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Mar 1, 2012
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Submission Dates: 2018/4/10-2018/4/21

Each submission must contain the following to be considered:

1) A set of 12 frames for walking character sprite.

2) A set of 3 frames for damaged character sprite (If using RPG Maker MV).

3) A set of 54 frames for side-view battler (If using RPG Maker MV -- optional).

●Entry Template●

1) Character name:

2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc:

3) Skills (if any):

4) Credits for users to use your work: (e.g. [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD)

5) Materials you used: (if you used something other than the standard RTP)

6) Tools you used: (if you used something other than the standard RTP)

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: (Please indicate permission for condition 1 or for condition 2)

Condition 1: User-created / Your original resources, and allowed to use/modify/release alone/sell
Condition 2: User-created / Your original resources, but not allowed to either use/modify/release alone/sell

●How to submit●

1) Click “Upload a File” to upload 1-3 images.

2) Click “Full Image” below the images you uploaded to embed them.

3) Write required explanation using the entry template shown above.

4) Click “Post Reply” to post your original character.

Please only post submissions in this thread. All non-submission posts will be deleted. This is to make the voting process easier.

You can, of course, edit an existing submission if you wish to add/change anything.
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Nov 10, 2016
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This contest was really fun, and I'll be the first to add a character!
Here's my character.
I worked a lot on the background story and had a lot of fun writing it. It's rather long.




Note -this sprite looks much better with the forum light theme, and on any background besides black. It does not have the scar.
Here is a sketch I drew with real paper, pencil, and marker. The picture was taken with a camera so the color looks a bit off. I may darken the clothes later. Also, this picture does NOT have the scar.
20180411_222436 (Small_Rotated).jpg
1) Character name: Kazimir, but when he was born his parents called him Bennet. He changed his name to Kazimir later.

2) About your character: background, characteristics, personality, etc: His parents named him Bennet, but at age 15, he changed his name to Kazamir. As a child, whenever his parents were out, his parents would ask somebody to watch him. But usually, his parents would come home to find the babysitter (?) exhausted on the floor, saying that Bennet was far too wild and would not listen to orders. When he grew older, he often tormented the other children, but what was interesting was that he easily seemed to overpower the much older children, leaving them on the ground, exhausted. At age 15, he snuck away from home and visited an old warlock at night, who had a supply of vampire blood. Bennet stole an extremely sharp silver dagger from the warlock. It was enchanted so that it would never break, but Bennet did not realize that at the time. He then snuck up next to the warlock while he was asleep and killed him by stabbing him with the dagger straight down through the bed sheets. Bennet then drank the vampire blood to become immortal and headed toward home, with the silver dagger. When he returned home, he invented a story, and he said that he was kidnapped by thieves and dragged away, but that he managed to escape. It was nightime then and so neither him nor his parents noticed that his skin had become white and his eyes had turned blood red, and that his teeth had become long and pointed. In the morning, his parents noticed the change at once. They asked him what he had done, but when Bennet saw that they had discovered, he leapt on them, stabbed them with the knife, and then he devoured them with the help of his long and sharp fangs, drinking their blood. He felt power surging through him, and he changed his name to Kazamir. He then escaped from the village before anyone else realized and became an outcast. However, when he was 23, he decided that he should do more with his life, and he joined a band of rogues known as the Red Cloak Bandits. After a couple of days, he slaughtered their leader. He then lied and said that he had seen another assassin kill the leader and then run away. The bandits believed him, and Kazamir became the leader himself. He renamed the group to The Midnight Union and became a very infamous man, feared by all. Three years later, he did a very complicated and forbidden ritual, summoning a demon army from Oblivion. They recognized him as the one who had summoned them, and so the demons followed him, fighting for him. Kazamir returned to the Midnight Union and announced the news of what he had done. First the bandits were delighted, but then Kazamir said, "You have served your purpose. But a greater power is here. Your life ends now." He ordered his demons to kill them, then left with a much stronger army then ever before. At this time, he was 26. He waits for the moment when he knows that he will eventually be defeated, and join his demons in Oblivion.

3) Skills (if any):
- Feed: Attack an enemy, draining life.
- Life Sap: Slowly remove health from the enemy while healing the caster.
- Shadow Cloak: Causes invisibility.
- Summon Demon: Summons a demon to deal massive damage to one enemy.

4) Credits for users to use your work: Kadokawa, Schlangan, IceKun

5) Materials you used: RTP, IceKun's MV Generator Parts

6) Tools you used: Schlangan's Extended Generator, but for the special art, I used GIMP for the large sprite and I used paper, pencil, and marker for the sketch.

