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Feb 23, 2012
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Submit your entries here! For rules and discussion of the contest, please look here!


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Jul 1, 2019
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Ultio is currently on his way to becoming the head knight in the kings army. He has excelled at every test, won in every battle and he's only 18 years old... However he has a dark secret that he's hiding.

"I came from a loving family, we didn't have much but we were happy living in the small village of Brooksdale at the edge of the kingdom. We started hearing rumors that the king was taking bribes from neighboring kingdoms to get rid of settlements on the edge of our kingdom, so that they could expand their own borders... But these were just unfounded rumors, or so we thought.

One day a caravan showed up in our town offering gold to anyone who would relocate to a different city, now most people in our village had never even seen a gold coin, much less had the opportunity to own so many. Nearly everyone had accepted the offer, aside from my father and a few other villagers. They tried to convince the rest of us but we decided that we would not be bought, this was our home.

A week or so had past and we thought that was the end of it. I had gone into the forest to scavenge for some food, I wasn't gone for more than a few hours before I saw it. A huge black cloud of smoke billowing into the sky... I knew exactly where it was coming from. By the time I had arrived it was too late, the village was torched and bodies lay strewn across the ground. I ran home with a small sliver of hope held deep within me, but that hope was ripped out when I saw them, lying lifelessly on the floor. With nowhere left to go, I just started walking.

I soon began to hear stories just like mine. other nations borders slowly grew and more bodies piled up. No one was able to get near the king and anyone who spoke out against him vanished without a trace. Life looked hopeless for many in our kingdom. That's when I decided... I'm going to kill the king.

I took on a different name, Ultio, and I trained everyday until my body couldn't move anymore. I risked my life fighting whatever and whoever I could just to get stronger. Eventually I was recruited into the kings guard and I began climbing the ranks, now the rank of head knight is finally within my grasp.

Head knight stands at the kings side at all times, I'll need only to draw my dagger and plunge it into his chest. Soon I'll be able to relieve these people from the rule of an evil tyrant, I only need to bear this burden for a little longer."

Due to his many years training and living alone in the dangerous forest, Ultio's survivor skills have been sharpened to near inhuman levels giving him an increased chance to dodge critical hits from enemies.

Consumed by his insatiable desire for revenge, Ultio has a small chance to retain 1 HP when hit with a fatal attack.

When battling members of royalty or the kings guard, Ultio's anger takes over and gives him a 10% boost to his attack.





Materials/ Credits: RPGMMV​
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Sep 29, 2018
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Character Name: Prince Valoros


Prince Valoros is the Youngest of three brothers Destined to Lead his Fathers Army of Demons against the earth!

Only the most cunning and truly devious can lead An Army of Demons against Earth. Prince Valoros will be that Leader
at all costs.

First he must find a way to Kill His Father and Have his other Two Brothers Destroy themselves in the process. In this world
of kill or be killed there is no other way.

Each Faction of this Sub hell allows for him to have many minor demons under his command. Once a millenia his royal Lineage
meets to ensure that Order is being kept . They meet on the surface to minimize the possibility of Fights breaking out in the

Prince Valoros Is positive he has no Weaknesses... That is until He Meets This one... Fragile human Girl!
Mind Control: His secret ability he kept to himself since birth. Even his Father has no idea!
Blood Magic.: His whole familys lineage uses blood to perform magic acts like Creating Fire Damage.
Meta Morph: He can change certain organism as he sees fit. Usually a dog into a Blood Hound.
vloroswalk.png valoros-damage.png valoros.png


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Jan 6, 2013
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Raya (& Jezerath)

Her thrilling backstory:

Raya is the guildmaster of the Raucous Racoons, a ranger-only guild that specializes in trapping and bowwomanship. But she harbours a terrible and deadly secret...she's not a ranger! In fact, she only set up the guild so people would hunt meat for her!!!

Emblem of the Raucous Raccoons
Her true identity is that of a lost princess of a faraway kingdom. Or she used to be, before she wandered off and the kingdom fell into ruin; so basically, this point is moot.

Other than her glaring personal issues, she truly yearns for love, and found it in Jezerath. He's everything she wants: he's strong with an iron grasp and impenetrable armor. He's gentle when he needs to be, and he is always by Raya's side. She loves Jezerath, as much as any woman could love a stag beetle.

Jezerath. Isn't he just the most beautiful stag in all the land?
Raya is also the third strongest member of the Ten Fingers, a organization of guildmasters that call upon each other's expertise to defeat enemies or do tasks too difficult for any one guild. Usually this entails one of the weak guilds being targeted by some rich dude, and Raya or one of the other guildmasters going down to beat them up.
Special skills:
Stag's Leap: Raya leaps into the air and lands on her enemy, stabbing them with Jezerath's pincers. It probably hurts, but she hasn't hit anyone with this ability yet. You call it a bad ability, she calls it potentially okay.

Meat Storm: Raya eats a lot of meat and gains energy. Just enough to head to her hammock and nap.

Seven Point Fist: Raya targets seven pressure points on the enemy's body in order to disable them and render them paralysed for hours. She doesn't aim to kill...but sometimes it happens.

Nap: Raya regains moderate energy. Okay, only a little energy.

Sprite set:

The rest of the sprite set (battler & down)


Video + extra spritesheet:
Jezerath the Stag Beetle spritesheet (handcrafted by the talented @Nirwanda )


Opening to Raya's very own game:
(Coming soon...)

