Opening multiple projects at the same time in Linux

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    Opening multiple projects at the same time in Linux

    Hello there. In this tutorial, I will explain how to have two or more MV Projects open at the same time. I thought this tutorial would be useful for Linux users, since the procedure is a bit more complicated than in Windows.

    PLEASE NOTE: This has been tested on Linux Mint 18.1, and it may or may not work on your distro. The procedure should be similar for Ubuntu or Debian like distros, but I have no idea about the others. Also, I have only tested it with the Steam version, although it should be very similar for the non-steam version.

    Okay, let's begin

    -RPG Maker MV (obviously)

    -Two or more projects (Also pretty obvious)
    -A decent file manager (Nemo is highly recommended)

    Okay, let's begin

    STEP 1 - Open the first project just as usual
    You can do it as always. In my case, I usually use the folder button in the toolbar

    STEP 2 - Go to the directory of the other project
    It should look like this:

    STEP 3 - Right Click Game.rpgproject -> Open With -> Other Application
    In the Screenshot, I have RPG Maker as an option, but because I have configured it before. You should not have it there yet

    STEP 4 - Select RPG

    This may be a tricky step; After Step 3, a windows with a huge list of apps will appear. But RPG Maker will not be there (It may be in the screenshot, but just because I added it before,as I said)
    So, none of those apps will do the job; You'll have to click the folder button and search for the sh file of RPG Maker by yourself.


    Now, you'll first have to go to the directory where the sh is located. For Steam users (Like me), it should be in the following path:

    /home/<USER>/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/RPG Maker MV

    <USER> Should be replaced with your username

    When you are already in the directory, scroll all the way down until you find the sh file. Then select it and click "OK"


    Finally, you can set it as default and/or add it to the list (Highly recommended) and open it. It should open in a new window, and not close the other project :)

    That was all, I hope this was useful for you. If you have any questions or problems, just leave a comment and we'll try to fix it :)



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