Original Character Contest II Submission Thread!


Feb 27, 2018
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Character Name: Lazuli


Background: After her village was overrun by monsters, she became one of the lord's many maids in order to pay him back for saving her.

Example Story Plot: Upon learning about Lazuli's magical aptitude, the lord feared that she may become a threat. The destruction of Lazuli's village was all part of his plan to control Lazuli. After the Hero defeats the lord, Lazuli becomes one of his/her most loyal companions.

"Even if the world betrays you and you're no longer its hero, I will always be by your side because you'll always be, My Hero."

[Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD


Bug Powder
Apr 9, 2016
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Donica Linnell - AKA: Red, White Mage, Pinky

A natural born user of white magic, with years of education and experience in curative, protective and exorcist magic. Donica is a roller coaster of emotions; going from giggly and smiles one moment--to anger and discord the next... almost usually stemming from her easily irritable and standoffish attitude toward others.

With a regal vocabulary and a sweet sounding voice--you'd never imagine she'd be easy to anger, or easy to sadden; but hanging out with a varied crew of adventurers can have it's effects on someone's overall mood, good or bad.
Curative Magic: Ability to heal the wounds, soothe the ailments, or negate toxins on allies.
Protective Magic: Capable of creating shields of magical energy to reduce or outright negate physical or magical damage on allies.
Exorcism Magic: Powerful magic with the purpose of exorcising any undead enemy with the power of sunlight.
Recover: A prayer that can return a portion of magical energy.
Kadokawa - Battler (Mixture of various RTP and updated material)
Hiddenone - Walk Sprites
Whtdragon/SleepyMachine - Down Pose 1 Edit
Vanessa - Art
Yash - DOTD Logo/Bug Powder Logo
samkfj - Various (clothing, coloring, etc)
Gimp, RMMV Generator
Can be used in non-commercial, commercial, what have you--as long as all credits are applied, and that hiddenone's rules for sprites are also followed.

As always--credit to samkfj is optional. I just make things.

For the contest; I created a small game to showcase Donica. What you will experience is how she is written in my work.

It's a very short (15-20 minute) horror comedy game featuring Donica as the sole character. This is Donica of the Dead.

Donica has no idea where she is or how she got there... but soon enough, she realizes she's crossed over into the land of the dead. What do they want from her? Blood?.. Servitude?.. or--could it be something else entirely?.. Something--to be judged for.

Download Here!

Edit: Added some RTP style sprites too.
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Jan 20, 2015
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Name: Gin Genii

contest Gin Genie.png
This is Gin Genii and he is a genie in a bottle. In the distant past he was a human named Richard Kaufman. After he found an enchanded bottle himself he eventually got tricked into being the new host of the bottle. You see, most genies don't like being a servant to others, but for Gin it was different.
In the beginning he was hellbound to get out of the bottle and take revenge on the genie that put him there. But over time he found it was not that bad being a genie. He had eternal life, and could spend his time reading all the books he wanted (when he was not being summond) and learning every thing he ever wanted. Yes there was the inconvenience of being summond for the wishes some times, but the rest of the time he could do anything he ever wanted. He did not like being summond beacuse until all three wishes had been fulfilled he could not return to his bottle, and he really liked his bottle.
You see, the bottle of the genie is a magical place. Althoug the bottle space is not unlimited, because genies can shrink in size the actual space he lives in would be the equivalent of a rather big mansion for us humans. And so he lived on for about 600 years in the bottle (618 years to be exact if you like to know), without anything to special happening.
But his next master had only used up 2 of his 3 wishes before the bottle was stolen. Now Gin is about to go on an epic quest to return to his beloved bottle together with his new master!

He is very adapt in the use of magic.

Used all RPG maker MV stuff, so you can use these sprites for free if you have RPG maker MV. If you use his background story please say something like: based on a character inspired by Strijdparel.

gingenie.png gingenie2.png gin genie.png
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Jun 20, 2013
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Name: dev (this is the name of the file I have saved it as. In its game, the player names it.)

Background: I may refer to as him but in my game's worlds only single gender people exist. With that said, while a non-believer, he has decided to do everything that the human's world god has said with the intention to enter the heavens if that exists and beat the crap out of the god. He has a twin with same intentions but his twin wanted to live forever, so beating the god was out of his twin options and unlike (dev) did whatever he wanted.