Credits/Use Conditions/Materials:
-Graphics aid from Amysaurus
-Game graphics from Pandamaru, Archeia_Nessiah, Whtdragon, Avery, and Fuffydud
-Game music by the ever-talented ThatMaestroGuy
-Spritesheets and Face by NPC (C'est moi!). Can be edited for personal use only. All created resources can be used commercially with credit.
Walking sprite created with Asesprite and finished with GIMP2
Face created in Clip Studio Paint
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Feb 4, 2013
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Alright y'all, you ready for this guy? You better be.
The two town guards Chuck and Ellie were at a loss. The man standing before them had not one, but two massive shields. He didn't seem particularly aggressive, but they had to be clear; there was simply no way he would enter the governor's ball.

"Sorry, pal, can't let you in without an invitation" shrugged Chuck. "Head on down to the market, I hear the strawberries are coming in."
The unusual man just kept staring at them, his small, beady eyes unblinking. His stupid grin just wouldn't go away.

"Look, buddy, we can't have you standing here scaring off people. Just walk away."

Unbeknownst to Chuck and Ellie, the odd man had made up his mind long before he even met them. The governor was rumored to have a pet parrot, and the odd man really wanted to see it. There were so many questions that needed an answer. Was the parrot rose-breasted? Scarlet? Lilac crowned? The odd man simply had to know.

"Alright, I'll just tell you one last-"
The odd man suddenly hid behind his two shields. Chuck and Ellie exchanged glances, and raised their spears.

The odd man lunged forward. Within seconds, Chuck and Ellie were out cold, having been beaten and battered unconscious. Now, where would a rich man keep a pet bird...?

"Peekaboo" is an odd fellow. Not a hero, nor villain, and barely sentient. He pops up every now and then, following whatever wondrous whims catch his fancy. He doesn't really understand how combat works, or what he is supposed to do in a large party of travellers. Instead, he hides behind his two massive shields when exposed to danger, only to pop out and smack his opponent to smithereens as he yells the only word he knows.

What a delightful weirdo.
  • Shield Mastery: If fighting an opponent who wields a shield, Peekaboo gains a significant boost to physical damage and critical chance. (He knows all about shields. No one can out-shield him.)

  • Hide: Peekaboo hides behind his dual shields, entering a guard state and allowing him a boost of speed for the upcoming turn. (Whether he does this to actually cover himself or because he likes to play is a mystery in and of itself.)

  • PEEKABOO!: A double attack that gets a massive damage bonus if Peekaboo is the first to act that turn. (He doesn't really understand what shields are supposed to do, so he just bashes people over the head with 'em.)

  • Lackluster: Peekaboo has a heightened resistance to mind-altering effects. (Emotions are complicated. Peekaboo isn't.)


Made by standard parts and slightly edited with Photoshop.
I give my explicit permission for anyone to use/modify/release alone/sell this character as part of any RPG-maker project.
I'd appreciate a heads-up though, it'd be fun to see how he's implemented.


The Dragonbirb
Mar 20, 2018
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Character Name: Jonesie

Personality: Jonesie is an intelligent (and androgynous) girl with a mythology obsession. She knows a great deal about science, literature, and fantastic creatures, but not much about people. She is generally quiet unless those around her are speaking of something in which she is interested (the subject of dragons can keep her going for hours). Large crowds frighten her, as do authority figures. She has a hard time speaking her mind to employers, parents, and such, even if they ask her to, and she becomes paralyzed by fear if asked to enter a bar or club alone. Strangely enough, she has no fear of many things that terrify others, gleefully handling spiders and snakes, which she finds cute. Her greatest fear is that she may someday go blind or be otherwise crippled, but she doesn't let that thought prevent her from doing things some of her childhood friends and former coworkers have termed "absolutely insane," such as practicing parkour and using herself as a guinea pig for science experiments (both of which have contributed to the scars that cover her from head to toe).

Background: Jonesie grew up feeling unwanted. Most of the people in her hometown called her a weirdo and shunned her for her obsession with myths and unsafe science. Her parents tried to be supportive, but her father was rarely around and her mother got on much better with her younger sister, whom Jonesie resented. The tension between Jonesie and her mother grew greater and greater as Jonesie grew older, culminating in an argument in which her mother yelled at her that she wasn't allowed to have opinions or friends that her parents didn't approve of. That night, Jonesie ran away from home and never looked back. Her only regret is that she was unable to bring her cat with her.

Jonesie wandered alone for some time, honing her martial arts and parkour skills. After an incident involving a lava lamp, a lemon, and a mix of chemicals she refuses to name, she found herself slowly developing an initially confusing set of powers. These powers grow stronger by the day, granting her the ability to control the laws of physics themselves at the expense of her sanity. As her abilities grow, Jonesie experiences progressively stronger anxieties, mood swings, and hallucinations.

Not too long after her bizarre accident, Jonesie fell in with a group of oddball adventurers. These people actually value her odd knowledge and reckless tendencies, and maybe with their help she can find a way to stabilize the results of her accident...

Weapon Proficiency: Jonesie is proficient with the quarterstaff, sai, and katana, but she fights best when unarmed. She is also proficient in parkour, allowing her great freedom and mobility.
Reality Warp: Physics warps to her will. This may be as simple as giving her the ability to store the force of impact when someone punches her, only to boost the damage of her own retaliatory strike, or as complex as negating the "normal force" of an object to allow it to phase through other items. She may fly by manipulating gravity, apply great pressure to change raw materials into gemstones, draw ferrous metals towards her by willing herself to become magnetic, cause small arcs of electricity to leap between her hands, walk on water by making herself buoyant, or even release the nuclear forces between subatomic particles, causing an object to detonate like a bomb. The potential of her powers seems to be as great as the uses of the word "force"...
Rhetoric: While she doesn't talk much, Jonesie is good at analyzing the choice of words and symbols by those around her. If necessary, she can use this to figure out exactly what to say to someone to get what she wants from them, whether that's a small lie to get them to leave her alone with her latest book, or a perfectly crafted insult to drive them into a berserk rage.
Animal Friendship: Her studies in science have taught Jonesie how to read the behaviour of animals, as well as how to handle them without hurting the animal or herself. In addition to this, she just plain loves animals. Jonesie has a high chance of making friends with canines, felines, birds, snakes, and mythological creatures when she encounters them, and prefers their company to that of most people.


