One-Player Battle System V1.03

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    One-Player Battle System V1.03

    Tigurus Fay


    A small change to the original battlesystem of RMXP.

    Optimized to only work for one battler and in a "shoulder perspective'.

    It works just the same as the regular RPG Maker XP battlesystem but with a few tweaks!


    - The original battle system on shoulder-view. Giving it a more personal view for 1 player only





    How to Use

    To install this script:

    Open the Script Editor (F11)

    Put a empty line under the default scripts and above main.

    Copy and paste the script from the text file into the editor.

    Additionally, you can copy-paste the script from the Demo on the same place.

    Close the editor and enjoy!

    This script is likely to work with any other script with the exception of script directly changing the battlesystem.


    A demo and the script can be found here


    Please download the script from the link above.

    Credit and Thanks

    - Tigurus Fay

    Author's Notes

    Please advise on bugs and enjoy :)
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