7) I did not make any original content for the actual character, so feel free to use as long as you credit the resource makers above. However, anything in the "special art" section is not for use!
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Dec 9, 2017
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Chauchemar.png ChauchemarDmg.png ChauchemarSV.png
1) Character name: Chauchemar

2) About your character: Chauchemar was once a royal family's royal alchemist. One day, he was exiled from the kingdom for crimes he did not commit. Thrown into the barren wastelands outside the kingdom's walls, Chauchemar decided to pursue the Philosopher's Stone rather than to go mad and insane like others have in the wastelands. To do it, he rallied a bunch of cutthroats, rogues, thugs, and other vile scum from the wastelands to form a road gang. Eventually, he and his road gang found the stone, but at the same time, so had a group ragtag bunch of adventurers (Harold and company). To settle who would get the stone, the stone's guardian issued a 1-on-1 duel between the leaders of the two groups. A battle fought out hard and long, and eventually the hero had mercy on Chauchemar, despite being the winner, but Chauchemar wasn't going to have it that way- using the last bit of his strength, Chauchemar attempted to attack the hero with a magic blast when the hero turned his back. Displeased with Chauchemar's actions, the stone's guardian banished Chauchemar and his entire road gang into Purgatory, where they became demons. Chauchemar waits in Purgatory with his gang for the day he can get his vengeance on the hero's who foiled his plans for the Philosopher's Stone. Chachemar is a devilish figure who will do anything it takes to achieve his goals. He often belittles everyone he talks to.

3) Skills (if any): Masterful understanding of alchemy and can manipulate dark magic. Also commands an army of demons as the prince of Purgatory.

4) Credits for users to use your work: Kadokawa, IceKun, hiddenone, Avery, Bokou, Yunary

5) Materials you used: IceKun, Avery, hiddenone, Bokou, and Yunary's generator parts (I forgot whose parts were whose, so I am just covering all of my bases.)

6) Tools you used: Schlangan's Extended Generator

7) None, so no terms of use, so free to use with proper credits from above.


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I decided to do this, so why not... NOTE: I had wanted to remove the human ears, but I couldn't find a way to do that.


1) Character name: Elisabeth

2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc:
Background: Elisabeth was born, believed to be a halfing of a cat species and a human woman, who later married another man: her stepfather. She hasn't had the easiest life, as she is often teased for her ears and it caused her to be on the shy side. It was during a party, that a popular middle school boy invited her to attend and she was teased with some other 'rejects'. Her parents decided that it would be better for Elisa to attend another school instead, so they found Saint Cross Academy for Gifted Students.
It was suppose to be an all girls school, but the website was out of date and had admitted boys a couple of years before. One night, a full moon, she discovers the truth about herself, not that she's half cat, but rather half wolf creature and as such, she has the ability to change into a wolf. Her secretive nature makes her uncertain if she should tell her parents and her friends the truth or not. Things are still not as easy as things seem as she struggles she learns that her kind has been almost wiped out due to a war between humans and her wolves kin.
It was easier to be half cat/human than half wolf/human, because the cats are merely distrusted while there is an intense fear of wolves.

Characteristics: Elisa is born with an intense curiosity, fun loving, loves to explore and is intensely loyal/defends to friends and family. Her favorite line is: Why not!

Personality: She was a bit shy at first, cautious, but when she began to open up, her personality began to come out. She's adventurous, loves to take risks, loving, compassionate and is very loyal to friends. She still does have her moments, when she pulls back into her shell, but changing is very slow.

3) Skills (if any): The ability to turn into a full white wolf, speaking to animals, stealth and sensing (Her ears move when she senses)

4) Credits for users to use your work: (e.g. [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD)Degica, Co. LTD

5) Materials you used: (if you used something other than the standard RTP) RTP

6) Tools you used: (if you used something other than the standard RTP)RTP

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: (Please indicate permission for condition 1 or for condition 2)RTP Standards


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I'm giving it a try. I had some fun writing the short background story. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. :)
EDIT : Did some pixel editing on all the poses.

Kuma_Walk.pngKuma_dmg.png Kuma_SV.png
1) Character name:
Captain Kuma

2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc:
Jean L. Amberdust aka "Kuma" was born in the year 2374 on Rhea. Humanity was reaching out as the solar system began to get crowded. Life elsewhere in the galaxy was still an unknown fact and the possibilities seemed endless.
The young Jean was fascinated by the stars and dedicated is studies to enter the Bluesky Academy. He worked hard everyday to get the best scores in both physical and mental disciplines. Jean eventually gratuated first of his promotion, praised by his teachers and admired by his friends. But even so, as everyone else, he had to climb his way up the chain of command.
After a few years of meaningless assignments, he was finally offered his first command with a brand new ship : the Dolphin.
It was an exploration ship with a crew of about 50 members, charged to go poking beyond colonised space.
One day, on a planetside mission, the team leaded by Jean was unexpectedly ambushed by some wild lifeform. As everyone run for cover, Jean froze and chose to face it. "It" was actually a huge bear defending its territory. After a few minutes of a bloody melee confrontation, Jean's team eventually came to the rescue and drove the beast away. This bear was the first sign of life outside of Earth and Jean had the scars to show for it.
Since that day he earned the nickname "Kuma" and became a legend through the whole solar system.

3) Skills (if any):
He has above average physical strengh earned through intensive training,
but he's also a sharp shooter beeing able to easily take out a target from 150 meters away.

4) Credits for users to use your work:
[Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD (Kadokawa), HiddenOne, TWings

5) Materials you used:
Rear Hair part from HiddenOne.

6) Tools you used:
Schlangan's Extended Generator, GIMP.

