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Apr 13, 2013
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=wow l was walking like a fortnite character on my last game but on this game im zooming like theres no tomorrow, prob a bug on my end though all animations are way faster than they should be*fixed it was my 240hz screen
=your skills are all into subsections, put them all together and if you really have 6+ skills later in the game into each section then its obviously too many* yeah its annoying to change between the sections
=clicking should end battle on loot screen, doesnt work atm
=should just name debuffs immune instead of resist, resist usually means you missed
=user sprite no longer there after using dusk hunter
=crits do too much damage on player a bad string of unlucky crit can kill you without being able to do anything
=where to go on boat need to be clearer, l could go on tons of invisible walls
=l feel like l dont want to use the 20% crit buff because l feel like its a waste of a turn, either instant with mana cost or increase crit chance* nevermind the upgrade does exactly that
=on gremelin, youre still on the boat yet battle scene is on the ground
=boss was too easy again because crits are too high, all l need is a double 1k crit to drop his hp to half while my mage do a weak attack for 180 damage
=the problem with upgrade skill is im going to be strong only against one type of enemy or l keep using the same upgraded skill over and over and 15 mp skills are useless and l might just use an item at this point
=some skills seem to be very imbalanced, l upgraded fully the charge skill thinking full hp enemies would take a lot of damage but it barely does anything with a 3 turn cd like wtf while mana wrath can do up to 2k damage with no cooldown/crits
=prob need an auto save before dragon if l didnt 1 shotted it l would have to do 30 mins of play back
=will do part 2 when l have more time


Jul 31, 2019
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Hi lolshtr, thanks for your feedback! I'll check out the video when I have some more time, but I'll address your points now
  • Yeah, if you have a higher hz monitor I recommend using the sync FPS option in the options menu
  • By sections do you mean the different skill types, like skill vs magic vs soul? If so, the section is intentional so players always know what skill type they're using, and also, keeping every skill in one section results in annoying lists to scroll through
  • Nope, mouse click does not work; it says on the screen to use the keys to exit the end battle scene
  • 'Immune' doesn't fit the number spreadsheet with the game font and size :3 I'd have to enlarge the whole sheet and change the size of everything
  • That's, uh, that's odd haha. I haven't changed that skill for a few updates. I'll fix that!
  • Critical hits only deal 180% compared to the engine default of 300%. If you find yourself dying to critical hits, check your states. A critical hit on a character with defense break or brand will hurt
  • The boat can only be left on docks; not on shorelines
  • Yes, the critical buff skills can be upgraded to be instant-use :)
  • Gremlin isn't meant to be a hard boss to be honest, just a mini boss to make sure players are paying attention to combat mechanics thus far. If you found Gremlin easy, then it means you're using your team efficiently, so yeah, I reward players for that :p
  • For the upgrade skill, I'm going to assume you mean upgrading Mara's elemental skills. You can upgrade them in any order and don't need to fully upgrade one element before moving to another. So you can learn Fire Blast then Light Strike then Flare if you want. The first tier spells have a higher status effect chance, and you may need to use them later if enemies start increasing your mana costs...hint hint
  • The tackle-ram-charge skills deal damage based on target current health. The upgrades do not change the damage formula; only reduce the cool down. The upgrade benefits are listed on the bottom right when you're in the learn skills scene :) As for Mana Wrath, yes, it's powerful. Squall has the highest damage output of the whole party if used properly
  • You can save almost anywhere in the game (excepting a few dungeons). I only had save reminders in the earlier parts of the game; I didn't want players to feel like I was holding their hand for too long
  • Also, just adding, if you are defeating Lyla in 1 hit... you are way more powerful than intended at that point in the game lol! I'll have to keep that in mind, as chances are, you were also much stronger than intended for the Gremlin fight too.
Thanks again for your feedback; it'll help me find where I need to better explain things to players. I'll check out the video when I have some spare time

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