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    1) Character name: Jerakno

    2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc: This rogue is quite the character. He once use to be a Kobold, the reptile people. He was resurrected and he has been given a task by some odd lad named Jarrod. A name not of his time. He is told that the time has come to save the world he once knew again. He didn't know how to gain his memory and he went with his gut with what he knew. He was very edgy and he will always protect his guild. He always made sure to. He was 3'7'', now he is actually 5'7" and he is extremely intimidating. Jerakno will always pick a fight, if you were to do him dirty in any way. Jerakno back then use to have one love, named Lilletha. She was an elf and when anyone saw him, they would harm him. Though, she was different. The worlds Romeo and Juliet. He has been dead and believes his old guild are not alive. He was a leader and now, to believe he is a lone wolf now. He would be best described as stoic and he never smiled. He wouldn't mind his guild, as long as they didn't do anything too rash or stupid. Jerakno was full of greed, though he is now a blank canvas. Who knows how he can turn out. (I wrote it all over because, I want people to understand him and make sure you read all this. Also, I am a bit of a scatterbrain. Sorry.)

    3) Skills (if any): He may be a rogue, but he knows how to smith. When he was a Kobold, before he started thievery, he learned from his parents until they both passed. He also was proficient with his tail, before he changed. He use to have dark vision, since he is use to the caves emptiness and darkness.

    4) Credits for users to use your work: [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD

    5) Materials you used: RPG Maker MV Only

    6) Tools you used: RPG Maker MV Only

    7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: I would ask you to not use him. He means a lot to me. He is based off my book, going into a game I am creating.

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    Alright, here's my lump of a character.
    Character's Name: Bean Boy La Green.

    Game: Scringus gets the Groceries.

    Lore Bio: Bean Boy is a part of the Scrogian race, a race of lump people who half the time are born without arms and live high, high up in a city 'bove the clouds. Bean Boy is a what some would call a "Bean Hobo," this is because he spends most of his time living in an alley eating beans outta, well, anywhere really. Bean Boy is addicted to beans, if it's a bean, he'll eat it with no hesitation, (except for the mystical, magic Dream Beans. He doesn't like 'em 'cause they make his mouth hurt.) This however is not ENTIRELY his fault because, while he can still eat other foods, beans are the only thing that can really sustain his hunger. Bean Boy is as heavy as he is strong, he moves very slowly. Bean Boy is a rough n' tough dude who casually enjoys being rude. Bean Boy is a man of action. Bean Boy is a man of danger Bean Boy wears a tin can on his head 'cause he likes the tough exterior it provides to him. Bean Boy is too lazy to wipe crums off of his lower lip. HE. IS. BEAN BOY.

    Likes: Beans, Boxing, Punchin' stuffs, Tough stuff, Solving every problem... WITH A PUNCH, Imitating brass instruments.

    Dislikes: Scrogian Street Thugs (to be fair though everybody hates them), Not beans, Dream Beans (they make his mouth hurt), problems he can't fix... WITH A PUNCH, someone touching his garbage (he'll let ya if you're his pal though), having his sh!t stolen, having things being thrown at him, Boxing shorts (they make him look fat.)

    * Being really, really strong, like, strong enough to bash open an old car with only his fists.
    * Constructing make-shift plastic spoon shanks.
    * Breathing fire (if a spicy enough bean is consumed)
    * Being very rude (one of his main skills in battle is to call his foes stanky after all)
    * 1000 Beany Blows, Bean Boy's ultimate attack, it can only be used once at 100 TP so make good use of it!
    * Boxing in a Punch-Out!! style minigame.

    Credit: L.S The MutantSpaceDancer

    Materials: MS Paint colors.

    Tools: MS Paint and Paint.net

    Conditions: As long as you say this character belongs to me and don't give 'em a too major role, I'm fine.

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    Rina.png Rina - Battle.png [​IMG] Rina - Damage.png
    Name: Rina

    Backstory: Rina is a Tengu who traveled from her homeland to reside in a tengu settlement within the mountains, acting as their bodyguard. Her husband, a human, died decades ago and her halfling daughter has moved back to the homeland. She is respected among most tribes for her talent with wind magic and eastern sword styles, and she uses that fame to become a sellsword of sorts. Other tribes, however, condemn her for commercializing the arts and see that as disrespect to their culture.