Skills: I haven't still add battles to his game but some thoughts that as dead he may insult and harass the angels or make them do wrong and sin.



Jan 25, 2014
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Character Name: Admalia Astral

Admalia Face.png
Admalia is a "hand-talker", she is always accidentally hitting things and people while trying to describe something.

She is 20 years old, currently located at Ashka a lovely lush forest.

She was born in Mokka, the perfect mix of the country and a lost city.

Her father was a luthier and made her first harp, which was made out of oak.

Her current harp, she made herself after years of watching her father, it is made out of Rosewood and painted/varnished from Mokea Berry dye (a dye made from the berries of Mokea).

She adores arpeggios, though she has struggled to play them.

She is also constantly thinking about music, you can hear her hum most of the time.
Admalia Playing Gif.gif
Admalia has strengths in healing and playing music.

She also adores archery!

Due to currently living in a forest, she has gained much knowledge of the flora around her, using it to her advantage.

For example, Ujhea Foa is perfect to treat poison, but usually ends up effecting one's energy, making them feel lethargic.
Admalia Idle Gif.gif
Credit: Cookie542

Tools I used: Gimp & RMMV Generator

Condition 1: User-Edited from RMMV Generator. This can be used, modified, and released alone/sell.
Admalia Face.png
Admalia Walking.png
Amalia Battler.png
Admalia Dead.png


Raze: The Rakuen Zero's Guardian!
May 22, 2018
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Portuguese - Br
Primarily Uses
Raze TV.png Raze TVD.png
Raze Sv.png

1. Character Name: Raze

2. About Character

  • BackGround
Raze was found by a slave in the largest mining cave ever on the planet. He just remembers that his memory was purposely erased and that he had been sent to earth to find something to take to his world. He claims to be an inhabitant of a place called Rakuen Zero, which he says is the "original paradise."
  • Characteristic
It has no mouth or nose. The body has a round shape like a ball.
Its skin looks like soft leather covered with very thin fur.
Also, has two wings but cannot fly very high.
It has large eyes and a halo above its head that make him look cute and harmless.
  • Personality
He is cute, curious and loves to learn.

3. Skills

Mysteriously, it has incredible learning ability, almost as if it were remembering rather than learning. The halo above your head is used as an instrument of attack and defense.

4. Credits
Rakuen Zero®, Degica, and Kadokawa.

5. Materials you used
Originally designed by Camila Rubinato for my brand called "Rakuen Zero".
To make the sprite has used a modification of the base of the head format of the standard character of the MV (TV, TVD, and SV).

6. Tools you used

7. Terms of use for commercial and non-commercial projects.
Please contact me first BEFORE using it.
At first, it can only be used as an NPC and its name must be Raze.
It cannot be featured on game covers, title screen, etc.
What I mean is that it can only be used as a kind of "Easter Egg".
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Aug 10, 2019
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Dark Dragon knight from a distant Mountain sky. His age and origin is unknown.

Once there was a hero who slay a dragon all by himself and bring peace to the world.
Many tales were told and retold from generations to generations.
Yet nobody knows the true story. For nobody has ever saw a sky dragon nor a dragon knight to this date.
They said after he killed the dragon the hero was covered by the creature's blood turning his body harder than metal and he would not age.
Some even said that he drank the fierce creature's blood and it would have corrupted his heart, mind and soul.
Maybe it was just the end result of all his training after all which gave him tremendous power so that he could slay the beast.
Who knows...
Fearing that the hero might turned into a beast, there was a conspiracy against him leading the people to chase him away.
Of all stories told, it would have seemed that though he would have turn a dark sky to a ray of hope, there was a sad ending to it.
He had a strange attachment to a musical instrument that he carried with him.
Although he did not play it himself, he often visit an old woman in a village which used to be a musician.
Whenever the village chief asked the old woman what was her connection with the hero? she gently smiled and said :
"Oh! Guzhend.. I wonder why he would travel long distances only to ask me to play his favorite song. No, surely he didn't come for a cup of tea my friend. He didn't like tea at all. Neither he would have come to talk about his adventures to an old woman like me, as he was a man of very few words. He was also very handsome and so polite *chuckle*"
I didn't write the song she answered., he brought the note along with the instrument and would kindly ask me to play for him..
It read "to my beloved, eternia melodia."
The village chief astonished asked the old woman if she would have any idea about the hero's connection to "Guzhend" and that song titled; "eternia melodia". Since the song was written in a different language from another kingdom of which the musical instrument origin is not, how could the two be linked..?
The old woman simply reply: "love knows no barrier my dear."
( This story is a script I write for my future game. Hope you enjoy reading. )

