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Aug 15, 2018
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One Room
(WIP title)
A short text-based game

this game will mention and tackle some issues such as suicide, illness, and depression. Please take caution when reading or deciding to involve yourself in this project.


“One Room” (working title) is a small, text and story driven game set in only one room, the player’s. You play as a social recluse who barricaded themselves in their house and only interacts with people through the computer. Through the period of 7 days, the entire course of the world changes depending on with whom you choose interact with.

The player character suffers from heavy depression. If they're surrounded by too much negativity, it might prematurely end the game. Likewise, being surrounded by positivity will increase the daily available events, enable the player to ship & accept gifts, as well as get awarded extra affection with the person you interact with.

(Planned) Gameplay features include:
  • A branching story with multiple endings - depending on which user you choose to interact with, the entire story changes
  • A branching dialogue tree - during chats, you get offered multiple choices which affect the relationship between you and the user, as well as your positivity
  • A positivity and affection system - if positivity/affection is high/low enough, special events which change the gameplay can get triggered
  • A unique gift system - after a certain number of days, you start to receive packages, or you can choose to gift your items!
  • Daily tasks - doing various activities around your room grants you extra positivity! Neglecting those activities causes continuous loss of positivity


The person you play as, a social recluse. They suffer from depression, and have succumbed to self-isolation within their house.

User "gunshoe"
A random internet user who decided to message you. They like hunting, noir dramas, and seem pretty cool. Choosing this user will cause the story to branch into the "zombie apocalypse" timeline.

User "nerdtastic51"
Another random internet user who decided to message you. They like documentaries and writing articles. Choosing this user will cause the story to branch into the "alien assimilation" timeline.

User "justanordinaryguy714"
The last random internet user. At first glance, they seem like an ordinary, boring person. However, there seems to be something off with them. Choosing this user will cause the story to branch into the "tragedy" timeline.

Potential story routes:
Note: the whole game takes course over a period of 7 days, not including day 0 (the start).
The story routes aren't fully planned out, but have a general outline and end plans which are up for change.

Zombie apocalypse - During this route, the world turns into a post-apocalyptic zombie planet within a week. At the beginning of the interactions, "gunshoe" will begin to feel paranoia and start linking medical scare articles. After a few days, there'll be news articles surfacing on the internet detailing a new illness on the rise. "gunshoe" will begin to panic and start shipping you a lot of things, until near the end the zombie apocalypse happens, cutting all contact.

Alien assimilation - During this route, there's two possible choices which I haven't settled on yet - the world experiences first contact with the aliens, and: either the world has a new industrial revolution, kickstarting the high-tech, sci-fi "Golden Age", or ends up being invaded.

Tragedy - Nothing otherworldly or apocalyptic happens, however the player speaks to "justanordinaryguy714", who has some real-world issues. This route would deal with some heavy topics, perhaps such as illness or suicide.

My roles

Currently, the things I am doing/will be doing are:
  • custom sprites
  • custom tilesets
  • most of eventing
  • part of writing
  • planning
  • custom art
Sadly I didn't have enough time before posting this thread to draw any custom art, as my drawing hand is kinda screwed up at the moment. :I I plan on implementing it later into the project, though.

Positions needed

  • Writers - although I have some experience with writing, I still need help in undertaking this project. Any writers willing to help, plan or write chat dialogues would be a godsend. Writers can contact me if they want to know more about each characters' personality, story details, or such, but are also allowed and encouraged to come up with their own ideas which can be incorporated into the game - provided we all discuss them, first.
  • Scripters and Eventers - this game's gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward, however, some help would still be needed and appreciated with inputting dialogue and some special systems - such as the gift and delivery system. Advice on how to better organize or event systems would be greatly appreciated as well. Currently the only plugin in use is Yanfly's Message Core. For any additional questions or specifics, feel free to PM me and I'll give you the details!

Skill trade
Note: please be aware that school is starting soon for me, so activity might suddenly drop!

I am willing to make graphical assets, backgrounds, sprites and some animations for you (I don't have much animation experience)! I'd also be willing to help in making some tilesets - it'd be great practice for me! I'd also offer my mapping skills, as I have some architecture knowledge, however I don't know how to parallax map. :(

PLEASE only ask for my skill trade if you'll be helping me with my project in the long run! Art takes me several hours to finish, so I have to be careful with how I allot my time.

If you're interested in helping:
Shoot me a PM or post down below in this thread! Please explain why you would like to help the project along, what skills you're offering and perhaps post examples. I'd like it if you used Discord to communicate, since I do most of my idea-refining and updates there. You'll get an invite to a Discord server dedicated to brainstorming and development of this project if you get accepted! c:
(I swear none of this is that serious, I just like being thorough sometimes).


If you have any advice, critique, or comments about the game, story, characters, or the thread itself, feel free to state your opinion!! ;v; I am a baby to the RPGMaker community, but really want to bring this game to life.

Extra credit:
  • Yanfly's plugins
  • Rabosion's icon bubbles and windowskin

Note: this is a small and not-entirely-serious project, made mainly for fun and the wish/need to create something! Don't expect anything too big when joining this, although I estimate it'll take at least about a month (maybe more) to finish the game with extra help. ^^

Thank you for your interest!! ^u^

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