    She's headstrong and determined but is very judgemental and unforgiving. She still holds grudges towards those who wronged her centuries ago, and rumors had spread of her harming innocents for the sake of protecting the settlement.

    Skills: Wind Magic and One-handed Sword Technique for combat. She's also good at haggling for recruitment prices. Also enjoys writing as a hobby, but isn't very good at it.

    Credit: Kadokawa / Degica, Co.

    Materials/Tools Used: RTP, on MV's generator.

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    Teddy.png Teddy.png

    1) Name
    Teddy (stage name, she can't remember her original name)

    2) About
    A curse turned her into a teddy bear as a child and to break the curse she needs her owner to outgrow her. However, the children that owned her either lost her and she was stolen from them before they could properly outgrow her. Ownership changed every few years and at first she was frustrated, but she came to love each of her owners. Years past by and she was frustrated again because she longed to be human again and be a mother and have children of her own.

    Finally a time came when her owner gave her to a friend that was sad. That night, at midnight, the curse was mostly broken and she became human again. The curse was only mostly broken because even though the child gave her up willingly, the child didn't technically outgrow her. Because of this she is now stuck with teddy bear ears, but she makes use of them in her traveling show. As part of an act she dresses in browns and yellows and uses toys to perform stories for children in various towns, though she still desires to settle down with a family of her own.

    She's very kind and acts like a mother to everyone, regardless of age, but especially to children.

    3) Skills
    As part of her act she learned to use magic to move toys. In battle she uses those toys to fight and her skills change based on which toy she uses.

    4) Credits
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    AGE: 29
    HEIGHT: 6'5"
    WEIGHT: 175LBS
    D.O.B: 6/20/1988



    One of the first characters you come across, Jason joined the army at a young age to escape his abusive father. He lived & breathed the soldier life. Spending nearly ten years away from his home town campaigning for the Royal Army, he earned the knick-name Lumberjack for his ability to easily chop through enemies with his massive battle axe.

    His promising career was cut short, however, when a freak training explosion resulted
    in the loss of his arms. His superiors, not wanting to lose such a vaulable killing machine, approved the use of a new,
    experimental technique by a shady company known as "Arch". The procedure was a success, granting Jason a new set of Steel,
    Mechanical arms, as well as a terrible case of PTSD.

    The army allowed him a brief vacation back to his home, but what he returned to was deplorable. He walked into his old home to discover his father had been physically abusing Jason's younger sister Ellie, beating her in a drunken outburst. Jason's shell-shock blinded him with rage as he lifted his father up with his new metal arms, breaking his neck and killing him on the spot. When his crime came to light, "Arch" and the Royal Army reacted quickly to cover everything up, in order to avoid a public scandal. Jason was dishonorably discharged, and left with his sister to the town where the Main Character "Pug" lives. Pug quickly befriended the oddly quiet man, knowing nothing about his past.

    Jason now considers you a friend, of sorts, but still keeps his troubled past a secret.


    Jason's weapon of choice is his large battle axe, which he values as much as his own life.
    He's a slow, determined fighter, who requires a few turns to build up his power, before unleashing blow after powerful blow. Once his rage starts building, nothing can stop him.

    UmbralShadows for the face set!!