CR: I used Kadokawa generator part, original base puppet: walk dv and sv to retain MV format.
I also use clothing 20 , wings 02.
Clothing 21 can be used as an alternate version for TV , DV and SV.
The head of the puppet is not Mv I draw it to fit the helmet and also because I want a different look hope you enjoy.
Sv: I try to respect Mv format as best I can. I only replace puppet head.
I apology for any inconvenience.
You can recolor to a more vivid tone if you don't like dark theme, I recommend blue or red.
Original version of the helmet I draw. helmet.png
The image on the helmet is the phoenix emerging from fire.
Thank you for the opportunity and I wish you a nice day.
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Aug 25, 2018
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Character name: Isaac

Isaac is half human, half.....something. He was found as a young child by a woman from a small village. Even though he was misshapen and partly covered in scales, she cared for him like her own child. Eventually the other villagers found out and accused her of keeping a Demon. When they confronted her about the "Demon Child" she gave her life so that Isaac could escape. His right horn was broken by villagers throwing stones at him.

Now grown, Isaac is constantly moving, trying to avoid humans as much as possible. He is torn between his hatred of those that killed his "Mother" and the hope that there are other humans as kind as her. Even he doesn't know what he is, Demon, Dragon or something else.

Isaac has natural agility and strength beyond that of a normal human. As well as being able to perform fire magic without much practice. His scales are hard enough to deflect most swords, but don't stop puncture wounds very well. Although his increased speed and strength make him formidable in battle, he is self taught, and lacks finesse and discipline.

He wears scraps of armor to protect his soft human chest, but most things don't fit him. He carries a sword he found while wondering ruins, it is dull and in disrepair, but heavy enough to cause serious damage. Due to it's weight, he named the sword Burden.

In battle, he fights with his sword in his human hand and uses the claws on his other. The claws are as sharp as knives.

I put together a short game to showcase the character. DO NOT expect much here, merely a look at the sprites in action. It is played in browser, so no downloading! https://cory-h.itch.io/isaac

Pants by Hiddenone.
Armour is an edit of RTP resources.- Credits to Degica
TV and SV sprite face by Mysterious Creature
The rest by me-Cory H.- is free to use on RPGMaker MV only.



Oct 13, 2017
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Introducing Kami's Soul Requisition Specialist...
(Character Entry)
Character Name: Driver Sama
Occupation: Driver of Truck-kun and Bus-kun

Likes: Leisurely Drives, Street Vendors, Lonely Roads, or Roads with Oceanic Views

Hates: NEETS, Salary Workers, Jay Walking

The history of Driver-Sama is seeped in obscurity and mystery; however, most believe he is the archangel Raphael serving the Kami’s need to shuttle souls between realities. If the urban legend is to be believed, then anyone who sees Driver-Sama’s face has already crossed the boundary to the afterlife. Furthermore, it is assumed that this archangel (if this is truly the case) brings the souls of outcasts to the office of the Kami to be reborn in other worlds.

Putting legends and folklore aside, it is assumed that Driver-Sama enjoys the food of street vendors, and shadowy drivers have been often spotted visiting their stalls, carts, or food-trucks. Additionally, since these places also tend to attract average delivery people, this cannot be confirmed. It as advised to avoid this potential danger by paying attention when crossing any roads.

DriverSama.png DriverSama-Downed.png

Tools Used: RPG Maker MV ( The images are modified from sources within RPG Maker MV, and credit goes to Kadokawa and Degica Co. LTD. A nice by-line for me would be nice for the simple paint.net edits though! )

(Special thanks to Liberty from RMN, she's the one who gave me this crazy idea!)
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Jul 9, 2014
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Character name:

B4B3L-SVB-FULL.gif B4B3L-Rotation.gif

B4B3L is a naive friendly bot made by a very obscure group of roboticans in their garage. Many influences inspired the design rather streamlined from the 20's. That, and the fact that his chassis was made out an old truck pieces.

