successfully harvest higher grade materials.

Uses the materials gained from Gathering or bought from various merchants and allows you create new items.
You learn new recipes or schematics for Crafting from books that can be earned from tasks or found hidden away.

Below are a video of some the game that has been completed and a link to the games Indie DB Page







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