    MATERIALS: standard RTP

    TOOLS USED: Character Generator & Photoshop

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    1) Character name: Tebnok (the Half-Orc Warrior)
    Tebnok face.png Tebnok walk.png Tebnok battler.png Tebnok damage.png
    2) About your character: Tebnok is a second generation half-orc, being the son of two first-generation half-orcs (had only one orc parent) that are both warriors. Well, they could be dead now, he doesn't know and he has wandered so far away he's not sure how to get back there. A strong and dextrous warrior for hire, Tebnok has adventured with many groups and doesn't ask for more than his fair share as long as he gets no special ill treatment due to his appearance. In D&D terms, he's Chaotic Neutral alignment: only out for himself, whatever he wants, willing to take sides or switch sides as long as the reward's good. From being burned (figuratively and literally) before and needing to travel light, he has accumulated magical items, armor and weapons to protect himself and enjoys being able to ridiculously overpay using gems or jewelry rather than bulky coinage. His short-term goal is to stay alive by killing whatever foe is in front of him, while keeping an eye on his own back rather than relying completely on other party members. Long-term he'd like to retire to running a gladiatorial training camp with a harem on the side, but it's more likely he'll go out in a blaze of glory fighting a doomed last stand after being betrayed by somebody he told the rest of the group not to trust in the first place.
    [Tebnok is based on an AD&D character that I played in several campaigns, originally a fighter-thief but later just fighter as monsters got tougher. A version of him was created for the Warrior role in my current project "The Bard's Lore".]

    3) Skills: Strong and agile enough to be competent with any hand or missile weapons he can get to practice with, although he prefers a sword that can be used either one- or two-handed, dropping the shield if going to full damage-dealing who-cares-about-defense is called for. Early in his career would fling darts so hard and at such a high rate of fire they'd easily kill multiple weak foes faster than his sword, but now he keeps those in secret reserve for emergencies and plays the stereotypical sword swinger and board basher. Although not a thief by training, he did pick up a few skills and is practically invulnerable to pickpockets, knows how to look for traps and secret doors without causing trouble, and is difficult to surprise, but doesn't bother to try sneaking around when his armor can protect him. No magical abilities except whatever protective or offensive bonuses his equipment can provide; his gear changes often as things get broken or upgraded, with a focus on being an offensive powerhouse that avoids being damaged instead of taking lots of hits.

    4) Credits for users to use your work: "Thanks to Peter Karsanow (aka BishoujoHelper)" plus standard Kadokawa/Degica stuff for RMMV

    5) Materials you used: standard RTP plus KaiWeWi's free "orc nose" generator part

    6) Tools you used: only standard RTP

    7) No original content used.
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    Alright... here is the big reveal...



    vv SPRITES vv

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Character name:

    About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc:
    • Backstory ::
    Jaiin lived a fun and average life in a family of fishers. They used multiple methods of fishing but Jaiin always preferred using spears. One day his father and mother turned desperately ill, Jaiin wanted to help pay for medicine, but could not afford to do so, so he sold himself as a slave to a decently wealthy merchant. In his days with the merchant the two grew close, even as to have the merchant consider Jaiin as his own brother. And so when he found out about Jaiin’s spear skills he bought him an elegant blue and gold spear. Jaiin would go out to hunt monsters for loot which the merchant could sell. The two worked great together and managed to move to a personal island and build their own mansion there. After some years though, the merchant could tell Jaiin’s sadness grow stronger, he desperately wanted to see his family again. What happened to them? Had they gotten the medicine they needed? Did they miss him? Reluctantly the merchant set Jaiin free so he could look for his family. After leaving the island Jaiin headed back home to find nothing but ruins. He believed his parents had survived and made it his personal quest to go find them. Little does he know that not only are his parents fine, but they seek to take revenge on the man who took him from them.​

    • Personality ::
    Jaiin had always been an outgoing and reckless child, while with the merchant and through his teen years, he started to go through depression, but he would never show it, always as happy, ridiculous and adventurous as ever. Jaiin loves to crack up bad pun jokes and find the bright side in tricky situations. He’s very team-spirited, and makes sure everyone pulls their weight in a group, else he becomes pretty annoying about it, making not-so-subtle remarks, but nothing to serious, its all in good fun.​

    Skills (if any): Is great with a spear and has a tendency to know what's on someone's mind.

    • Skills(Arts) ::
    Pinpoint ~~ A move that either raises Jaiin's hit rate for a certain amount of turns, or inflicts a state on the enemy that lowers its evasiveness​

    Slash and Bash ~~ Exactly what it sounds like, first Jaiin slashes his foe with the tip of his spear, then he whacks them with the back of it. Ouch!