To be more prudent, instead of giving B4B3L 2 legs, it was decided for logistics's end to get him some caterpillars (because the wheels were a disaster and a hazard in stairs).

B4B3L's name is a reference of all mix-up of programming languages used to attempt to run him. In fact, to recognize as many accents spoken all around the world, a brutal amount of linguistic classes books was uploaded to B4B3L's memory. It became so crammed up there, that B4B3L couldn't make enough space in his memory cache and it might had made him the local genius idiot of the village.

B4B3L was featured into many indy contests builds and in the village was an attraction as he went more and more independent but happy to make the groceries and clean-up the farm.

B4B3L is peculiarly fond of all biological entities and tries to make friend with human and animal alike.

Unfortunately, after a couple of medias got him known and his independent engineers got harassed by a multinational business and some military interests, B4B3L decided to flee to avoid his farmily a great deal of troubles from the increased attention and even thievery tentative and spies. B4B3L opted for a great disguise with some duck-tape and a hat to be incognito, after a stop at the local library, he read/downloaded many martial art and science hack that might scare as if it was magic anyone trying to steal him.

Ever since, B4B3L plays the heroes to make new friends and protect them while fleeing anyone trying to exploit him and sell him or reverse engineering him.


B4B3L Learned the art of pugilism and work on some non-lethal add-ons to make his own tazers or intense flares or flashes so it helps him escape more easily while the humans optics are scrambled.
He never understood how comes everyone continue to recognize him under his ingenious disguise.

However he seems able to always find the nearest exit to any place... Especially when he power slams his way through brick walls.


Inspirations for this ol'bot is an amalgam of old B&W 60's to colorful 80's flicks as an homage to the robotic genre trough the cinema and television with all their antics and zany styles and all the palette of emotions they provided in some nice plots in movies. And inspiring a better future (Mostly~!).

Sorry for the lateness and the visible rush I made this entry entirely from scratch in PyxelEdit with measurements from Archeia's SVB guide sheet for RPGMaker MV, that in my fast animating, I might had taken a wee bit too literally. (Although it has been long I had that much fun. ^^ Thanks for the challenge~!)


Condition1; User created by Marquise* in 2019.
All original material, credited or not, allowed for RPG making commercial and non-commercial use. Modifications allowed. If not Degica staff, please do not resell as your own as standalone; I made it for the RPGMaker community for this contest under Degica's terms and conditions.

I sadly have no sample game or face set ready but from what I read, if this is a win it will be taken under your wing and it might be interesting to see the pros take on this.


Good luck everyone. ^^ You all have nice characters.


Dragon Kingdoms Series producer
Mar 13, 2012
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  1. Character name: William

    William peeking out of the treetops (small).png

  2. About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc:
    Though at first glance he doesn't look much different from humans, he is actually a giant, to the point humans are only about three or four inches tall in comparison. He thus has a slightly bigger build relatively speaking, and is somewhat skinny by giant standards, likely attributed to him being rather sickly in the late pre-teen years. Like many of his kind, his irises glow somewhat, and he is resistant to cold. He doesn't walk too much on soft ground like swampland or wet sand as he is likely to sink in it.

    William isn't the type to want to hurt people, but will fight if he has to. If you get on his bad side, he's not afraid to pick you up off the ground and hold you in front of his face. Most of the time, though, he's quite gentle and easy-going, and a bit comedic, too.

    He holds a massive sword known simply as the Great Sword, but can be any large sword. Though, since most anyone seems merely a few inches tall to him, any sword at all will be massive. Anyway...

