RMMV One True King (Garbage AF)(Short Demo)

Discussion in 'Game Ideas and Prototypes' started by Ottolla, Jun 8, 2018.

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    Our hero, Heroine, has a dream telling her she is the "One True King."
    She gets a second option, then travels to the castle to claim her throne.
    Now, as King, she must make sure her kingdom is as happy and healthy as can be.​


    • Happiness - The happiness of your subjects will (eventually) make changes to your kingdom and world.
      Donation - The amount of money you donate to the church will give you more bottles, as well as special healing perks.

    • The main character, rename-able by the player, but default name Heroine, has a dream that states she is the One True King. She eventually sits on the Throne and becomes the King of Kingdom.
    • There are a number of staff in the castle that Heroine, as King, can use to help her make Kingdom a better place. They have fantastic names, such as Adviser, Guard Captain, Butler, Witch, and Treasurer.

    • Heroine - The player and the One True King. She is the One True King.
    • As the King, she must now work to make Kingdom a better place.


    • After having a dream, which told her she was the 'One True King', Heroine sits on the throne and becomes King. Now she needs to fix up her kingdom, grow the kingdoms wealth, and make everyone recognise her as ruler.

    • Kingdom has no ruler until Heroine shows up. She comes from Village, which is near Castle.





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    Heyas, I gave your demo a go, and I think I got to the end of the demo... Unless something broke. :kaoswt2: It's an interesting idea, but pretty barebones at the moment so I'm gonna go ahead and make some suggestions.
    There's not much to say here, since there's not much story at the moment. The main character (who I named MC, because I'm awesome at coming up with names :kaopride:) has a dream that tells her she's the one true king and apparently has no issues following the advice of said dream, and luckily for her the castle staff seems to believe in dreams as well. Hopefully you'll be adding to this, and explaining more of why MC's the one true king.

    The demo ended as soon as MC sat in the throne... I think. I say that because the screen stayed black, but I could still open the menu so I wasn't really sure if that was a mistake or if that was the actual end of the demo. It'd probably be a good idea to add in a little message that tells players that they've reached the end.

    Probably the weakest part of the demo. The normal battles were all against Slimes (except for one random Red Slime) and each battle came down to spamming Fire until the enemies were gone, and healing when needed. After the first three battles I was bored, mostly because with a single-party team there's a major limit on what I can do. It didn't help that MC missed half her normal attacks (I have amazingly bad luck in battles) so I had no incentive to do anything besides use magic.

    If you're gonna have battles in your game, you need to make sure they're fun and interesting for the player. It's hard to give advice without knowing exactly what you want the combat to be like, so maybe go look at your favorite rpgs and see how they made battles interesting. Though personally I don't think all games even need battles, consider using environmental puzzles to make exploring areas like the forest fun instead of battles.

    You may want to add the actual title of the game to the title screen. Some games can get away without having it if their backgrounds are iconic enough, but since you're using a default one having the title there would be good.

    The maps work well enough, I liked how the bottom walls (or lack thereof) was done. There were a few missing autoshadows on some of the maps though, so you may want to go through and double-check them. The map transfers were a tad annoying since the player's transferred onto the exit event for places, so they need to move forward and then go back if they want to leave right away. Just putting the player a tile ahead of that event would get rid of that annoyance.

    The entrance to the forest isn't obvious, which is a bit of an issue. I found it only after rubbing MC all over the rest of the trees, having either a path leading into it or the forest entrance set a tile back would really help the player look and realize where they should be going.

    There's also an issue with what is required to enter the forest. All the player needs is the Heal spell, but honestly the player will game over during the first fight if they don't pick up the equipment in MC's house and the fire spellbook. And since the player only knows about those if they're nosy and try clicking on everything (you'd be surprised how many people don't investigate), they may stop playing just because they feel the game's unfair. Having MC have to collect her equipment before leaving her house would fix that issue, and also help teach players that they should check out more than just chests in the game.

    Items and skills don't have descriptions, which makes it really hard to decide whether or not to use things. Flavor text is fun and can add a lot to the game's world by sharing random tidbits, but if you can't come up with any right now then just have basic messages like "+50HP" so the player knows how much the items will heal them.

    • Interacting with the chest in MC's house has an empty message box:
    • Blonde woman in starting village asks for Zolla Berries, but doesn't react when player has them in their inventory.
    • Can keep donating to the church even if the player has no money.
      • Easy-ish fix: Have a conditional branch that checks if the player has enough money before giving them the option to donate.
    Random thoughts that don't really fit into the other categories
    • Why would the player ever pay to stay at the inn in the castle town when the church will heal you completely?
    • Mushrooms near the Mystic can be picked before her asking MC to do it, which seems odd since they just disappear... Why would MC pick any before the Mystic says anything?
    • Was there a shovel somewhere? The covered hole in the forest mentioned needing one, but I don't recall seeing any shovels around.
    Overall, I'm curious to see where this game goes, but I think you need to do some major thinking on what mechanics you want to have. Good luck!
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    I like the feel of the maps already. Also I thought her name was 'Heroin' at first, which would be quite an edgy name for a heroine.

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