    Anchor ~~ Jaiin strikes the enemy and attaches his spear to them. While the enemy cannot flee he beats them with a pack full of punches and kicks until he forcibly removes the spear, causing more damage.​

    Credits for users to use your work: SmashArtist/SmashArt/Smash Artist Games

    Tools you used: FireAlpaca

    If original content is used, please add conditions of use:

    This art is original art by SmashArt/SmashArtist, you are allowed to :

    • Edit (the art) : For personal, non-shared projects on RPG Maker MV/VX Ace
    • Edit (the backstory and/or personality) : For personal/non-commercial/commercial RPG Maker MV/VX Ace projects
    • Repost : Not under any conditions
    • Repost (of Edits) : Not under any conditions
    • Claim as your own : Not under any conditions
    • Sell (art/story/character alone without a game/project that is fully or planned to be fully complete) : Not under any conditions
    • Credit : SmashArtist/SmashArt/Smash Artist Games
    • Use : You may use all of these resources for free with any personal/non-commercial/commercial RPG Maker MV/VX Ace game
    If you have any further questions, please contact @SmashArt on rpgmakerweb.com by PM :)
    I hope you guys like him! :3
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    There is my participation, but being french, my english isn't very well so I used e.g Google Traduction. Sorry if there are any language mistakes.

    1) Name of the character: Xyanthia

    2) About the character: Born into a tribe of fighters, this girl from
    21 years old is orphaned when she is 9 years old. Abandoned and left for dead by her
    parents, she wandered from town to town looking for a reason to be. At the time
    where she finally decided to end her miserable existence 4 years later she
    met a very great dark wizard, Zapharin, who fell in love at first sight,
    despite his 20 years. He decided to collect her and take care of her. Being part
    of a rebel organization fighting the tyrant emperor governing the country he
    chooses to train Xyanthia in combat and magic. But she found herself another
    way to fight: the double saber. At that moment, she felt a beat in her
    chest. She decides to follow Zapharin's teaching. 2 years passed and
    Xyanthia began her first job: an assassination. Being gifted for this job, she is
    launched into wars as an independent fighter, always choosing the cause that
    seemed to him the most just. She took pleasure in fighting. When arrived
    final battle. The emperor himself joined this war. At the end of a
    fierce battle, Xyanthia finally reached the emperor and followed a duel. She struggled
    bravely, but despite the horseman she was, she was beaten then
    executed. Zapharin, having heard the rumor about the emperor having joined the battle,
    decided to join the area. Discovering the corpse of the girl he loves, whatever
    something broke in him and he released his true power, destroying everything on his
    passage. The emperor died and the empire collapsed, Zapharin found Xyanthia and the
    brought home. He sought for years a remedy that could bring the dead back to the
    life. He finally finds the secret of life. But the cost was
    predictable: one soul against another. He began the ritual and sacrificed himself to
    to bring back his beloved to the world of the living. When she woke up, she saw the
    her master's body, which she secretly loved, and did not take long to understand
    that had happened. Since that day, she lost all emotion and killed everything
    stood in his way, man or beast, monster or demon. She massacred thousands
    beings, being condemned to wander on this earth without being able to leave it, no scholar
    now only suppress lives.

    3) Skill (more like an Ability): Immortal (but not invincible!)

    4) Credits: Kadokawa for the character generator

    5) Materials used: RTP

    6) Tools used: VM Generator

    7) No original content used, only RTP

    Battle Set Frames:
    Character Set Frames:
    Damage Set Frames:
    Face Set:
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    @MGbar As this is an English language site, all posts must be in English and only in English. You will need to translate your post before it is approved and becomes visible. If you tell us that it was done with e.g. Google Translate, then people will take that into consideration.
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    Character Name: Lola Nidmight (no it's not misspelled).

    About your character: Lola never new her father until freshman year at MAGI Academy. She enrolled in a spatiomancy class, where it was later revealed to be taught by her ex detective uncle. Lola soon finds out her father was trapped in another dimension with no way to return without outside help. After two years of training, her classmates, uncle and herself made their way through countless dimensions, but became separated. After getting lost in a dimension full of vampires she was saved by her father. Things started to look up, until a crazy man merged all the different dimensions into one and caused a global war. Lola became a big part in ending the war and is currently traveling through newly created dimensions. Lola is quirky and a little rash, but she learns quick and never repeats past mistakes. When she fights, Lola prefers to warp around the battlefield and use fake out tactics. Lola also likes to read romance and mystery novels.