  3. Skills: Generally earth-based spells are used, though he knows other spells, but very few thunder spells and no psychic/mental spells, as that's his weakness. When he gets low HP, he gets a desperation attack known as Omega Slash, which will do incredible amounts of damage. He's also great for making way through any forest, as his head is likely to poke out of the top of any canopy. Sometimes being as tall as twenty humans standing from head to toe on each other has benefits! He'd probably do great in a giant robot battle, minus the robot part himself.
  4. Credits: RTP graphics: Copyright[(C) Degica, Co. LTD. and Kadokawa. I drew the image at the top of the post.
  5. Conditions of use: Free for non-commercial or commercial use (Condition 1).
  • Condition 1: User-created / Your original resources, and allowed to use/modify/release alone/sell

    Williamcset.png Williamdset.png Williambset.png
Sample Game:
The sample game is an early version of the Dragon Kingdoms remake, which is quite unfinished.
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Professional Murder Hobos
Jul 9, 2013
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Name: Honor

Honor_Sprite.png Honor_Damaged.png

Artifact Manipulation: While Honor does not have the ability to use any special skills such as Magic or Techniques, he does have the ability to manipulate magical items so that they activate when he needs them to. This allows him to bypass requirements that certain magical items have in order to function properly.

The afterlife. Not what everybody pictured. Desolate, wild unsympathetic... it has been related to Hell but even Hell would be more welcoming than this place. The only ones who truly get to rest are heroes. Those who have laid down their lives for others. They are given reprieve from this nightmare. Honor was one such hero.

Honor was once regarded as the greatest hero of generations. There was no task he could not complete. He slew dragons, demon lords, massive invasion armies, and won the hearts of the people everywhere. However, people grow old and eventually pass on... even heroes.

A millennium passes and Honor awakens to the call of Death himself, who promptly gives Honor the task of securing the Celestial Maidens soul. Dark forces have ripped the Celestial Maiden's soul from her body and taken it to the afterlife where no mortal being may step foot. When the Celestial Maiden is returned safely, only then can Honor truly rest.

Special thanks and credit to IceKun for his skeletal generator parts.
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Formerly Exhydra
Aug 21, 2013
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Antheia “Thia” Orandel​

Character Summary
Antheia is an amiable, well-traveled half-beast scholar who is as enthusiastic to educate or mentor adventurers as she is in her research of relics, ruins, and runes. She is a capable, versatile mage who can cast intermediate tier white and black magic, though her real strength is in the broad collection of utility spells she has learned. Due in part to her ancestry but also to her devotion to the arcane, she has gained access to a racial ability which can be used to temporarily unlock a smattering of ancient spells as well as boost the overall strength of her magic. Because of a quirk of her parentage her appearance is that of an aged woman, but her physical and mental capabilities are that of a middle-aged person.


Sprite (Walk; Single-Sheet)

Sprite (Damage/Other; Single-Sheet)


Born of a human and a Varai – a long-lived simian-feline race – Antheia is what is usually referred to in the common language as a half-beast.
Antheia is well over one-hundred, but as a half-beast she is only just approaching middle-age.
Due to a quirk of her parentage her appearance mirrors that of a human as she ages despite the extended longevity granted to her by her Varai half. The rapid, outward aging of a half-beast does not affect mental of physical capabilities and will usually halt around the seventh or eighth decade.
A short-haired pelt covers the majority of her body.
Antheia also possesses a tail which often conveys her current emotion.
Antheia is an amiable, gregarious individual who possesses legendary patience and a sincere desire to educate others. She abhors conflict and will always attempt to avoid combat but she is not a pacifist and will defend herself as well as others when given no other choice. She has a voracious appetite for knowledge which when paired with her curiosity can lead her into less than optimal situations despite her typically cautious nature.
She is a capable, versatile mage who can cast intermediate tier white and black magic, though her real strength is in the broad collection of utility spells she has learned.
In the ancient lore of the Varai the tip of ones tail is not the end of the appendage. The remainder of the tail extends into another realm which is shared by Varai of the past, present, and future. Each tail is tied to a singular source of power which a Varai can briefly tap into in order to boost ones overall magical strength and gain access to a random smattering of ancient spells.

RPG Maker MV RTP (Edited and Combined)

Paint Shop Pro

Free for Commercial and Non-Commercial Usage
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Mar 13, 2013
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Concept art

In the beginning of time when Mother Nature depleted her powers to create Earth, she divided the last of her power into the 12 gemstones of the Zodiac before she went into deep slumber. These Zodiac gemstones manifested into living beings: some turned into humanoids, some into beasts. The Zodiac gemstone bearers scattered throughout Earth to protect and prosper different regions of the planet as Mother Nature wished for.