Credits and Materials:
Hiddenone and Whtdragon for the eyes
Rhino for the gauntlets and the hat without shadows
Hiddenone for the bangs and main outfit
Bokuo for some of the scars
Hiddenone for other scars
The rest is RTP, although I used a couple colours (I have Photoshop) that aren't in the RTP gradient for the hair and such.


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Mar 28, 2019
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Character Name: Aiko Yumari


Aiko is a honest, friendly and warm person.
She can sweet-talk anyone into doing anything and she's not the easiest to trick.[/SPOILER]

She was an assassin until she got captured by a gang of thugs, after she escaped, she noticed how being an assassin was nothing more than just killing people so she decided to help others with her abilities and goes around the world JUST helping people.

Stealth: Sneaking past opponents and video cameras.
Magic Control: She can put fire, lightning, water and other types of magic into her katana blade.
Blade Change: She can change the material of her blade to chain, metal and wood instead of just stone. (which is her usual material.)


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Sep 9, 2012
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Aveal Maroon Turniga
Aveal was born on 66 P.D. on the island of Hokulu, Vamapiko[1]. She was raised by her single father, Haku for the first 13 years of her life. However, watching her grow up, Haku realized that Aveal was destined for great things, so he made the difficult choice to send her away to the isl and of Invuk so she may live in the big city of Aqandatunda[2] with her aunt and uncle, Aluuka and Aluq respectively, while he himself saves up to join them.

In Aqandatunda, Aveal became an employee of her aunt and uncle's delivery business along with her younger cousin, Tuuka and became best friends with the local outcast, Mona, who she loves like a little brother and sister respectively. Delivery packages all day to different houses across a big city, Aveal grew a penchant for drawing maps and became a passionate cartographer, one of the first of her kind.

After delivering a mysterious package to one of her even more mysterious neighbors, Aveal and her friends and family began being stalked by a series of unsavory characters. Embarking on a quest to unravel the mystery, uncover a conspiracy and of course, map out the elusive countryside beyond the cities borders, Aveal has had an eventful life.

Aveal is bright, intelligent, sincere, studious, kind, cheerful and caring. As writing was recently invented around her arrival in Aqandatunda, she became an early adopter and began to use her money to collect books as they were released, gaining an impressive book collection. She's particularly interested in mythology and cultures and uses her adventure as an excuse to write down the fading culture from the small towns and villages that litter the countryside of Invuk in order to help preserve their histories. Though very polite and friendly, she can take a sarcastic sense of humor with her loved ones, particularly her uncle. Like her uncle, Aveal was quick to adopt to the more busybody lifestyle of Aqandatunda, as they didn't quite fit in with the laid-back and carefree life of Hokulu.

She's a pacifist by nature - a trait quite common in Hokulu culture - and tries not to hurt others if she can and always tries to discuss matters through words rather than fist if she can.

  • Physical prowess: As a Hokulu native, Aveal is naturally very hardy and physically strong, which has only been improved due to her outdoors job. She rarely uses her power to hurt others though, and instead mostly uses it to carry heavy objects.
  • Fencing: As every resident of Aqandatunda is required to take at least some combat training, Aveal has learned a fair amount of fencing and other swordsmanship. These skills no doubt helped her defend herself when the thugs began to harass her and her friends and family.
  • People skills: However, Aveal's greatest strength is her ability to make friends, even out of enemies. Her sincere kindness and compassion, even to those who wronged her has allowed her to stop violent situations before they even happened and befriend groups of baddies.
  • Cartography: Being a deliverer of goods and eventual explorer, Aveal developed a knack for making detailed maps of her surroundings, this helped her not only not get lost, but develop a real passion for cartography and allowed her to go on even more adventures as she grew older.
  1. Hokulu is an island in the Vamapiko Federation of Somewhat Federated and Unified Islands, under the Semi-Figurehead Monarch, Hufu'aloli.
  2. Aqandatunda is the largest city in the Invuk islands. It used to be the capital of the kingdom of Urnikaaqanda but after a horrific disaster destroyed much of the infrastructure of the nation, the kingdom fizzled out and many of its cities became city-states.
Character and background has been used in my writings and projects in the past (none of which has been published yet, admittedly) and I have plans on using her in future projects. Hope that's alright. Using Kadokawa resources in sprites and portrait, since I'm not sure what the status on those are. If they're not allowed, I'll try to make another one.


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Feb 19, 2014
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If being a part of the last contest disqualifies me, that's totally fine. I just wanted to make a character since it's so much fun. :kaopride:
Character name:
Máximo Martìnez (hero name: Maxi-Man)
"¡No te preocupes, Maxi-man está aquí!"
Máximo is a young boy who dreams of becoming a superhero when he grows up. Considering that he has a a special ability that let's him see the world as if it was a video game with hints, it's likely that his dream will become reality. But he's not going to just wait for it to happen, he's going to be ready! Trained by his father, the locally famous wrestler El Toro, Máximo is tough for a kid. But there's only so much one can learn from a non-superhero. Even a superhero needs practice, so Maxi-Man was born!

Maxi-Man patrols his neighborhood every day after school to make sure that everyone is happy. If there's trouble, then he's the first one to jump in to help... Though the 'trouble' is rarely worse than a misplaced wallet. That doesn't stop him from doing his best each and every time!

