Official KADOKAWA Base MV Character Sprites Download Information

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Mar 13, 2012
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KADOKAWA has made the base character sprites available for free download and use those who own registered copies of RPG Maker MV.

To get the free base character sprites download for RPG Maker MV do the following:

1.  Go to the Japanese MV website which is at this link:

You'll should see what is in Picture 1 when you get to it.

Picture 1.png

2.) Scroll down till you come to the part as indicated in Picture 2 in the page and click on the blue link box button, I also indicted in the Picture 2.

Picture 2.png

3.  You'll have a Japanese EULA pop up as shown in Picture 3.

You click the blue link box as indicted in Picture 3 at the end to download the zip file of the sprites.

Picture 3.png

A rough slightly paraphrased for clarity translation of the EULA is as follows:

Terms of Service

Use in other software including other Maker series is prohibited.

You may with out having a registered copy of RPG Maker MV to  distribute the material and modify the material and distribute the modified version for free.

However, if you want to release a game using that used this material in anyway you must own a registered copy of RPG Maker MV.

The selling of this material and of modified versions or the processing of it for material sales and the material for secondary distribution is prohibited.

Translation Notes: If your not clear about the 3rd term and the 2nd term  is basically saying you can't sell the material, or separate resources made with it.  (New sprites made from them for example.) This would also include a spiriting program and additions to programs to make RPG Maker MV sprites using them  given my understanding of the EULA.

You can still sell your game if you use them or a modified version of them in it as long as you own a registered copy of RPG Maker MV.
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Nov 15, 2012
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This is a tutorial, not a resource.  Tutorials have to be approved so I'll ask you to recreate this there instead of moving it.  I'll be locking this one.  Thank you.
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