    Skills: Dimension hopping, matter manipulation, illusion magic

    Credits for users to use your work: Kadokawa (Character Generator)

    Materials: RTP

    Tools: GIMP (For hair color)

    If original content is used, please add conditions of use:

    Free to use, just provide proper credits, and tell me so i can check it out(If you remember of course).

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    guywalk.png guydamage.png guybattler.png

    1) Character name: Guy Moraine

    2) About your character: background, characteristic, personality, etc: Guy Moraine is based off the hero of my contemporary romance novel, Pix of Me and You, that I am seriously considering making into a romance adventure/visual novel game.

    The book and game would be an ex-Instagram model who wants to prove that she’s more than just a pretty face by taking over her mother’s art gallery after her mother gets into a car accident that leaves her incapacitated for months. She then joins up with a new photographer, Guy Moraine, who hates fashion photography but nevertheless has an eye for models.

    Guy calls himself an artist, but he hasn’t grasped the concept of having a theme or “story” to tell with his exhibit. Guy doesn’t believe in love and thinks that fashion or model photography is fake. He wants to be genuine in his photography. His parents are divorced. His father, a surgeon, is constantly working, and his mother is always going off on trips and vacations and acting like a teenager. Both parents only cared for what looked good and beautiful, but never cared for what was underneath. Guy disdains the surface and wants to look more deeply.

    3) Skills (if any): Has a talent for capturing in a photograph the moment when two people are showing all their love to each other.

    4) Credits for users to use your work: All of it is from the RPG Maker MV generator and RTP.

    5) Materials you used: RTP

    6) Tools you used: Character Generator

    7) If original content is used, please add conditions of use: None
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    Edit 21/4: Updated with SV Battler and new info!

    1) Character name:

    Concept Sketch


    2) About your character:
    Rose Demon

    Rosalia is a potions and poisons pedlar, using her magic and expertise in botany to create all manner of elixirs.

    Characteristic: She has a soothing aura, speaking slowly and seductively, and moving gracefully like a flower dancing in the breeze. Try not to be fooled by her charming façade however, for she is the lady behind the saying, "every rose has its thorns". If you dare to cross this flower, you may well find yourself on the end of it's sting.

    Likes: Marzipan, Small birds, candied fruit.
    Dislikes: Dealing with slimes, snooty angels, people who ask for a 'free sample'.

    Allies well with: Water and Nature Types.
    Has an Advantage Over: Naïve characters.
    Natural Enemies: Holy and Fire Types, and hot-tempered people.
    Is Disadvantaged Against: Tank characters.

    3) Skills: She uses "Green Magic", the lifeblood of the earth, to control the natural world. She can grow or corrupt plant life, and uses her knowledge for both healing and harming, depending how she feels about you.



    Rose Whip
    Please adjust weapon sprites to be 6px higher than the default.

    In Battle:
    She has a flashy fighting style, although it's not the most practical. Her aim is to quickly defeat or at least scare the enemy into backing down, as she lacks the stamina for a lengthier battle. Due to her confident nature, not too many people actually challenge her. However, a clever strategist would find her quite easy to defeat, although she'll be very bitter about the damage (not to her body, but her pride), and so may never forgive them!

    On the topic of succubi:

    I would say that she isn't one. Demons have a natural allure, but she doesn't have any physic/dream walking abilities. Although she's flirtatious, it's part of her self-confidence and to lure to pull in customers and get them to spend more time/money(!)

    However, you're free to change any parts of her design/personality, and to use this character in R-18 games if you so wish! All I'd say is please stick to the forum rules and don't discuss those details here, and please present her in a respectful and consensual way ♡

    4) Credits for users to use your work: Degica, Whtdragon & Rhino.

    5) Materials you used: RTP bodies and SV imp wings, Whtdragon's behaviour bases, everything else is created by me ^^

    6) Tools you used:

    7) Conditions of use: My original resources, free to use/modify (including personality), but do not repost/release alone/sell.