Máximo is the result of hitting 'randomize' in the generator a bunch, until he appeared and inspired his own small game.
  • Game Vision: Máximo's unique skill, which allows him to see the world with a HUD and hints for where to go next
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors: One of the time-honored way to settle disputes. Use against one enemy at a time
  • Scan: Stare at an enemy hard enough to gleam info about their life
  • Suplex: Máximo's ultimate move. Taught to him by his father, the wrestler El Toro, as a way to end any battle instantly
Credits for users to use your work: Kadokawa, whtdragon, & hiddenone
If original content is used, please add conditions of use: Condition 1: Free to use in any rpg maker mv project with proper credits
maximo_tv.png maximo_tvd.png

Check out Máximo in action in his own short game!


The Lonely Maker
Nov 12, 2015
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Arilea is a 21 years old woman from the Lorac tribe. She was born blind, but since she was a child, a strange and unknown power seems to surround this beautiful woman. As any woman born in the Lorac tribe, Arilea is able to manipulate elemental forces, like fire and water, and as she is unable to use a weapon, magic is her only way to defend herself. Arilea's life was always hard due to her permanent blindness, but she never let this affect her spirit, especially after her father died from sickness and she had to turn an adult too soon. As the only daughter, she do her best to help her mother in the domestic tasks, and she even help the villagers with her beautiful voice. The people says that it's impossible not to be in good mood after hearing one of Arilea's tunes. She have a voice of an angel.

Arilea is a quiet person, and that's have nothing to do with her condition. She often get lost in her own thoughts, like when she dreams about being part of a great adventure, as the ones her father used to read for her from old books, when she was a child. The truth is, Arilea wants to be free. She wants to travel the world and meet new people, but her destiny seems to be the old Tobaki Village, a cozy place in the plains, near the Giant Forest, to the east. The world is dangerous enough for a young woman to travel alone, imagine a blind one? Fortunately, Arilea's destiny can change thanks to a wounded soldier from the Shanto Kingdom, who was found unconscious near the Tobaki village. His story seems to be somehow connected with Arilea, and as a big conflict against a unknown enemy draws near, Arilea will have to make a tough decision who may change her life forever.

As a member of the Lorac tribe, Arilea is able to manipulate elemental forces.
Since she was born blind, Arilea's other senses are a little more developed, especially her hearing.
Arilea also have an enormous talent in singing, and maybe there is a way to use this gift at her favor in difficult or dangerous situations.


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Oct 15, 2012
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Hopefully I've done it all correct. I've decided to make my own character from scratch and really got carried away. :D Please meet...

Dalkas "The Alpha" Hargard

Dalkas GIF attacks 2.gif Dalkas GIF sprite walking.gif Dalkas GIF sprite scimitar.gif

Dalkas battler.png

I made a regular walking sprite, as well as one with scimitar. Also made some random behaviour poses, such as taking his scimitar out and also giving a thumbs up. :D
$Dalkas sprite.png $Dalkas sprite w scimitar.png $Dalkas sprite behaviours.png

TL;DR version:

Dalkas is part of the wolfmen species, who are divided into clans that fight among each other. He is a smart and charismatic individual who has a knack for solving problems in less conventional ways and using diplomacy and jokes to win over his foes, even though he is a decent fighter in regular combat too.

His fun and selfless nature helped him to rise up the ranks and eventually to become the leader of his clan. He then continued to use his wits, brilliant ideas, and social reformations to win over other clans to grow his clan into prosperity. However, his successes are not without their drawback, and now his enemies are plotting to bring him down.

The long version:

Dalkas is one of the Canis species, known to regular humans as wolfmen. They are fearsome fighters, but their society has long been divided into clans, and these clans often fought among each other for dominance. Each clan aimed to dominate all the others, and this internal fighting often weakened them.

Dalkas is part of the Urgath clan. His parents served as respectable fighters in it, and they both perished in battle when Dalkas was still a teenager. Unlike many other members of his species, Dalkas preferred to solve things with wit and diplomacy rather than with fists and swords, even though he was a pretty decent fighter too and was training since the early years. He is nowhere near among the biggest or scariest Canis, but he is charismatic, imaginative, and knows how to find a common tongue with others. Cracking jokes and telling fun stories to others is not unusual for him.

Rising in the ranks:

His ability to get on well with others and to be a good tactician has gotten him noticed by the clan leader Gurkol, who made Dalkas as one of his close associates. Gurkol often was very different to Dalkas. He preferred brute strength and aggression, and he believed that if you don’t attack the enemy first, they will attack you when you’re most vulnerable.

After several successful small conquests of rival clan villages, Gurkol set his eyes on one of the key settlements, one that was a strategic location at the crossroads of trade paths. The defences of that settlement seemed easy to topple. The settlement belonged to the Kershi clan, and Dalkas was well aware that Kershi clan had a formidable defence and that they had used guerrilla tactics in the past to gain victory. He warned Gurkol of not being too hasty and that Kershi clan was likely setting up a trap for them. Gurkol dismissed it and continued regardless. Dalkas began convincing other associates of Gurkol of the folly of this plan. This angered Gurkol, and he demoted Dalkas to a common soldier.

On the day of the battle, Dalkas’ predictions came true. The Urgath clan’s offensive force was ambushed when they approached the settlement. Gurkol was among the first to be slain. During panic and disarray, Dalkas quickly took the initiative and led the bulk of the surviving force out of the predicament via a safe escape.

Such courageous and efficient move was appreciated by everyone in the clan, and within days, many began suggesting for Dalkas to step in as the new leader, the position he took up with great enthusiasm.