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use:
Free to use with proper credits.
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Wow!! This sounds really fun! ^_^ Submitting with my char! :)
Charset.png Faceset.png Sv_Battler.png

Animated Battler Idle Sprite (Rave Heart Style) and Simple Photoshop artwork I did for Tyke:

1) Character name: Tyke Kross

2) About your character: Tyke is an 18 years old elven detective who’s very well known around their city for his mastery in solving crimes. Despite Tyke’s goofy, quirky and humorous personality, the Police Department has always taken his investigations seriously. Tyke can sometimes be very dramatic and poetic in the way he speaks, as if he’s a hero from a long time ago. He loves poetry and arts, and also a fan of the renaissance period art-styles. His passion in solving crimes started when he was 8, when he investigated what happened to their missing neighbors, and was successful in solving this. His Elven parents were very supportive of his talents since then. He is trained well with firearms and is ready to take on any criminal that tries to meddle with his investigations.

3) Skills (if any): He can Scan an enemy and know their weaknesses.

4) Credits for users to use your work: [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD, ENTERBRAIN, Derex, Hiddenone.

5) Materials you used: Derex and Hiddenone’s MV generator parts.

6.) Tools you used: Photoshop and Piskels for the custom materials.

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: Feel free to use in commercial/non-commercial project as long as proper credit is given. ;)
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1) Character Name: Hylda
$OCContestEntryWalk.png $OCContestEntryDamage.png
I decided to trim down the character and damage images, just for the sake of having smaller images and a cleaner page (they should still work in game provided their filename starts with a $). Hopefully that's all right.
2) About Your Character:
  • Hylda was born into a highly technologically advanced civilization. To be more specific, her civilization strove to become an interdimensional empire. As such, it regularly opened portals to other worlds in search of new lands to conquer.
  • Given the nature of her society, all citizens were required to serve a certain period of time within the military. Hylda's family in particular had a long history of distinguished military service. So when she came of age, off she went to become a soldier.
  • She quickly found that her interests didn't quite match up with a military lifestyle. Her interests were more of an academic sort; while she approved of the portals to other worlds, she was more interested in exploring them and getting to know the people who lived in them rather than greedily adding them to the empire.
  • Nevertheless, she put on a stiff upper lip and did her best to serve her nation and preserve her family's honor. As it turned out, her best was a cut above the average soldier.
  • Her commanders were impressed with her capabilities. So much, that they decided to promote her to the role of Herald. Her job from then on was to be the first into the portals and scout out the new worlds. She would be left to her own devices, but to aid her she was gifted a special weapon: a Virtual Blade; a sword that could "download" data from its surroundings and adapt accordingly.
  • It was a dream come true for Hylda, for she would finally be able to see the other worlds she so longed for. She accepted her new job without complaint.
  • The first world she was tasked to scout was a land far below her own technologically. However, as she set out to explore it in her empire's name, she found it understood things her own failed. Namely, its inhabitants seemed to understand a way to function without fighting everybody else it met.
  • It came as quite a shock to her at first, but as she continued to explore and intermingle she found herself enjoying it greatly. Alas, she had a job to do, and the more time she spent the more and more sad she felt about its potential fate.
  • The time eventually came when she had to return home, and return home she did. The empire was pleased with the data she returned with, and as she feared they found this new world to be a suitable addition. When they attacked, the world never stood a chance.
  • Hylda was disgusted, but unsurprised with this turn of events. However, it got her thinking seriously about her job, her loyalties, and her morals.
  • For the time being, she remains loyal to her homeland, but she's coming to realize that her loyalties and what she believes is right are not the same thing. It's only a matter of time before she's forced to choose between them....
3) Skills:
  • Hylda's main ability is to "download" enemy data into her Virtual Blade. If she kills an enemy with her normal attack, she'll learn any skill she can from that particular enemy and be able to use those skills in future battles.
  • Her basic attack also gets stronger with every enemy she "downloads" into the Virtual Blade. Once she gets enough skills, it becomes quite powerful in and of itself.
4) Credits for users to use your work:
  • [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD
  • Kadokawa, in other words
5) Materials you used: RTP
6) Tools you used: MV's normal character generator.
7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: It's all RTP, so feel free to use as you please.


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DrustWalk.png DrustFace.png DrustDMG.png

Character Name: Drust

About my Character: Drust is a 16 year old student attending the Magical Academy of Akasha. Drust is known by his friends as a kind hearted Soul, however to his enemies his Codename is Metallion, thanks to his unique Magic, Metal Alchemy, allowing him to manipulate any form of Metal in existence to his whim. His parent's died when he was younger due to an experiment gone wrong involving Elemental Manipulation which resulted in the awakening of his Unique Magic and he was sent to live with his distant relatives in Aegis City, ever since that day he has been training to control his Magic and started attending the Magical Academy of Akasha a year ago. His parent's named him Drust because in the world of Akasha the meaning of the name Drust, a word from a long extinct language translates as Dedicated Soul, a wish from his parent's that he should grow up as a human being who dedicates time and effort to everything they do, whether it be Education or Magic.

