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Apr 20, 2019
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Hey Game Makers,

This post includes Tools/Plugins the will help you Organize your RPGMV Folders or the MV Engine to make it easier for you to find or call specific files. I will add a bit more info in some of them since this is a very base need for every 'MV' Game Dev. enjoy!

Note: I myself still looking for more tools the can help with 'Organize' MV project, if you know any please comment or PM me, thanks. In that's said here is the list...

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Plugin_Dividers (A-Z Organize) [Direct]
• A set of 'dud' plugins to help users and plugin creators keep their work organized.

This plugin does not change the order of the plugins in the Plugin manager himself! you can put them in the 'plugin manger' up or down as you wish (so no problem with putting
plugins in the Plugin manager in order require for dependencies plugins).

What this plugin pack does is empty plugins 'A-Z' the help you see the plugins in the 'Plugin list' in an 'A-Z' order, which makes it easier to find a specific plugin when looking to install it.

AP_Folders Plus [Direct]
• Allow you to create multiple folders to put your enemies, faces, character sets, side view battlers, Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies, Customizable note-tags, Change Actor Graphic+Battler and more.

Package Manager [Site]
This Tool Allows you to install or uninstall assets (generator parts, music, tilesets, etc.) in packages.

Eli Database Organizer
• Assigning values by name: Adds a method of assigning, returning, and checking values of various data/objects of the Rpg maker MV through their names and not just by ID.

• Currently supported: Actors, switches, variables, classes, items, weapons, armors, skills, enemies, troops, equipment types, states, common events, armor types, weapon types, skill types, maps, and events. For more info
click here.

- Organize Resource ($) -

Asset Manager 2.0 ($6.50)
help you organize all your files

- Quickly and easily associate keywords to individual assets or select multiple and add keywords to all selected.

- A quick search bar at the top for each asset type to narrow down the list of assets to look through

- No moving/deleting of original asset files, the system makes copies of each asset and stores them within its folder for the system to quickly access the files

- Quickly preview image assets, listen to audio assets within the system and watch video assets through the system

and way more...

- Organize Resource 'Ideas' -

Create a main folder for:

- Plugins
- Tileset Indoor
- Tileset Outdoor
- Animation/Effect
- Animals
- Enemies
- Menu
- Background
- Audio
- Tools (others)
and more...

And then create sub-folders include:

Plugin the help for a specific topic/category (Dev, Lag-fix... TItle, Menu, Map, Event... Movement, Actor Frames, Party...)

2. Tileset categories + for specific Aera (Home, Town, Forest, Cave, Beach...).

--- For more ideas on how to Organize your resources check this post.

- Organize Writing Ideas -

Use one of the following tools to Organize your Writing (Story-NPC Dialogue, Events+):
- Google drive Excel
- Notepad /
WordPad / Microsoft word (pay)
- Xmind map
Visual Studio (It's a tool to write codes/programs, however, you can also use it to write ideas/ dialogue/plugins and more)
- Trello
Celtx 'Scriptwriting' (pay)
- physical 'notepad' and a pen (if you like writing on a physical copy other then a digital one).
- For more Tips/Ideas of how to Organize your Writing, Check the following post.

*** And as always, let me know if is any other plugin/tools you think I missed, I will check AS SOON AS I CAN and add it to the list.

Happy Game Making,

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