    If you do use her, I'd be very interested in seeing the result! :kaoluv:
    Hope you like her!
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    Fixed my images, sorry about that!
  14. Vincent Chu

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    Kulvan Gray


    Age 38. Albino human/undead forest dragon. Born with a rare skin condition, he was bullied as a freak in his childhood. However, he had two friends who were kind to him in his town, a girl named Jennifer and a boy named Paul. Unfortunately for Kulvan, he fell in love with Jennifer but was too afraid to admit his feelings. She later married his other best friend and it became too painful for him to see them together so he left town. Many years later, he decided to check up on them after receiving news of pirates terrorizing the town. To his surprise, by the time he arrived, the pirates had already been eliminated by the heroes' party. However, he discovered that his friend Paul had fallen critically ill and required a specific remedy that was extremely difficult to obtain. The couple were poor and could not offer a high enough reward to attract any competent wizards at the local guild to accept their quest to obtain some fresh forest dragon's blood. Determined to save Paul and make Jennifer happy again, he decided to venture into the forest cave alone to obtain some blood from the legendary forest dragon. He did not inform anyone of his journey as he was not confident of his chances of success. He decided that he would at least die trying. The heroes' party later accepted that quest from Jennifer and encounters Kulvan shortly before his death as he failed to escape from the fearsome dragon of the forest. After defeating the forest dragon, the party offered him an opportunity to live on a while longer by binding his soul inside the newly slain forest dragon. He could not be bound to his own body instead as human corpses deteriorate too rapidly combined with problems of rigor mortise causes the corpse to only be able to function very poorly. Despite, his death, he was satisfied that the cure was delivered in time to save his childhood friend and enabled the love of his life to continue to live happily. The party also discovered that the couple had also named their first-born son after Kulvan to commemorate their friendship. Kulvan decided to join the heroes party to help make the world a better place for the young Kulvan of his best friends to grow up in.


    Low self-esteem. Brave and honorable. Values doing the right thing. Shy introvert.


    Has strong physical claw attacks as well as the innate ability to manipulate nature as a forest dragon.

    I used the RTP to make the human version of Kulvan so it's the standard credits any user of MV should use anyway ie.
    [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD
    In the actual game, Asearia Chronicles, he will also be shown as a green dragon too but I'd like to keep the credits part simpler for this entry.

    I'd prefer people not to use my character for their stories too as then it won't be original.

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    Hmm sure, why not? Here's a sci-fi entry:

    Opening Cockpit

    Character name:
    ISU-3115 Gelhvaulter

    A formidable Space Pirate hailing from the interstellar Ark: Nebula. This unit was once made by a mad scientist from a technologically advanced world in order to scout various universes and worlds for possible colonization. This unit travels from one universe to another with the use of its space Ark, however, due to a programming error, it went rogue, and eventually achieved free-will. Since then, nothing unknown is able to keep it from discovering new places and breakthroughs that even science cannot explain as curiosity is its only motivation. The unit hopes to find a suitable home for its kind one day.

    Innate Skills:
    - It is able to create various types of weapons in order to support any crew.
    - It can also navigate through unknown territory and hazards with ease.
    - It is suitable as a vehicle. However, only 1 human will fit inside its cockpit.

    Combat Skills:
    Combat-wise, the unit offers enough tools to defend itself from threats, one being a matter-creator, which is mostly used to create weapons and gear to support its crew (If any). And other than using its various beam-based weaponry, it also has the ability to exploit one's offensive prowess by reflecting twice as much damage taken back to the attacker.

    msazako/Atomic Sushi

    Tools/materials utilized:
    MSPaint, Photoshop

    (Conditions of use)
    YOU MAY:

    - Use the resource for every game engine
    - Edit the resource for every game engine
    - Edit the resource in general
    - Edit the backstory to fit your lore, however, the name shall remain the same.

    - Use the resource for commercial purposes.
    - Sell the resource for your own benefit.
    - Repost the resource anywhere else.

    - Credit msazako/Atomic Sushi upon using the resource

    (I will make a Side View Battler for this character if there is enough demand.)
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    @Kes Hello ! Thanks for telling me, I modified everything directly in my previous post. I hope you will appreciate^^
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    WarclawCharacters.png WarclawCharactersDamage.png WarclawSvActors.png 1)
    1) Character Name: Axzug Warclaw Esq.