Skills: - Unique Magic: Metal Alchemy (Total control over all forms of Metal)
- His own Martial Arts Style dubbed as Ionic Embodiment
- Strategist

Credits: Credits go to Kadokawa (For use of their Character Generator)


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contest toon walking.png
contest toon damage.png
contest toon battler.png
contest toon.png

1)Name: DEMON

Background:No this guy aint the brother of hulk, neither is he the cousin of a green guy in dragon ball z. This guy is the reason why were are afraid of going to hell...

First of all let me explain his name, we as human always use demon as a way to represent somekind of evil creature, thougth in fact this guy name is an acronyme to what he is in truth, Here let me decipher his name fo you D as in Deity, or something that is immortal, E as in exoskeleton, which is his frame, M as in made, O as in on and finally N as in Neptune...

As anybody can understand at least this, a demon is really hard to kill and he always comeback, well now you know why as this guy is as a matter of fact a robot sent on earth to monitorize the developpement of our species.

Demon is not the first of it kind to be sent down here and everytime the history speak of hero that were sent to kill the creature, well if the exoskeleton was eradicated almost every time, so they say, the most important part was able to get back to Neptune every time.

Now as our society reach the star, demon was sent for a last mission, deliver a message to the leader of our society about the true reason behind all his trip...

demon is clumsy and speak without filter, maybe that why people were afraid of him in the first place and why the story about hell sound like a star wars story nowaday...fire everywhere, monsters (or E.T. should i say) and suffering, the true reason of his multiple trip was never spoke of in book to hide the truth... If neptune army was not exiting we would be food for the galaxy, now that were able to understand better about science and robot, thing seem to make sense...

Demon was sent here to test our courage, our combat technique, our technology to prepare us for the real combat to come...

Personnality: Demon got no real personnality , it is a plain programmed robot personnality that is here not to please us but to evaluate us ...he here to get the best of the best...

3) Skill: Demon got lot of programmed skill like flying, detect life, self detruction (which is use to get back to neptune only), he is super strong compare to a normal human, speak multiple language, count faster than any computer, so he can anticipate his enemy move of and can write or draw like a machine so super fast...

4)Credit luckysince97 [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD]

5)Material character creation that come with rmmv

6)Tools none

7) Condition of use: i do not own any visual asset so as long as you respect the fact that you own a copy of rpg maker...the rest which is intelectual rigth is free to use wherever you like even in a book...
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EDIT: her eyes were meant to be blue, just noticed that mistake.

1) Character name: Zodia Say-sol

2) About your character: Zodia Say-sol was born into the world as a "Mesi".* a sub-race of humans born with explosive natural magic abilities. most humans take their whole lives to learn a few simple spells. for people like Zodia, these spells can be learned, and controlled in a few short weeks. as such, Zodia has dedicated her life to learning all the intricacies of her gift. at 12 she left Kylan, a small town in the frozen North to study until she came of age at 17. at the age of 15 she graduated with flying colors; learning even faster than her fellow Mesi, from the Asaan Magic College and returned home to her family and childhood friend Maro Kynalith. proud of her new knowledge of the arcane.

Zodia's favorite fighting style is to wield her Fire Wave spell in her left hand and an Ice Bolt spell in her right.

Zodia constantly puts on an air of optimism to help raise the spirits of Maro. she sometimes views herself as a motherly figure to Maro despite them being the same age. this stems from the fact that Zodia frequently comforts Maro and helps him deal with the weight on his shoulders as the eventual successor to "Last Stand".**

Zodia although constantly putting on her air of optimism and confidence, constantly questions herself, hearing the things the world says about her kind gets to her more than she lets on. but in the end she always pushes past it, smiles, and shakes off the words of others because she knows she has someone who relies on her confidence, and she knows that she is far better than they say.

Zodia is very kind and caring, almost recklessly so, confidant in her abilities to the point of charging in spells first at the first sign of trouble. she would offer her own life first before she ever let an innocent person be harmed.

Zodia's life, along with Maro's was changed at 17 when their home village was attacked by the Acolytes.*** resulting in the death of every member of the village but themselves. left to their own devices, Maro and Zodia set out to save the world from tyrany.

unknown to her, Zodia's body houses a special soul. one that can only be awakened under extreme duress.

*Mesi - in some parts of the world this term is used to praise a gifted individual, referencing their likeness to a "Mesiah". However, although Mesi are given common courtesy throughout the world, most of the world uses "Mesi" as a derogatory term. sometimes in reference to "Messy" (due to the fact that a Mesi's younger years can be problematic for parents due to frequent and powerful uncontrolled outbursts of magic.) and other times in more obvious terms such as calling a Mesi a "False Mesi."

**Last Stand - Last Stand is the only remaining group of rebels still in operation against the Levian government. this group is widespread and has many towns who pledge their allegiance to its cause. (the cause being to put the Old Gods back into power after they were dethroned by the Levian Governments current leader.) Maro and Zodia are both children that have been born and raised within the main HQ town, with Maro being the heir to the entire operation.

***Acolytes - The acolytes are a group of special soldiers used by the Levian Government specifically to crush rebel operations. and prevent chaos/uprisings. they also have a secret goal unknown to the general public, of hunting down the souls of the ancient gods and capturing them.

