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Apr 4, 2012
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After many years on the RPG Maker community, I've finally decided for a project that I can share for public. This game title won't be disclosed to public to prevent future copyright or whatever intellectual property that might arise. I'm working this on my own with something like up to 12 hours every week, so I'm trying to keep it minimal with a lot of RTP content and the smallest amount of custom resources possible. I'm also composing this thread to be the reference for any other thread I make asking for help.

Dan wants to be an adventurer just like his father so he decides to leave home one day and join the mercenary guild. His father died on the job and that is a reason why the people of his town doesn't like the idea too much... He will have to learn about being an adventurer and the motives of others that are mercenaries but don't do it just for fun. The kingdom is at peace but every now and then problem arises and is the job of the adventurers and mercenaries to solve everything related to epic monsters and incredible foes. What will be the destiny of Dan and his newly found guild mates?

What can you expect?:
- Traditional fantasy plot and setting with no major extended universe
- Linear progression
- Grind
- Strategy and tactics
- Progressive enemy difficulty, including attack patterns
- Dungeon exploration and survival: I'm trying my best to do stuff like Golden Sun and the Legend of Zelda, most dungeons won't have a safe area until reaching the middle of them.
- Waifu and THOT free

Games that have inspired me for this project:
Lunar Legend, Granblue Fantasy, Final Fantasy Tactis Advance 1 and 2, and Golden Sun.

Project Features:
- Guild system: Recruit different characters over the course of the story by fulfilling specific quests and conditions, all of them with unique classes (I mean, there is no other playable character with that class) that can help you build a strategy for every part of the game. Get extra benefits by interacting with them when they are not on your party. (The total is 12 characters, 1 starter, 5 from which you can pick 3 on the start, and the rest are available via exploration).
+ Talk to follower: you can interact with the second character on your party to trigger certain quests and opportunities (you will know when they are available).
- Note that you won't be able to change the entire party on the go but there will be a place to do this on every town.
- Yanfly Standard Turn Battle: I feel this is more interactive and dynamic than the default.

Planned game lenght:
- The story outline is ready consisting of 6 chapters that include 4 different villains and 10 bosses. I won't be disclosing much details about this. I'm still working the the total amount of subquest but I'm trying to keep it minimal since as now, this is a solo project.

Features being adapted, developed, and being considered:
- Menus and UI: Right now I'm working with barebones RTP but that is because I changed the game resolution to 480x720 I plan to work on vertical mobile resolution because that is my taste (I've mostly played Handheld and mobile RPG's on my life)...
- Summons: Bosses that you defeat and specific spirits of nature can be summoned via a command in battle with a specific cooldown or cost. This might take too long to implement so I might skip it.

Barebones thread starting screenshots:
Here you can see how the menu and battle system will look like, but obviously this is not finished at all, I'm planning to solve that as priority and then I'll keep working on eventing the first chapter. You can also see that I'm using mostly RTP with some Pandamaru and Indrah edits. I tried to use a 50% scale down bbcode but it seems that it doesn't work with this forum script.

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