Unification of the Clans:

By this stage, Urgath clan’s fighting force was significantly weakened, and they needed to act fast to regroup, as they were vulnerable to attacks by stronger clans, who would jump at the opportunity to eliminate one of their opponents.

Dalkas didn’t beat around the bush. He approached the leaders of two of the presently weakest clans – Skija clan and Garnis clan, in a plan to unite together. Both of those clans had recently suffered great losses and were in danger of getting eliminated. Skija clan was highly desperate, so they joined Dalkas’ force willingly. Garnis clan was highly sceptical of the alliance, So Dalkas suggested they decide this over a board game – that way, nobody needed to die. Upon Dalkas winning the round of the board game, Garnis clan leader accepted the unity and joined as well.

With those two clans having joined and becoming incorporated into Urgath clan, it was no longer vulnerable for the taking by other clans, but it was still not strong enough to conquer those other clans, and Dalkas knew exactly how to proceed from here. Instead of concentrating on eliminating the opponents, Dalkas began improving the infrastructure within his populace. He got rid of the class structure and instead created a vocational structure of society, where each member of the clan could become what they were good at rather than doing a profession according to their bloodline. Such efficient order and freedom of social mobility became known throughout the land very quickly, and many individuals had abandoned their previous clans in order to join the Urgath clan where opportunities for prosperity were abound.

The leaders of the other clans saw Urgath clan as a threat. A couple of them decided to join Dalkas, accepting that his methods and policies were effective in unifying everyone. A handful of others, however, began colluding and plotting to bring Urgath clan down once and for all. Dalkas has a hefty task in facing the opposition now. What will he do now? Will he try the diplomatic ways or will he take up arms against them? Maybe he can convince them with a round of a board game too?

Out of Battle:

Captivating Charisma – Dalkas has additional dialogue options to convince his opponents of his plans and deals, and any trust gains are doubled.

Brilliant Tactician – Dalkas and his allies get various stat boosts on virtually any terrain where battles can occur. Even underwater. Go figure.

Bargain Guru – Whenever making any purchases, Dalkas always gets a random complimentary item with what he buys.

In Battle:

Dance of Steel – Dalkas delivers a dozen of swift slashes with his scimitar. He calls it a dance, because it reminds him of how his grandpa used to dance when drunk.

Fortify Resolve – Dalkas improves the resolve of all allies, making them more resistant to damage and increasing their health regen. And if they’re still slacking, he personally whips them into shape.

Enhanced Vision – Dalkas is able to spot enemy’s weak points, greatly raising his own critical rate for some time. When asked about this ability, Dalkas replied that most times it’s simply a matter of aiming most strikes below the belt.

Crack a Joke – Dalkas makes all the enemies laugh hysterically for an entire turn and take no actions as a result.

Reinforcements – Dalkas always has loyal soldiers willing to lend him a hand.

Credits for users to use your work: Matthew Ashworth (or Matseb2611 is fine too)

Materials you used: Just the good old blood, sweat, and tears. Well, maybe not tears, but you get the idea.

Tools you used: Paint Shop Pro 8 for creating the images, RPG Maker MV for testing them.

If original content is used, please add conditions of use: You can use this character (whether just images or together with skills and backstory) in any project, commercial and non-commercial, adult and non-adult. Please credit me as mentioned above. You can modify the images, backstory, and/or skills as you see fit. Just please do not claim it as entirely your own work and do not sell it unless it’s part of an end product such as a game. If you’d like clarification on anything, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message. All the best!


May 4, 2016
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Kumi Kitzu(cara).png
Kumi Kitzu

In Japan, when the Yokai and humans lived together in harmony, the Kitsu family worshiped the goddess Inari and her foxes for providing them with good crops. This is where we meet our protagonist Kumi Kitzu a very beautiful and kind girl. On his 18th birthday, things changed dramatically, his town was attacked by Kyubi the 9-tailed demon fox and the Kitzu family was charred.

Kumi managed to survive but at a terrible price, her beautiful face was totally burned and her family dead and now she will seek revenge against the goddess she once worshiped. He trains for a year under the ninja arts under a fox mask
which reminds him of his revenge.
Shadow Slip: It is transported from shadow to shadow to go unnoticed.
Paralyzing blows: Attacks the enemy's vital points leaving him paralyzed for 3 turns without moving.
Silent Strike: This strike prevents sleeping enemies from waking up to cause damage.
Deadly Cut: A quick cut of your katana that causes a lot of damage to the opponent. It can cause bleeding.
Kumi Kitzu(sprites).png
Kumi Kitzu.png
RPG Maker MV RTP, IceKun: Katana Cloak, Hiddenone and Whtdragon: Fox mask
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Sep 8, 2015
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Birth name: Shelly
Alias: No Beard




Shelly was born during a ship raid resulting in her mothers death. She was traded around until she was 7 years old before she was adopted by the Legendary pirate Black Beard. She later became Black Beards first mate and temporarily the captain earning her the name "No Beard".

Growing up with a bunch of pirates led to her developing a drinking habit. Shes a playful drunk who always has a bottle of rum with her and she's anything but a lightweight. Catch her while she's sober though and you find her to be a serious and strong willed woman.

Being born at sea, she is a member of the Mermaid clan and as such can breath underwater. On top of her aquatic advantages, Shelly is also a skilled with knifes and pistols.

Likes: Rum, The Ocean, and Black Pearls.
Dislikes: Birds, Cold Weather, and Mermaid Hunters.

Materials: RPGMV
Free to use Just provide proper credits and tell me so I can check it out.