EDIT: I just kind of rambled most of this info out as it came to me, I hope it was readable :D

EDIT 2: Went back and added in some more details to tie Zodia more strongly into my games lore. I hope the premise peaks your interest ^-^

3) Skills:
Study - after seeing a magic skill used about 10 times, she learns this skill and adds it to her abilities list.
brazen - when a teamate is below 10% health she gains a damage boost to her fire and ice spells.

4) Credits for users to use your work: Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD,Enterbrain.

5) Materials you used: MV Standard RTP

6) Tools you used: MV Standard RTP

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: made entirely with MV RTP, so "free to use in all scenarios with proper credit" i guess?


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1. Character name: Hatty

Hatty is an upbeat character in her 25s, she is considered very outgoing and a known residential town baker. She has a bit of a secret though, for outside the walls of the town where she resides, a small tiger stone holds back a terrible curse.


2. Background: A year ago while walking in the woods outside of town, collecting sap for syrup cookies and cakes, she came upon a rock with odd carvings. It seemed to have a very tiny sparkling tiger gem inside; reflecting thinking it was just a normal shiny moon rock, she decided to take it home. Over the course of a few days, she began waking with migraines and swellings, a fatigue of sorts. Weeks passed and tiny ears began to protrude, along with a tail, under the new circumstances, fearing isolation or death, she didn't want to be seen, so she hid herself from the town, only wearing scarves, long cloaks and hats to cover her secrets while making her routine sweet deliveries. (For her, keeping this secret away from the town was best in her opinion. So, in an ideal game, getting to know the player and trusting before joining to party would be required.)

3. Skills: Quick witted, happy go lucky, but can be clumsy. When battling, Hatty is a mage and can summon small candied cats to do her bidding. In easier fights, she can offer basic healing with her food, though sometimes her treats can backfire and cause upset stomachs, a negative side effect!

Credits: Just myself, pen name is ( Hatty-hime )! No major rules in general though.

Please note: I'm suddenly having a baby girl on Monday (due to IUGR), so I haven't and wont have time to make anymore custom sprites for this character, so I've just used the RPG Maker MV creator; but shes someone I've had on my mind for a long time and I hope that is represented in her bio! Thank you for reading!
Heres a few pieces I've done in the past though!


Food Sprites: (Free for use, but I made them for her cafe!)

MV Sprites:



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I might aswell try. Newlings allowed ? :D


1/ Character Name :
Reisha Hachiji

2/ Character Backstory :
Enclosed in restricted area A-51, Reisha has become a test subject for the KPA(Kinetic Power Awareness) agency.
She used to live in
Midori Valley with her mother and little brother Ryuuji Hachiji.

11 Years ago, war broke upon the country, and eventually reached
Midori Valley where the village
got attacked by a small enemy group claiming to be part of the Rebellion.
When the village got attacked, a series of children disappeared, of wich Reisha.

The only memory that keeps her sane is a picture she had on her when she got taken away.
On that picture, she is with her mother and brother, smiling happily.

By the time passing by, she eventually noticed several other children that were kept in captivity, as herself.

It seems that the KPA is trying to bring human kind to an evolution with genetic manipulation on children
pre-disposed with Kinetic powers.
Amongst all the children, Reisha seem to receive a "special treatment", and she soon realize why.

Little did she know, she possessed abnormal high potential in Kinetic abilities.
To her, it only seemed normal.

One day, area A-51 being under siege by the PoHR(Protection of Human Resources) Alliance, who were launching a safety operation, the wall of Reisha's cell collapse, allowing her to flee the KPA.

She now tries to find her mother and brother, but 11 years has passed, and she doesn't know how the world turned.
Soon, she will realize that the happy life she previously had, is gone... for good.

Name : Reisha Hachiji
Age : 15
Height : 1m 64
Weight : 112 lbs (50 Kg)

Eye color : Blue
Hair color : Used to be pink, but due to continued ingestion of agent PM-CSS.002, her hair slowly turned white.
Skin color : Normal

About Reisha :
She possesses extraordinary Kinetic capability's.
At the age of only 18 months, she was already capable of moving objects at her will, as long as it didn't exceed a specific weight.
When she turned 2 she could levitate, wich both amazed the people of Midori valley as this was the first time a child could achieve this, but also started to scare them off a little bit.
At the age of 4, she could read people's mind when she focused. this required the subject to look directly into her eyes.

Favorite possession :
Picture of Mother (Sarah), brother (Ryuuji) and herself. Smiling. On the picture you can see their shack, a few trees and a blanked out part.

Behavior :
Before she turned 4, she always smiled and was a very living girl running around all day in the forest of Midori Valley. She helped her mother with small tasks she could fullfill.
After her capture, she slowly became emotionless.
Although she received a special treatment from the KPA, her mind broke little by little, test after test.

Mental state : Unstable.
At the age of 9, one test went horribly wrong when the KPA decided to inject an unstable element that supposedly would awaken her full potential.
Her hair, instantly turned red hot. and she lost control, unleashing what could only be described as "Tier 5" Kinetic power. It seemed she could summon the powers of nature. The building started to shake, electric equipment failed to respond and eventually overloaded leading to some of the materials to explode.
That event went so bad, they had to confine the entire area, losing some of their researchers along the way.
When everything calmed down, the area was unlocked again, unveiling terrible damage, several dead researchers and Reisha... completely exhausted.
The KPA classified this and appropriately named the agent "Wrath".
This agent was later banned in the research.

