Dec 30, 2012
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Hey everyone,

Wondering about this for my own game, but imagining that it might be useful for some others with lengthy cutscenes as well!

Essentially, I'm trying to figure out the best way to allow players to skip a lengthy conversation or cutscene that they may have seen before. The first thing I attempted was to use Yanfly's ButtonCommonEvents to bind a key ('C') to a Common Event that would universally skip to a label in any event entitled 'Skip' - unfortunately, the problem I've encountered is that Yanfly's plugin only works when the player is in control of the character, i.e. on the map - I'm guessing that when the game is drawing a message box, it is otherwise suspended, and custom button bindings through a plugin cannot function.

However, I still love the simplicity of using a label-skipping common event so that I can simply use the label of 'Skip' wherever I want to throughout the game. Is there any way I can do this? Or a better way? Or is it all just a no go when message boxes and/or event actions are in motion to interrupt with a key press?

Thanks as always for your thoughts and help!


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Jul 2, 2014
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What I do is I use Yanfly's Message system, which allows you to hold down SHIFT to speed up all messages. Now, it does not speed up move routes, so a cutscene sped up this way may look at little weird (characters out of place), but it does get you through them quicker.

Otherwise, all I can think of is to give the players a prompt asking if they wish to see the scene before it starts? I know some ps2 games used to do that (Disgaea and such). May need to make choice 1 a dummy choice though so that people don't button smash into a choice before they see it. As in:

Choice 1: Blank (loop back to the choices)

Choice 2: Yes

Choice 3: No

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Worked on a cutscene skip domino effect using Maker Systems' script as the basis. Basically if I have a batch of cutscenes in a row on different maps, now when you skip one cutscene it will skip the entire set. No more spamming X to skip a scene every new map.

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