    2) Background: Axzug Warclaw Esq. was the first born of a wealthy farmer who spoiled him greatly. Eventually Axzug had four younger siblings, which took away much of the attention that used to be given to him from his parents. Axzug learned to manipulate his family members for his own benefit by abusing his first born status. Soon after moving out on his own, he learned to manipulate others as well, especially in business dealings. Axzug uses his legal savvy to write loopholes in all contracts he has with other business partners. He uses these loopholes to later cheat his partners out of money. Axzug continues to do business this way, scamming those who least expect it, even his closest family members.

    Characteristics/Personality: Axzug is driven by greed. He is feeble in appearance, a very harmless looking person. He uses these charismatic qualities to his advantage in his scams. Do not underestimate his knowledge of the law. He is a real smoothy, nothing sticks to him. His strength, dexterity, and constitution are quite low, below average. His intelligence is high, and his charisma/diplomacy is about as high as they come.

    3) Skills: Axzug's knowledge of the law makes him a powerful ally or adversary. His abilities give him an advantage in any situation that involve legal contracts, bluffing, or diplomacy issues.

    4) [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD. DarthMosher
    5) n/a
    6) n/a
    7) n/a
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    Character Name: Thomas (Tom) Klancette. Now known as " THE LOCKMAGE "
    (He is nicknamed "Klanker" by his closer friends.)

    Walk Character and Damage Character Sheet:
    SV Battler Sheet:

    The LockMage's Backstory:

    Thomas always dreamed about finding treasure one day and becoming rich. Not that it was going to become a reality working in his family pawn shop for the rest of his life. He earned the nickname "Klanker" for is daily trips to the blacksmith shop with metal items he could trade for "scrap cash." While his friends played the days away, he had to stay busy working - but he always had his dream.

    One day a poor old sage passing through pawned off a curious item to the shop. It was a magic key he told them. A key to a treasure buried in the iron hills to the north. Thomas' parents laughed it off as an attempt to get more money for the key and offered the sage a ridiculous sum for the key. Not having much choice, the sage accepted the offer and went on his way. His parents, not having much use for the key, gave it to Thomas so he could take it to the blacksmith for scrap cash. It appeared to be of some unique metal and they hoped to fetch a decent price for it.

    Thomas knew in his heart this was his one chance to change his destiny. His first task was to catch up to the old sage who hadn't gone too far down the road considering his age. The sage looked at Thomas and the key in his hand and knew the purpose Thomas had chased him down. "It is at moments like these that even I do not know if the treasure is seeking you or you are seeking the treasure, but your answer lies in a cave not far from here." The sage pointed out the directions to Thomas and then went on his way giving one last piece of advice. "Remember that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Keep that in mind when you search the cave."

    Thomas found the treasure room, but to his dismay it had long been looted and the only things left in the room were some old chains locked to the wall by a heavy padlock. The padlock had a cryptic design on it and to Thomas' surprise it matched the symbols on the key. "One man's trash..." he thought as he slipped the key into the padlock and turned it.
    With a glowing flash of light the dormant chain sprang to life and coiled itself around the shoulders of Thomas. Surprisingly, the chains were not heavy at all, and in fact gave Thomas a sense of greater mobility. Then as if on cue, the old sage appeared...

    "Congratulations, my young friend...the Mystic Chain has chosen you as its new bearer and such an honor has not been bestowed upon a mortal since 80 years ago when I carried them across these lands serving our people. You sought for treasure and I have given you one. The ability to change the world around you. With this Mystic Chain you can LOCK and UNLOCK abilities in others, You can transfer life from one to another, and in time and training, you can bridge the powers of two into one. You are the LockMage."

    Personality/Strengths: Thomas is patient and friendly to most he meets. He can usually apply his good business sense to any puzzling challenges around him. His background in the pawn shop allows him better deals at shops and a greater chance of finding rare items than his teammates. Without the Mystic Chain his natural class would have been a MERCHANT.

    LockMage Skills: Wielding the Mystic Chain is primary source of his heroic power.