Reisha has no memory of this event, and her memory even started to fade away from that point.
Afraid of losing her only memory dear to her, she decided that she should make as little new ones as possible.

"I could continue, but I'm assuming the point isn't to write a light novel.
Please also forgive my spelling errors, I'm trying to limit them, but I'm not very good. :D"

3/ Skills (if any):
Reisha can use tier 4 Kinetic powers. Wich is currently the highest tier registered to be possessed by a child.

Bonus if you would ever decide to make a game out of this :D

Specific Skills :
Levitate :
Passive skill : allows Reisha to raise above the ground. Granting physical evade + 20%
Awareness :
Defensif skill : Raise elemental damage dealt +10%, lower elemental damage taken -10% for whole party
Awareness + :
Defensif skill : Raise elemental damage dealt +15%, lower elemental damage taken -15% for whole party
Awareness S :
Defensif skill : Raise elemental damage dealt +20%, lower elemental damage taken -20% for whole party

Psychic bullet :
Combat skill : Fires an unstopable energy bullet at one target (Energical Damage deals normal damage whatsoever the foe magical or physical defense)
Phantom hit :
Combat skill : Deals energy damage to all foes. (If HP of Reisha is lower than 30%, Raise by 50% the damage dealt)
Shin Summoning :
Ultimate skill : Deals elemental damage equal to "current MP x (Magic Power + Physical power)

4/ Credits for users to use your work:
I'm not sure people should put credits for this, but if any I guess Rpg maker would do. :)
If you are kind, you can also quote Artille.

5/ Materials you used:

6/ Tools you used:
Mv Character Generator

7/ If original content is used, please add conditions of use:
Free to use
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Mar 18, 2012
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@Hatake-hime I'm not sure if it's just me, but I can't see most of your images, even why I try them in a different browser. No manner of trying to click on them makes them visible.

If you upload them directly here, you don't need to use tags, just add them to the post. Otherwise, you can upload them to Imgur and just paste the direct link in, no [IMG] tags needed.

And best of luck with you new little one!


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Nov 16, 2017
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Here’s my character. Hopefully it’s decent.

The background’s pretty small but had a lot of fun writing it.

1) Character name: Zenoar Tatshumi.

2) About your character: background, characteristics, personality, etc: An old samurai with tons of experience. He lost his father in the 1st Genokinan War and was taken care by his mother Shoumina Tatshumi. After the age of 18, he learnt to use the katana and was a duel wielding master. He had slain Zyk Lord II to win the 2nd Genokinan War, but was held captive by the warriors for 10 years. He escaped by the help of his best friend which he lost during the escape. He is extremely quick with his katana and is loved by the townspeople and is a great mentor. Although he is 62, he is fit, skilled and ready for a challenge.

3) Skills (if any): He is very quick in attacking, has high senses which means he barely gets hit by opponents but loses a lot of health if wounded.

4) Credits for users to use your work: Kadokawa (because I used character generator)

5) Materials you used: RTP

6) Tools you used: MV generator for the actual character.

7) No original content for the actual character, so no terms of use, feel free to use however.

Zenoar Face.png Zenoar Damaged.png Zenoar Walk.png Zenoar Battler.png
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Jan 16, 2015
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Image :


Original Version :

1) Character name : Horiru Wairi

2) About your character :

- Personality :
He have a rash personality, such as joking, make a pranks, and even Accidentally set the Warrion Base with his Lava Power. But he can be seriously angered about his past.

- Background :
He's an orphan from Wairi Clan and cared by Muquette, the Orphanage Day Care. But when the Day Care Attacked. he nearly kidnapped by seduced woman named Hanninka Wairi with accidentally activate his Lava Skin until her left hand burned by Flamed Skin. She eventually escaped with her left hand decapitated with that skin. Then the help comes and Matthew Lunderblast, the Warrion Commander see his great ability. Then he recruited by him and he's get a Warrior Position

- Characteristic :
He's used to use Flamethrower as his weapon, but when he realize his fire power, He decided to become an attacker with his Flaming Punch that he think It's so powerfull than use his Flamethrower.

3) Skills (if any) :

State :

Lava Skin (The Attacker will be burned)
Any Fire Attacks (Damage Deals with a chance of 'Burn' State)
Explosion fist (Blast off the 3 random enemies with Horiru's Barehand Technique)

4) Credits for users to use your work : KADOKAWA (RPG MAKER MV Version) and ArielSystem (for the custom one)

5) Materials you used: Avery, Hiddenone, Ice Generator Parts.

6) Tools you used: paint.net (for Shiny effects), Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop (For the Custom art)

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use:
Free to use, EXCEPT the Original one. I Strictly don't allow it. You can use Warrion Character Maker Instead for your own version.


Aug 3, 2012
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[mod]Please note that all non-submission posts have been hidden. This is because their presence would make the eventual voting process much more complex.

Please do not post anything other than submissions in this thread from now on.
You can, of course, edit an existing submission if you wish to add/change anything.