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    No Beard sprite.png
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Radella "Della" de la Maga




Radella was the court magician of Mal’Duur, the Kingdom of Dark Elves. Annoyed by the prince, Jezerath’s, continuous advances, she quickly found herself exiled after turning him into a stag beetle.

Now left to wander between lands, Radella spends her time wreaking havoc with her spells, peddling potions to passersby, and scowling at woodland creatures in order to maintain her youthful glow.
-> Evil Eye: Radella gives her opponent a wicked stink eye, draining their energy (and making them self-conscious).
-> Bottoms Up: Radella grabs a potion from her stash and chugs. Results may vary.
-> Kadokawa
-> Amy “Amysaurus” Hohman
… Also NPC, ThatMaestroGuy, and Nirwanda for nagging at me. Always nagging at me. Big sad.

Tools Used:
->Pyxel Edit (for the sprite/battler)
-> Clip Studio Paint (for the faces)

-> Free for commercial/non-commercial use, with credit.
-> Can be edited for personal use, but no reposting without permission.
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May 8, 2014
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Character Name: Pasta Witch

Occupation: Cook/Witch/Artifact hunter

Pasta was born to a coven of witches who practiced dark and evil summoning magic and nightmare rituals. This vile group is called the Nightmare Coven. She is one of the thirteen children to Mother, one of the high priests of the coven.
Pasta is a charming young adult who resides at a small restaurant in the kingdom of Karth. She is always in charge when the owner is out getting new rare magical ingredients, herbs, or oddities. Pasta is very kind hearted and will go out of her way to help those who need food and is always researching new ways to make food spells and preservation.

Pasta often tries to find magical artifacts or powerful items that can harm others and feeds them to Hatachi, a demon that feeds off of magical objects and powers(who is her hat). She does this to safely dispose of them as to keep the peace in a country where magical beings are often abused or hunted for sport.

Her restaurant harbors several magical beings, all of which happily work for her in exchange for their freedoms and sometimes accompany her on her journeys to get magical ingredients or to find artifacts. The townsfolk do not often care who shows up in town so long as they keep the peace. However some do disapprove of the magical beings being sheltered here.

If she can help she will try to give food to anyone who needs it and ask for little to nothing in return.
Pasta was born in a land that has no true name, for none know what it was called before the Nightmare Coven took it over. The coven destroyed the land and used it’s dwindling resources to try to use dark magic to summon an evil god that was sealed away. Pasta is a daughter to one of the witches in the Nightmare Coven, and escaped the group when she was young. She managed to steal several vital tomes in her escape that have severely delayed the dark god’s return.

As she adventurers she often runs into her other siblings, all of whom want to kill her or to take the books back to the coven. She has no true desire to kill them but will use fatal force if necessary to protect herself and others; often to protect her new home at the restaurant.

After Pasta escaped she ended up lost in a world she had never seen before. But as beautiful as seeing the sun set for the first time, it was as harsh as her old home. People saw that she was a witch and abused her, throwing her out of buildings or refusing to give her food due to the huge stigma against magical beings and those who can use magic. She had almost starved to death before an old lady helped her. This old woman refused to accept any payment for the hospitality she had shown and instead told Pasta to cook a meal and clean the dishes once she was done.

Touched by the woman’s generosity she vowed in turn to help all others who needed help, regardless of if they where a plain human or magical monster. This mentality proved to be an asset when the events of the Lowan Accident unfolded, and caused a deep rift between beings that could use magic and those that couldn’t.

Spoiler Free Summery of the Lowan Accident:
Many years ago a magical staff that belonged to a god was stolen from the realm of the gods and used to control "monsters" and beings who could use mana ex: Orcs, elves, wizards, etc. Few evaded the control of the staff that caused alliances to be burned and reshaped the world in it's horrible wake as destruction burned across the world. Normal mortals had the fear of monsters and magic etched into their very being.

A few magical beings not controlled by the staff and a few mortals not afraid of magic banded together and fought against the being controlling the godly staff; a warlock named Lowan who was being the "host" for the staff's desire to cause the chaos. The fight against Lowan cost several lives but eventually Lowan was sealed away inside the staff and without a physical host the controlling magic faded but the mishandled powers of the staff caused some permanent damage to those controlled by it leaving them hostile to this day.

Normal mortals are afraid of magic and magical beings/monsters due to the incident. Even those who can use healing magic are shunned but carefully monitored. Magical beings and monsters are looked down upon or in fear.

Pasta resides in a small village where everyone there knows that she’s a witch. Most do not care, and in fact like that she’s helping others in need. Due to the town's respect/fear of magic it is often used as a stop for adventurers or traders between travel. Pasta will often try to learn from travelers to her restaurant of kidnapped magical beings or stolen artifacts and will try to free or steal them respectfully.

Pasta’s restaurant is maintained by her friends and workers: Mars a goblin cook with long slender ears, elongated teeth; who is in his words is “The best damn cook this side of Karth.”. Two elf waitresses who like to dress up in frilly and short maid outfits with high rising stockings, much to the delight of some of the male customers. A fire mage from the southern country that doesn’t speak much but is quick to anger, and a mimic that is so old it no longer is immediately hostile to beings around it; but delights in collecting money for the shop.

Pasta loves adventuring with her friends and is normally easy to get along with. Hatachi however isn’t as easy gong. He is an artifact and magic eating demon in a contract with Pasta in the form of being her familiar bound in the form of a large pointed cap that she almost always wears. He travels along with her and has a cat’s lazy personality. He doesn’t like being poked or prodded but does like getting to pick which bow or ribbon that is wrapped around him for the day. He prefers the color purple like Pasta.