    CHAIN ATTACKS - Just using the chain as a weapon inflicts damage itself, but it is more than a melee weapon.
    CHAIN MAIL - The Mystic Chain can protect its bearer in place of armor.
    LOCK ABILITY - use this on monsters to seal their movement or attack skills during battle. He throws the chain around the enemy and locks the chain.
    UNLOCK ABILITY - use this on an ally to open a skill temporarily in their skill selection. He throws the chain around an ally and unlocks the chain.
    BRIDGE - connect two players together to transfer HP, MP, TP between them. ( Share system) He throws the chain between two allies and unlocks the chain.
    LINK UP - connect two players together to allow for a combined attack. (Joins their mystic abilities into one.) he throws the chain between two allies and locks the chain.
    MAP LINK - The Mystic Chain can be used for climbing, crossing gaps, retrieving items from a distance, and even "walking" over impassible terrain. Its map based abilities are only limited by the length of chain you currently have.

    LockMage Oddities:

    His hair experienced a "bleaching" effect when the chain chose him as its bearer. So far, it has not regained its color, but there appears to be no other side effect to being a LockMage other than that. Thomas assumed the old sage had white hair because he was just that old.

    Thomas is a great support actor for a team looking to save the world. Who knows how many more skills he could "unlock" as his levels and experience with the Mystic Chain increase? He may even find more sections of Mystic Chain in his travels. Who can tell???


    I used the base resources from RPG Maker MV to create the images shown above. Whatever copyrights and terms of use are linked to said program would apply to these resources. I have no personal claims of ownership to them. The backstory is believed to be original by myself and is free for anyone to use in your game regardless of the contest outcome. I came up with "Klanker" for the fun of it and don't believe I have intention of using him in game of my own.
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    1) Character name: Chaos


    2) Describe

    Chaos is pure evil character, she love of killing and brutality just like the other villains , but on a far more destructive level. This violent seemingly stemmed from her extraordinary power that her never properly learned to control. Chaos also seems to have a real problem controlling her rage, she is a very unstable character that you heroes never want to deal with.

    Chaos possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability. When wearing her cloak, she become far stronger than all mayor mighty Characters in Universe. She also has resistance to magic.

    Chaos has vast mystical powers which she can use for various effects like limitless astral projection while retaining many of her powers and abilities, firing deadly bolts of energy from her hands, levitation and the creation of illusions. Her most powerful ability is her Hand of Death, a technique that uses mystical energy to enhance the strength of her punch to kill even a God.

    Chaos is capable of stealing others' souls and use it to extend her own life time or to restore a dead person to life if his spirit hadn't left his body.

    Chaos has jet black hair and dark eyes with glowing yellow pupils. Without the cloak Chaos is very weak and can barely move, and her powers are greatly reduced; she is unable to levitate or even stand, and cannot project mystical bolts. Chaos doesn't need to wear the cloak; simply touching it is enough to restore her to her stronger form.

    Chaos is often armed with her "Fenrir Fangs" Claw - which said made from the fangs of the legendary Ice Wolf

    3) Credits for users to use your work: Degica

    4) Materials you used: Default RTP/ Char generator

    5) Tools you used:

    6) Conditions of use: ---

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    Here is my submission. I edited the faceset using paint.net but I don't need any credits. (Edit: Fixed images to having transparent background)

    1) Character name:

    2) About your character: Ever since she was young, Anthea liked to hunt. Being in a tribe that had to hunt regularly was probably one of the reasons for this interest. On her thirteenth birthday, Anthea’s father gave her a set of bow and arrows and gave her permission to go with the hunting groups that were sent out, once a week. On her first hunt she successfully shot a large buck, earning the respect of the other hunters. When she was seventeen, a famine broke out. The tribe had to move from place to place searching for food. Thanks to Anthea’s hunting skills, the tribe just barely survived.

    Anthea is also known for her kind nature. She really loves children and is sometimes asked by tribe mothers to help babysit.

    3) Skills (if any): Duel wield and triple attack are her specialties.

    4) Credits for users to use your work: [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD, Kadokawa

    5) Materials you used: RTP

    6) Tools you used: MV Generator, Paint.net








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