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Sep 9, 2012
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Character name: Gyaru Banchou Onee-sama

Age: Early 20s.

Likes: Nice and decent people.

Dislikes: People who do bad things.

Weapon: Muscle.

About your character: A very attractive and fearsome delinquent. She has never lost a fight, regardless of who she went up against, be it other delinquents or even the yakuza. Her popularity skyrocketed shortly after she transferred into her current high school. At first, some students idolized her for her looks, then for her strength. She quickly conquered the school after easily defeating the former boss of the school and her local yakuza lackeys. There isn't a student who doesn't fear her.

However, she couldn't careless about that. Her goal was never to conquer the school or rule over anybody. She transferred only to protect her dear little sister, who was being bullied by her classmates. Now that the entire school is under her control, she can easily make her sister her "special henchman", so that no one picks on her anymore. Her sister is the most precious person to her, and she would go to the end of the world to protect her. Even if that means discarding her former manhood.

Yes. She is actually a man. He felt helpless because he couldn't do anything to protect his sister, as she goes to an all-girl high school. Being black belt in Kyokushin, fighting delinquents isn't a problem for him. However, it took a lot of effort for him to create this disguise. Luckily, he has a perverted girlfriend who is a professional makeup artist to help him. Unfortunately, one day after dining out, the three of them were hit by a truck, driven by a hitman hired by the former banchou to kill him. They were isekai'ed and revived by a kind goddess with no underwear named Aqua who took pity on them. They then live in the new world together in peace.


- Ultimate defense: His skin is as hard as steel. It's impossible to hurt him.
- One-inch punch: punch an opponent at close distance, stunning them with great pain.
- Roundhouse kick
- Back kick
- Spinning back kick
- Spinning back fist
- Flying knee
- Neck strangle
- Hook punch
- Flying arm bar
- Flying double kicks
- No shadow kicks
- Double side kicks
- Fiery uppercut
- Hammerfist
- Throat punch/kick
- Attack power increases 10 fold after taking his shirt off.
- Attack power increases even more if he screams while attacking.
- Attack power increases even further if he's enraged.
- Ultimate attack: fire an energy wave from his hands, capable of destroying a mountain.

Credits for users to use your work: Me?



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Jul 2, 2019
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Character name: Zavig

About your character:

Zavig is the leader of the Mystic Zealots, a small team of elite warriors who defend their home kingdom from monsters. Zavig gained the title "Dragon Knight" for his ferocious, aggressive fighting style. He wields a scythe known as "Talon" and leads by example, charging headfirst into battle and slaying enemies mercilessly. His fellow Mystic Zealots have adopted the following battle strategy: if Zavig is around, hang back and clean up what's left.

This reckless fighting style doesn't come without consequences: Zavig is constantly straining the resident healers' resources due to all the damage he takes, and his eagerness for battle often means that the team finds themselves in battle before they have properly assessed the situation. Luckily, Zavig's pure brute force always sees them through.

Skills (if any): Tear, Reap, Dual Attack, Twin Slice

Credits for users to use your work: KV_Kingdom

Tools you used: MZ Character Generator

Note: Zavig's no-helmet battle sprite would not upload for some weird reason, so that version is in a zip file.

Click here to play the short boss rush game featuring Zavig and the Mystic Zealots


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