Aug 14, 2017
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Tyler.png OC contest Battler.png
Character name: Tyler
Nickname: Alem
Description: Ordinairy schoolkid, at least before the meteor. About half a year ago, a meteor struck in his town. The meteor killed a lot of people, but the ones that were in a safe distance from at least 10 km got some kind of special ability! It all started when about a month after the meteor some kids got in a fight. One kid made the whole school rumble! After that, it was discovered everyone got a special ability. Some great and some... Less great. Tyler here was just 2 meters from the 10 km radius when it happened, so he got no ability. He got picked on and was very upset about it, when a talking bird-looking creature fell in his back-garden. The bird was in the 10 km radius and got hit by multiple little rocks from the meteor. The bird obtained the power of 4 elements: Fire, Water, Electricity and Wind. Yeah, no earth. Tyler took care of the bird and got the trust of it. He sorta got trained by the bird to get 1 element: wind. This goes on until he got all four of them, learning a lot in his journey and got in a lot of fights with criminals. What happens next, nobody knows, he just becomes a hero for his little town and got respect from everyone. Yeah, anti-climactical, I know.
Armageddon (Also known as Fire rampage)
Comet Wind (Blows objects to target)
Stormy cloud
Spectrum Shot (Shoots all 4 elements in a massive circle)

Credits: Tyler by Stable_Games, if this is in credits, free to use!
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Feb 7, 2013
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1) Character name:
Mei Lin

2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc:

Mei is a young Pirin kitten, who has only just begun to explore the vast world around her.

Being of the Pirin race, Mei was born with cat-like ears and tail, and is a fair bit smaller than the average human. What the Pirin lack in advanced human intelligence (though they certainly are not dumb), they make up for it with their animalistic instincts, being much faster and more agile than any human being could be. Pirin do know how to speak, though their vocabulary isn't anything to write home about, and they tend to be quiet around humans.
One thing that makes Mei stand out from ordinary Pirin is her secret Wild Blade trait that she inherited from her ancestors. Wild Blade is a rare instinct that awakens when the user is holding a sword, granting her skills far beyond her normal state while active.


Mei is a shy and timid Pirin kitten, easily scared by sudden movements or loud noises. That said, being a child, her curiosity still often gets the best of her and lets her wander into situations that she really should be trying to avoid. She is also quite naïve and is easily being taken advantage of by those with not-so good intentions. If it weren't for her Wild Blade trait, she'd be quite the helpless kitten, but that is one reason why she always carries a sword with her...

When entering Wild Blade-mode, Mei's personality changes quite drastically. She loses her innocent child-like nature, and gains the cold aura of a killer around her. Her eyes will only be focused on the enemy in front of her, and once she marked her target, she doesn't let go until it's been defeated.

In a group setting, Mei lets her allies do the important talk and planning ahead. She is generally okay with whatever, and will only protest if a situation seems to lead to her allies suffering (like, if one member might suggest to sacrifice themselves). She usually remains quiet unless spoken to, but she might make the ocassional comment on the scenery or something else not-very important...


I'm going to add the shorter, non-dark version of the history here, just in case, lol:
As a baby kitten, Mei was abandoned by her parents, who were unable to take care of her. She was then adopted by a noble woman named Ram. Ram cared for Mei as if she was her daughter, but her life was brought to an end by bandits who plundered her house as she tried to protect Mei from harm. Using the same sword Ram had used, Mei unlocked her Wild Blade mode for the first time, and took revenge on the bandits. Having lost the people closest to her, Mei now wanders in search for a new family.

As a baby kitten, Mei was sold to slave traders by her parents who were too poor to be able to take care of her. Having small ears and tail, she was not wanted by the rich looking to buy a Pirin slave, and so she spent most of her early months locked in a cage, unable to do anything. Eventually, a noble woman named Ram saw the poor kitten and decided to buy her so that she could care for Mei.
Ram took care of Mei as if she was a daughter, and Mei's future looked bright until... one day, plunderers broke into Ram's house and murdered her as they stole all of her belongings. Picking up the sword Ram had used trying to defend her and Mei from the intruders, Mei finally unlocked her Wild Blade trait for the first time in her life. With this sword, Mei cold-bloodedly cut down all of the attackers, but no matter how much she killed them, it wouldn't bring back Ram for her. Since that moment, she has kept the sword with her at all times, and begun to wander from place to place, trying to find a family willing to take care of her.

3) Skills (if any):
In battle, Mei has 2 different stances (sheathe and unsheathe). Sheathe (Pirin mode) grants defensive and supportive options, while unsheathe (Wild Blade mode) grants her great offensive power.

Puts Mei into Wild Blade mode, granting her an attack boost for several turns and replacing her skill-set with Wild Blade skills.
-Target Lock: Marks an enemy, causing the enemy to receive more damage from Mei's attacks. Restore part of Mei's MP. (Cannot mark again until the marked enemy is defeated, or Mei unsheathes, upon which the mark will disappear.)
-Light Slice: Cuts an enemy, inflicting bleed and restoring (a small amount of) MP.
-Retreating Blade: Draws enemy aggro for 1 turn, blocking the first incoming attack. When blocking, return to Pirin mode, replacing her skill-set with Pirin skills.
-Red Cyclone: Strikes all enemies, dealing double damage to bleeding enemies, and inflicting bleed to enemies that were not bleeding.
-Heroic Strike: Strike an enemy for high damage. Restore all allies for part of their max. HP, then switch to Pirin mode, replacing her skill-set with Pirin skills.