As time went by when humans has advanced in civilization, there were rumors about the Zodiac gemstones and how collecting them all will grant the individual power enough to be a god. When Aquarius caught wind of the rumor, she quickly took action to set off on a journey to gather her fellow Zodiac gemstone bearers to stop the Empire from committing such heinous acts that would throw Earth to a disarray.

Aquarius, one of the Zodiac gemstone bearers, is a humanoid who has the Waterbearer Zodiac gemstone embedded on the right side of her forehead. To hide the gemstone from visibility, she covers it with her hair that covers most of her right side of the face. Her long light blue hair is voluminous yet flowy like water. From birth her skin was a pale blue which helps conceal her in the water as she's always nearby bodies of water. She has long pointy ears like an elf that gives her excellent hearing even from afar (precisely how she learned of the rumor). The sapphire blue dress she wears contours her body and has slits from the thigh down on the sides that gives her mobility.

Although she may be humanoid, she's very much like a human in terms of soul, body and mind; the difference is that she's immortal. Aquarius is eons old, but she remains youthful looking. She still has the composure of a young adult due to her seclusion. Yet, despite being far away from human civilization, she's very knowledgeable about humans and nature. Aquarius is a gentle person with a serene voice. Even though she's kindhearted, she feels strongly about her duty to keeping nature in balance and won't hesitate to unleash her powers to keep the balance regardless of whether it may be a monster or even human.

As the Waterbearer Zodiac gemstone bearer, she's able to create rain and storms to replenish bodies of water. She can also manipulate water to move around. Along with water manipulation, she can create a water whip to attack her targets. And if she ever gets injured, she can enchant water to give it healing properties to heal herself and others.
aquaWalk.png aquaDamage.png aquaBattler.png
[Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD
*If any character info is used or adapted, please credit Akaimochi

Tools used:
GIMP, edited the dress and added gemstone on the forehead
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Mar 13, 2012
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Morgause face.png

Morgause sprite.png Morgause down.png Morgause SV.png

Character name: Morgause the Dire


Brinchen Waehner, daughter of merchants Thomas and Martha, was in her late teens when her parents were killed by a burglar, changing her life completely.

She was known to possess a significant magic potential. Other people would now have dedicated their life to fighting crime. Not so Brinchen, who realized she was evil herself, perhaps out of defiance against her strict mother, who had refused to let her learn magic and ordered her to take over the family business. Now she was free to ignore that command and attend a school of magic instead.

Brinchen eventually assumed the name "Morgause the Dire" and became a wandering villain looking for opportunities to augment her power. She has managed to join an ancient secret society of evil, although she didn't realize they were vampires until she had been initiated and turned into one herself. Oh well, at least she is theoretically immortal now, and has been taught how to overcome the resulting weaknesses and disguise herself as a normal human when she wants to.


Morgause wants to live the way she wants to. To that end, she seeks power. She isn't above murder, but will only attack people if she has a good reason to do so. Unfortunately for her, she tends to become overconfident and foolhardy when she appears to be winning, which resulted in her accidentally becoming a vampire, which she consequently has mixed feelings about. The thought of eternal life appeals to her, so she appreciates the fact that she has stopped aging.

Morgause is an expert if not master at sorcery. In addition to common combat spells, she is known to have semi-casually transformed people into animals, albeit rarely, as such a powerful spell is naturally very exhausting.

She also possesses good enough acting skills to fool people. At least, she is good at recognizing people she can trick and exploit.

As a vampire, she is ageless and possesses non-obvious superhuman powers. Her skin has become greyish, but efficiently applied make-up, along with full control over her retractable fangs and her acting skills allow her to generally pass for a normal human. Sunlight barely weakens her thanks to her willpower.

Credits for users to use your work: Credit me, Michael "Corlagon" Hoffmann, for the original concept, and you can use the character/story (modifications/reinterpretations are okay) for your own works of art.

Materials you used: [only what came with RPGMV]

Tools you used: [only RPGMV's character generator] Hm, does cropping the sheets in an old version of Paint Shop Pro count? And the now defunct Villainess Name Generator at Serendipity.

Experience our villain's background in a browser game! That is, a series of cutscenes with playable, easy battles I more or less finished just in time.


Jul 9, 2014
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Yeah, I understand the confusion. Thanks @Wavelength , I also almost didn't voted thinking at first it was by likes. But now I can like everyone's chars without counting my left votes.

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