- Can cook really good with bare minimum ingredients.
- Can understand Hatachi while most only hear strange noises/grunts from him.
- Basic understanding of magic, but is better in earth and fire magics.
- Learning to make better food preservation options and summoning of food items.
  • Basic magic attacks, mainly earth magic and fire. Weak against air and light/holy.
  • Pasta Noodle: Summons spaghetti noodles that wrap around a foe and lowers their escape chance/stun if at high level.
  • Fresh Bread : based on level heals % of target HP.
  • Smorgasburg: Greatly heals allies and gives a boost to all stats for 3 turns. Costs a LOT of MP to use.
  • Hatachi: Bite - Deals Dark magic attack.
  • Hatachi Protect - Protects an ally for X turns giving them a slight boost to all Def.
  • Hatachi: Consume - Releases a shadowy figure twice the size of Pasta that smiles, eyes glow red and makes a chewing sound. Deals massive damage and drains MP and magic defense lowers for X turns. Boosts Magic Def for X turns to Pasta and her allies.
High level powers :
These powers are not final as I haven't finished her power set yet. They however will not change for the contest. By "high level" I recommend them being usable after level 50+

Tome of Eternal Sorrow (should be used as an ultimate power/max level): Summons a thick book that opens to a page with a magical inscription that glows as it is "read". A flash of black light and a red open eye appears and deals massive damage to all targets and gives a burn effect. Enemies then are taunted to attack Pasta. This attack does HP damage to Pasta to use along with mana usage.

The 13th Child- Dark magic swirls around Pasta and a red closed eye appears and opens sending the dark energy at the target(s). Deals dark penetrative damage to the target(s). The targets are then blinded and turn upon each other for a turn or two if they do not save against the turn effect. Pasta takes more damage from light/holy damage after using this attack and for the turn after using it has no defense only magic defense. The MP needed to use this attack should be high enough so that she cannot use it again next turn unless given a MP restoring item. Takes 40% of her HP to cast.

The One who Started Again- Channels for 2 turns. Once the channel is done any downed allies are revived with half HP and MP (unless they died with more) They get MP Def boosts and regen for X turns. Pasta however does not gain the bonuses outside of regen.

Hatachi: True Form - Hatachi removes himself from Pasta and after 3 turns appears as a large black mass (you can decide what he looks like as I do not have his true form made yet) and deals massive damage against the enemy while also lowering Defense and Magic Defense if the target survives. Friendly units gain stronger attacks for X turns. After this power is used any Hatachi attacks and powers no longer work for the current combat. Recommend using the hatless battle sprites for after this power.

Smorgasburg + Heals a target to full HP and gives boosts to elemental attacks. For the next attack the target deals a burn effect for 4 turns.


You have my expressed permission to use this character (Pasta and her familiar) however you feel like in any game genre so long as you link me your project so I can check it out. Please feel free to edit the powers but let me know what you come up! :D
Commercial usage: OK.
Dating Game: OK (If used in a dating game please note that Pasta is as straight as a bubble, she loves you for your personality not your junk in the trunk. She loves you for you.)
Adult game: OK
LGBT Games: OK
Tools used: Game Character Hub to create, Photoshop Elements 11 for pixel editing with layers.

Pasta Sprites

Pasta WITHOUT Hatachi:


I will add a custom bust and face sheet on my next day off due to not being able to get the generator to make it work correctly.

Thank you for reading my entry. I am always open for comments/questions/ etc. I've been working on Pasta for over five years and am really nervous sharing her but want to see what people think.

Thank you again!
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Character name: Rece


Rece was born in an Ice-Dungeon two hundred years ago. Since birth Rece has ice magic on a high level and her mana and her energy is on par with it. She doesnt need a weapon to activate her skills.

She doesnt know why she is alone and if there are others like her. She begins to prepare for a longer journey where she hopes to find answers.


Rece is as cold as the ice-dungeon where she lives. She doesnt feel anger or happiness but she is curious about alot of things like human beings and their animals.


Ice Ring: A ring made of pure ice. She can catch animals with it and lead them. Or she can hurt bigger creatures with these skill if she likes.

Ice Guard: These skill is for protection but can also pretend other animals from fleeing.

Ice Sea: These Skill is an AoE-Skill and causes harm to all around Rece. Its range is 11 x 11.


Credit: Kadokawa

Notes & Permission:

These Character can be used by anyone in any game!! And she can be edited too!!

I used the Standard RTP.


Rece-Face.png Rece-Walking.png Rece-Damage.png Rece-Fighting.png


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Actor3_1 Face Complete.png

Name: Ramiro

Actor3_1 Face Expressions Complete.png
Actor3_1 TV & TVD Sheet Complete.png
Actor3_1 SV Sheet Complete.png
Ramiro was seven when rebellion broke out against his father, the king of Ajentar, in which his family was murdered. Ramiro's nurse took him to a mountain village and the rebels failed to locate him since the villagers kept him hidden. When Ramiro was sixteen, their loyalty was rewarded; uniting the people, he soon reclaimed the kingdom. At the age of twenty, he met a beautiful young princess, Adelinda from Tenthiel, while trying to strengthen his weakened kingdom. They soon married and had a daughter, Pheobe, two years later. The union brought peace between the two countries for twelve years, but in that time, an enemy named Jabez grew strong in Tenthiel. Having once asked Adelinda for her hand in marriage, he was furious when she married Ramiro and sought revenge. When Adelinda's only brother, who ruled Tenthiel, died in battle, Jabez claimed the crown from her family and declared war on Ajentar.
One day, Jabez attacked Ramiro's home city and Adelinda and Pheobe were captured while trying to escape. Ramiro and his men attempted a rescue, but in the chaos, Adelinda was wounded by the enemy and didn't recover. Jabez was completely defeated soon after, but Ramiro was never the same. He lost much of the joy he had cherished when Adelinda was alive, but gained a new love for his daughter.
Wise, just and loving, but hardened by many years of battle. Treasures his daughter, Pheobe, very much.
Name: Daze
Effect: Stuns three random enemies, making them miss a turn.
Condition: Must have Stun Shield equipped. Must be outside and sunny.
Description: Ramiro has a special reflector shield which he is able to use to reflect sunlight into enemy eyes, stunning them.