Puts Mei into Pirin mode, granting her a defence boost for several turns and replacing her skill-set with Pirin skills.
-Best Friend: Marks an ally, restoring part of that ally's HP and MP every turn. Restore part of Mei's MP. (Cannot mark again until the marked ally is defeated, or Mei sheathes, upon which the mark will disappear.)
-Lick Wound: Restores an ally's HP and cure that ally of negative conditions. Restore a small amount of Mei's MP per negative condition removed with this skill.
-Shadow's Grace: For 1 turn, Mei takes 75% less damage. Next turn, strike a random enemy for high damage, then switch to Wild Blade mode, replacing her skill-set with Wild Blade skills.
-Cheer On: Grants an ally HP Regen, MP Regen, attack and defence boost for several turns.
-Watch Me!: Strikes all enemies, dealing more damage for each ally that guards this turn, then switch to Wild Blade mode, replacing her skill-set with Wild Blade skills.

4) Credits for users to use your work: (e.g. [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD)
[Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD

5) Materials you used: (if you used something other than the standard RTP)

6) Tools you used: (if you used something other than the standard RTP)
RPG Maker MV.

7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: (Please indicate permission for condition 1 or for condition 2)
Free to use.

Mei Lin Combat.png
Mei Lin Overworld.png
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Got this silly idea in my head after seeing this contest, so I had to enter. :guffaw:

1) Character name: Clare
OC contest sv - Clare.png OC contest tv - Clare.png OC contest tvd - Clare.png
2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc:
"The only thing people can see is my mouth. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get taken seriously as a hero if all someone can see is the piece of spinach stuck in your teeth?!"

Born into a pretty normal family, Clare's always known that she's meant for greatness. After all, why else would she be invisible? So for as long as she can remember she's been training to be ready for whenever the world calls on her powers... Too bad the world hasn't gotten the memo! With the only part of her visible being her mouth, Clare has learned to be loud and over-the-top so that she's not overlooked, though some people find her exuberance to be too much to bear.

Equipped with some heavy-duty goggles, her trusty scarf, and a pair of comfortable shoes, Clare is ready to become a hero!​
3) Skills (if any): Invisibility, excellent dental health
4) Credits for users to use your work: Kadokawa, hiddenone
5) Materials you used: Edited default generator parts
6) Tools you used: Photoshop
7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: Condition 1: It's all edited default generator parts, so free to use with proper credits

The Mighty Palm

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Jan 29, 2015
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Found enough time to make one, and I like badges so... EDIT: Added a Battler.
1) Character name: Adrian
2) About your character: I wrote some background lore for her while in the moment:
Age: 20
Hit: Sunny Beaches, Coffee with just a little sugar, Playing Piano, Archery/Shooting
Miss: The Undead, Noisy Crowds, Eggs... she thinks eggs are gross.

Adrian led a mostly typical life with her sister in a monastary (orphans. it's an rpg after all) until her sister was sent to aid in preforming an exorcism and discovered a Vampire living in the residence. The priest accompanying her was killed, but while she survived, she suffered a worse fate, and was infected. Adrian, though desperate for a cure, could not save her in time and she turned. Adrian did eventually get revenge and slayed the vampire responsible.

However it soon became apparent that these monsters were becoming an epidemic. She took it upon herself, possibly alongside a party of ragtag teenagers with attitude, to find the source of these monsters and put a stop to it. Though, things may not be as simple as they seem, because zombies and ghouls and werewolves are all terrible in their own right, but humans are the most frightening monsters of all.
TL;DR she's a monster slayer.
3) Skills (if any): Were she in a game, I think Adrian's skillset would be built around exploiting the weaknesses of monsters.
For her design, I tried to "realistically" equip her for combating monsters.
-She wears a rose in her hair, as rose petals repel vampires (and smell better than garlic)
-The armor she wears to cover her breast, heart, and shoulder are trimmed with Silver. This repels Undead, Werewolves, and other creatures.
-In her bandoliers and pouches she has an assortment of weapons. Accelerants for burning corpses, Matches, Crossbow Bolts, Bullets, Holy Water, Potions, Bombs, and other necessities.
-Her weapon of choice is the spear, as it allows her to keep a distance from any creature that spreads it's affliction, and doubles as a really big stake, making it prime for fighting her most hated enemy. (and because spears are the most unappreciated of all weapons)
-Her sidearm is a small crossbow that offers her a wider range of ammunition. Exploding bolts, stakes, poison, etc.

4) Credits for users to use your work: Kadokawa, The Mighty Palm
5) Materials you used:
Spliced default generator parts and edited them all to blend a bit more. Also drew the rose myself.
6) Tools you used: PixelEdit & Gimp
7) Conditions: Use/edit her however you like, no credit needed, commercial & noncommercial, you can show me the game shes in but it's not necessary. Would love to see how others would interpret her character based on her design
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