Name: Fired Up
Effect: Increases attack damage by 40% when activated. (Uses a turn)
Conditions: Battle must have something to do with Pheobe
Description: If Pheobe has anything to do with a battle, Ramiro has more determination to win, making his attacks more aggressive.

Name: Recover
Effect: Gains 25% HP
Conditions: N/A
Description: Ramiro remembers some minor medical tips that a good friend and doctor had given him during his childhood.
@Rhino (For sprite generator pieces)
I don't need to be given credit
Free for Commercial and Non-commercial games so long as proper credits are given (See credits)

27/8/2019 edit: Added facial expressions.
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1) Character name: Nimue
Nikki.png Nikki.png Nikki (Down).png Nikki.png

2) Appearance: 29; Like many in her race, she has a rosy complexion, long pointed ears, a furry tail, and multiple complex layers of clothing and gloves that serve to cover her entire body. She does distinguish herself with her long, tied up, turquoise hair, dark orchid eyes, sapphire earrings, and a scar just above her left eye (which is considered taboo in her culture to ask about. Just accept it as a normal part of their lives and symbol of adulthood). She also has a tic to refer to everything in cats' terms i.e. calling children of all kinds "kittens", which many others find adorable, much to her chagrin.

Background: A member of the Nikkon race, Nimue is perfectly at home in colder climates and lives a nomadic lifestyle. Not only has she mastered hunting large animals, but she also became an elite warrior in her community. However, when a nearby kingdom's patron saint goes missing in battle, Nimue lends her talents to a knight captain and blacksmith to put an end to the conflict and avert an apocalypse.

Nimue can come off as a bit stern and inconsiderate, but this headstrong Nikkon always follows her heart to the end when it matters most. She also doesn't "get" a lot of social conventions and regularly teases others about them, including her party.

3) Skills: Spears, Thrown weapons, Archery, Cancel Surprise, Stealth, Survivalist, "Baloney Detection"

4) Credits: Standard RTP

5) Condition 1
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Molgun Face Graphic.png

For hundreds of years the struggle to control and maintain power engulfed the world. As endless battles raged on, entire kingdoms were destroyed. The world was a chaotic and treacherous realm full of evil and despair; until one man sought to bring about a change.

The Sorcerer Molgun used very spell and ability he could conjure to quelch the chaos that engulfed his world. Including that of dark magic...

For a time the world was at peace. But Dark Magic has a way of corrupting the soul and soon Molgun hungered for more than peace; he craved control!

The Dark Magic twisted Molgun's mind so that he believed that the only way to save the world was to keep it under his rule. Only then could peace truly exist.

Molgun consumed very morsel of Dark Magic he could discover. His power grew and grew; he seemed unstoppable! Until one day when...

Consumed with the power of Dark Magic, Molgun has the ability to cast many malicious and cruel spells. His power has grown to be so great that that many believe he is even beyond death's reach.

Sprite Sheets
Molgun TV Sprite.png
Molgun TVD Sprite.png
Molgun SV Battler.png


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Name: Tessa



Tessa started out as the only child of Kieran, a naval commander of the kingdom of Pelmia. On her 15th birthday, she began training under her father as a sailor, learning how to handle the day-to-day tasks on his ship, the Pisces, as well as some basic combat skills. Although her sword skills were lacking, Tessa demonstrated a natural aptitude for guns, and quickly became the best shot on the crew. She was very eager to learn everything she could about sailing, often lifting the spirits of the crew with her enthusiasm.

After about two years on the Pisces, Kieran told Tessa about the crew's true purpose. While the Pisces started out as a ship commissioned by Pelmia, he and the crew were waiting for their chance to escape the kingdom. Over the years, Kieran saw a disturbing shift in the kingdom, which started when King Darloch's rule began six years ago. Tessa admitted that she noted the shift, and while she wasn't thrilled about potentially betraying the kingdom, she understood why they had to do it.

Not long after this admission, the Pisces received a terrifying message; everyone on the crew was branded a traitor! No one was sure how Pelmia figured out their plan, but it quickly became apparent that they were considered the enemy. Within days, the Pisces was located by the rest of the navy, and despite the best efforts of the crew, the ship was soon sunk and the crew was killed along with it. Tessa was the only survivor.

Three years passed since that day. Tessa has been keeping a low profile, working as a guard on a merchant ship. Her upbeat attitude is now gone, replaced by a world-weary cynicism. She spends her days sailing and defending the ship, refining her battle skills against pirates that are, as she puts it, "dumb enough to cross my path". But she never forgot Pelmia, and seeks revenge against the kingdom to this day. She suspects that someone on the crew of the Pisces betrayed them. Her only clue supporting this is a strange note she found hidden in an old map book they rarely used. The note included an unknown symbol, which Tessa has yet to identify. Now she waits, longing for the day she can finally strike back at the kingdom that stole her life.

Marking Shot: Damage and mark an enemy. Marked enemies have lower Defense and Evasion.

Barrage: Damage all enemies, Dazing enemies that are Marked. Daze has a 50% chance to cause the character to lose their turn.

Go for the Kill: Deal high damage to an enemy, dealing triple damage to a Marked enemy.

Credits: Character created by Shockra. Uses RTP Content by Degica.
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